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Welcome home Wuhan virus

Local Hong Kong (HK) Cantonese culture has come up with a new meme 'welcome home Wuhan virus'. This is HK protesters' way of reminding everyone that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sourced and spread around the world the Wuhan novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19. CCP cannot be trusted on anything!

In 2019 the Earth went through a paradigm shift which resulted in COVID-19. The new paradigm is 'Earth's healthy inter-dependency'.

To-date the COVID-19 cost to humanity has been massive and this is only the beginning! COVID-19 has killed as many as 12million people (excluding deaths in China) causing global long term economic costs that Economists Summers-Cutler estimated in October 2020 to be more than US$16Trillion.

In August 2021 the COVID-19 disease situation globally is worse than it has ever been. WTPOHK have termed this as 'smartvirus versus sketchyvac' and the latter is clearly winning! Unless we drastically change our human behaviour, it is likely that COVID-19 will be here to stay for decades.

Your health is mine - my health is yours : We only have OUR health. Under international law the 'right to life' is the sole determining factor of everything involving humans! 'Right to life' is considered by the UN to be the 'supreme human right.' Save human lives - not the economy!

What goes around comes around - welcome home Wuhan virus!

Nationalist totalitarian CCP is a virus that creates viruses!

CCP's China is acting outside international structures because it has chosen to act in favour of its nationalist middle kingdom goals : China has chosen to remain outside its international treaty obligations including human rights, WTO, WHO and greenhouse gas emissions. Although CCP claims to have all peoples' interests at heart, their actions defy logic and are the elephant in the room.

Until and unless at least 70% of humans are vaccinated with high efficacy vaccines worldwide, humanity can not begin to eradicate COVID-19. Until we reach 70% vaccination rate the Wuhan virus will continue mutating in hotspots with ever stronger and increased transmissive variants such as Delta, Lamda, etc.

In 2019 CCP declared biological war on all of humanity by deliberately sourcing and spreading the laboratory created coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

CCP's China, despite its obligations under UN treaty 'International Health Regulations', has refused to provide the international community with raw data, access to sites, etc.

Even the pro-CCP Director of World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has been unable to persuade CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping to live up to China's UN treaty obligations and allow full and unfettered access to all sites in China to find the source of this coronavirus (please read references below).

China's vaccines, compared to new technology mRNA vaccines from USA and Europe, are traditional and have relatively low efficacy and they are clearly demonstrating they cannot compete. Nobody believes the data of China's vaccines. In humanity's battle to eradicate COVID it's now down to vaccine technologies and vaccination programs, and in this China is unable to compete with leading Western democracies.

China's people control system may have worked to a limited extent with the original Wuhan virus but the recent mutations, such as Delta and those yet to come, are simply too strong and transmissive for CCP's current practices. We are still in the beginning phases of this global pandemic.

CCP has never allowed unfettered access to data and sites for scientists to determine what is really going on in China. CCP has been engaging in disinformation against non-Chinese vaccines and promoting their own vaccines as a tool of diplomacy.

CCP's China does not currently have the vaccine technology nor vaccination programs needed to eradicate COVID-19 within China - let alone to export them. Being unable to cooperate nor compete, CCP is doomed and everyone knows it.

The global consciousness has shifted - there is no viable alternative except to realise Earth's healthy inter-dependency : Everyone must take onboard the new paradigm or be left behind!

Pepe and Jerimiah B.

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:

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