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Women have power in China: Once again in CCP's plutocratic nuts

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Our thanks once again to RFA's Rebel Pepper!

The people of China have always been abused by their rulers.

Said another way, what the people of China need the most is a relationship with their government that creates a civil society under the rule of law, of universal and equal suffrage where the will of the people is the authority of the government. Humanity needs all peoples to have this!

WTPOHK applauds the depth of conviction and courage of so many women in China who consciously and bravely confront the injustices of their government, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the world's worst totalitarian regime of all time!

It is important to stop for a moment and consider the immense power of something so small - water. This is the origin of Bruce Lee's strategy of 'be water'.

Like water, this is how the women of China overcome. The women of China will give birth and nurture their children - not the men. If the situation is not right for women they will not give birth - something CCP is now learning.

We include here also the numerous women from minorities groups that still today are being horribly mistreated in Xinjiang, across China and even overseas.

CCP must stop its murder, slavery, human trafficking, rape, torture, genocide, human farming and organ harvesting of men, women and children.

Today we honour with much respect, amongst so many others, two exceptionally courageous women - Lawyer and Citizen Journalist Zhang Zhan and international tennis star Peng Shuai. What binds these two women together is that they, like many other women in China are being unlawfully, arbitrarily incarcerated and mistreated by the CCP. Only now the United Nations (UN) wants to know more about their current situation.

Our love and respect always to the women of China - finally you will endure because you give life and future to humanity!


Ms. Zhang Zhan, Lawyer and Citizen Journalist

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