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Xi Jinping is the world's worst monopolist; cut off CCP's worldwide access to finance

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Most Hong Kong (HK) people will tell you that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the worlds worst ever totalitarian regime, is a Chinese triad criminal organization and that its leader Emperor Xi Jinping is a nationalist bully who considers himself to be the ruler of the world!

China, like HK, is a Chinese feudal plutocracy. This means that the Emperor rules and everyone has to kowtow to please him; or put another way, if the Emperor is not 'pleased' with you he will come after you!

Emperor Xi appears to be increasingly involved in stealing the private property of business people in China - lining his own pocket while describing this action as being conducted by the 'State' to ensure the success of China!

China under CCP only has rule BY law and the Emperor is the law!

There is now more clearly seen than previously, a war between the rule OF law and the rule BY law. CCP MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IF THE RULE OF LAW IS TO WIN!

There is an English language idiom which says 'behind every fortune there is a crime.' There is no doubt that many fortunes in China, including that of ex-English teacher Jack Ma, are from 'special relationships' and illegal practices which are linked to the CCP.

Alibaba's Jack Ma and other wealthy businesspeople in China have to 'please' the Emperor - i.e. bribe him - so who is the biggest and worst criminal in China?

In HK everyone knows that Martin Lee, Jimmy Lai, Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and a very long list of HK people who are the majority HK people are facing political persecution and imprisonment because they are legally upholding the SAR's Joint Declaration and the rule OF law. Emperor Xi used his national security law to breach the Joint Declaration and he has not yet suffered the consequences of his criminality.

It is CCP and its Emperor Xi Jinping who are the criminals in Xinjiang, Tibet, Mongolia, HK, etc.! The action taken so far of slapping sanctions against them has not been enough to stop their ongoing crimes against humanity!

Xi Jinping is the head! To decouple from CCP cut the head off the snake!

Until the democratic countries hold CCP Emperor Xi Jinping personally responsible for his actions as the head of an organized criminal gang undertaking crimes against humanity worldwide they will make zero to little headway in holding CCP responsible for anything including trade and investment, intellectual property, global pandemic COVID-19, etc.!



Jack Ma’s Alibaba empire targeted by Chinese regulators in anti-monopoly blitz

Apple Daily 25 December 2020

Despite his massive financial wealth and connections, Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has seemingly failed to stop his sprawling business empire from becoming the latest prey to domestic regulators.

Within one day, Ma’s e-commerce business Alibaba Group was put under investigation for alleged monopolistic practices, and his financial technology firm Ant Group will face another meeting with regulators to implement financial supervision.

This deals another blow to the former English teacher after the regulator pulled the plug on Ant Group’s blockbuster IPO at the 11th hour last month.

With the latest regulatory intervention, shares of Alibaba traded in Hong Kong plummeted almost 10% following the news, closing at HK$228.2. Meanwhile, shares of rival JD.com only dropped 2.28% and the city’s benchmark Hang Seng Index was up 0.16%.

The State Administration for Market Regulation said on Thursday that it is launching an investigation into the monopolistic practices of Alibaba, namely the so-called “choosing one from two” practice that prohibits merchants from supplying products to rival platforms.

HK economist Law Ka-chung said that the arrangement could be interpreted as imposing a barrier to entry.

However, it is often a difficult and complicated process to prove any related wrong-doings, adding that many people could simply have the habit of using the platform, the former chief economist at the Bank of Communications said.

Shuai Wang, chairman of Marketing and Public Relations Committee at Alibaba, said last year that the “choosing one from two practice” is standard market behavior and that it is one way for the e-commerce platform to distinguish merchants that deserve the most marketing resources.

“This is the most basic commercial principle,” Wang said in a social media post last year.

Ant Group, the financial technology arm of Ma’s business empire, will also meet with financial regulators, including the central bank and regulators overseeing banking, insurance and foreign exchanges, state media Xinhua reported.

The meeting is intended to guide Ant Group to “implement financial supervision, fair competition and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.”

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