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Violation of Kowloon Mosque by Police (part 2 of 2) 警方侵擾九龍清真寺(第2部分,共2部分)

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

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Police water cannon truck deliberately sprayed the Kowloon Mosque!

This situation was created by the Hong Kong Government, including the Police, in an attempt to cause problems and a rift between protesters and ethnic minorities.

Such a separation will not happen because, just like the Chinese majority, roughly 80% of ethnic minorities support the current protests. There is no distinction within the protest movement - race is not an issue!

A few weeks ago Jimmy Sham - the Convener of the Civil Human Rights Front that organize the largest peaceful protests - was attacked by a Chinese man with a baseball bat. Jimmy Sham was again attacked and injured on the night of 16 October 2019 by a group of 4 - 5 men with knives and hammers. Jimmy Sham said he is unable to identify his attackers or their ethnicity.

The HK Police later stated that Jimmy Sham's attackers on 16 October 2019 "were suspected to be of non-Chinese ethnicity." The Police have NOT publicly presented any evidence to support their claim. This Police statement is an incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence against non-Chinese which contravenes ICCPR.

If there were ethnic minorities involved in the assault of Jimmy Sham they were most likely paid - who would benefit most and therefore would most likely pay for a leading member of the protest movement to be assaulted?

The Sunday 20 October 2019 peaceful protest was originally organized by Jimmy Sham. As has happened numerous times before, the Police failed to provide a letter of no objection for the march making anyone who attended the protest face potential arrest and prosecution for "unauthorized assembly." The Civil Human Rights Front could not legally organize the march so protesters self-organized.

Because the Police inappropriately and illegally blamed the SE Asian community for the 16 October 2019 attack on Jimmy Sham, concerns were expressed by protesters that on Sunday 20 October 2019 undercover Police would target SE Asian frequented properties such as Chung King Mansions and the Kowloon Mosque.

The SE Asian community had already publicly supported protesters. On 20 October 2019 at the entrance to Chung King Mansions starting from 12.30 am the SE Asian community welcomed and supported protesters with free bottles of drinking water.

During protests in Tsim Sha Tsui on the afternoon of Sunday 20 October 2019 at roughly 4pm a Police water cannon truck stopped and then deliberately sprayed blue coloured dye in on Press Journalists, Muslims and others peacefully assembled outside the Kowloon Mosque. From the videos it is clear to see that no warning was given before the water cannon was deployed. The water cannon fired in two separate bursts. There where NO protesters near the Mosque.

Soon after the Kowloon Mosque was sprayed by the Police water cannon protesters volunteered and helped to clean the entrance to the Mosque - proving there is solidarity and support between protesters and ethnic minorities.

On Monday morning 21 October 2019 Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo and an inappropriately dressed Chief Executive Carrie Lam visited the Kowloon Mosque to apologize only to Mr. Mohan Chugani and the Mosque saying that it was an "accident."

This is the first time since mass protests began that Chief Executive Ms. Carrie Lam has made an apology to anyone related to any actions of the HK Government.

The ex-head of the Indian Association Mohan Chugani was one of the people standing at the Mosque gate and he was sprayed by the water cannon. Chugani initially refused to accept Carrie Lam's apology saying this was not an "accident" as she claimed - Chugani said it was deliberate because the water cannon truck stopped and then sprayed the blue dyed water. Previously Chugani has been a supporter of Carrie Lam and the Police.

The Police on 21 October 2019 claimed that the water cannon was deployed to "protect" the Kowloon Mosque. Regional Commander of Kowloon West Cheuk Hau-yip when asked if he will apologize for the inappropriate use of the water cannon truck said “I am waiting for rioters to apologize to the police.”

This Police statement directly contradicts Ms. Carrie Lam's apology and is an attempt to deflect attention away from the illegal Police actions starting with their allegation that non-Chinese had assaulted Jimmy Sham and ending with the violation of a water cannon spraying blue dye on the Kowloon Mosque. This contradiction indicates that there is a rift between Carrie Lam and the hardline approach of the HK Police who are now most likely directly controlled by Beijing.

On Tuesday 22 October 2019 four victims of the Police water cannon that sprayed the Kowloon Mosque went to the police headquarters in Wan Chai to file formal complaints. They included the executive director of NGO Hong Kong Unison Phyllis Cheung, Civic Party lawmaker Jeremy Tam, former chairman of the Indian Association Mohan Chugani, and businessman Philip Khan, a member of the chief executive election committee.

The HK protesters were correct when they publicly stated that the Police on 20 October 2019 would attack properties frequented by SE Asians!

This tactic of targeting ethnic minorities has already backfired on the HK Government and the Police with a significant increase in SE Asian community participation during the Yuen Long protest on 21 October 2019 - the three month anniversary of the 21 July 2019 triad attack of commuters, residents and protesters at Yuen Long MTR station.

The firestorm occurring now is that this is the first time that Chief Executive Ms. Carrie Lam has made an apology for any action the HK Government has taken since mass protests started on 9 June 2019:

  • Carrie Lam is now openly discriminating against everyone except her elite "friends" such as Mohan Chugani who she personally apologized to. Under the ICCPR and Basic Law all citizens are equal before the law

  • The same day 20 October 2019 St. Andrews Church in Tsim Sha Tsui was also sprayed by the same water cannon with blue dyed water. No explanation nor apology was given by Carrie Lam to the Church nor Christian community

  • No explanation or apology has been given by Carrie Lam to the residents, commuters or protesters for the action of the Police in collusion with triads at Yuen Long MTR station on 21 July 2019 where 45 people were injured by a group of roughly 100 triad members armed with sticks

  • No explanation or apology has been given by Carrie Lam to the residents, commuters and protesters for the action by the Police who severely beat protesters, residents and commuters at Prince Edward MTR station on 31 August 2019. No CCTV footage has been publicly released of Prince Edward MTR station or Lai Chi Kok MTR station

HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam - with an approval rating of only 15% - and her Masters in Beijing, must understand that they can not continue governing HK in the way they have done. The majority of HK people wish to have the high degree of autonomy agreed to in the Joint Declaration.

Veby M.I.

*HKIEd “Research on Poverty of Ethnic Minority Children in Hong Kong”, December 2015

[Update] Complaints against police spraying blue dye at mosque unanswered: Chugani

Apple Daily 19 October 2020

Videos of water cannon:




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這樣的分離不會發生,因為和華人大多數人一樣,大約80%的少數民族支持當前的抗議活動。抗議運動之間沒有區別 - 種族不是問題!

幾週前,舉行最大規模和平抗議的公民人權陣線召集人Jimmy Sham被一名中國男子用棒球棍襲擊。Jimmy Sham於2019年10月16日晚上再次遭到4-5人持刀和錘子的襲擊和傷害。Jimmy Sham說,他無法確定攻擊者或他們的種族

香港警方其後表示,2019年10月16日Jimmy Sham的襲擊者“被懷疑是非華裔。” 警方尚未公開提供任何證據來支持他們的主張。警方的這一言論煽動歧視,敵視或暴力侵害非中國人,這違反了「公民權利和政治權利國際公約」。

如果有少數族裔參與對Jimmy Sham的襲擊,他們最有可能獲得報酬 – 試想誰會從中受益最大?因此最有可能為攻擊一個抗議運動的主要成員來得到報酬?

2019年10月20日星期日和平抗議活動最初是由Jimmy Sham組織的。像以前發生過的許多次一樣,警察沒有提供遊行的許可信,使參加抗議活動的任何人都可能因“未經授權的集會”罪名而被逮捕和起訴。公民人權陣線無法合法地組織遊行,因此抗議者是自發組織的

由於警察不當地和非法地指責東南亞社區於2019年10月16日襲擊了Jimmy Sham,示威者表達了擔憂,即在2019年10月20日星期日,臥底警察將目標對準東南亞常族裔常住的房產,例如重慶大廈和九龍清真寺。



警察水槍噴灑九龍清真寺後不久,抗議者自願參加並幫助清理了清真寺的入口 - 證明抗議者與少數民族之間存在團結和支持。

在2019年10月21日星期一上午,警務處處長盧偉聰和衣著不適當的行政長官林鄭月娥拜訪九龍清真寺只向Mohan Chugani 先生和清真寺道歉,稱這是一次“意外”。


印度協會的前領導人Mohan Chugani 是站在清真寺大門口的人之一,且他被水砲噴灑。 Chugani最初拒絕接受Carrie Lam的道歉,說這不是她聲稱的“意外”- Chugani說這是故意的,因為水砲卡車停了下來 ,然後噴了藍色的水。此前,Chugani一直是林鄭月娥和警察的支持者。


這份警察聲明直接與林鄭月娥的道歉相抵觸,旨在轉移人們對警方非法行動的關注,該行動始於他們指控非華裔襲擊了Jimmy Sham,止於用水砲對九龍清真寺噴灑藍色染料的侵害行為。這種矛盾表明,林鄭月娥與香港警察強硬態度之間存在分歧,而香港警察現在很可能直接由北京控制。

2019年10月22日,星期二,四名向九龍清真寺噴水的警察水砲受害者前往灣仔警察總部提出正式投訴。他們包括非政府組織香港融樂會的執行董事張鳳美,公民黨議員譚文豪,印度協會前主席Mohan Chugani 和商人Philip Khan,行政長官選舉委員會成員。




  • 林鄭月娥現在公開歧視所有人,但她的精英“朋友”(例如她對Mohan Chugani親自道歉)除外。 根據「公民權利和政治權利國際公約」和「基本法」,所有公民在法律面前一律平等

  • 於2019年10月20日這同一天,同一水砲對尖沙咀的聖安德魯斯教堂噴灑了藍水。林鄭月娥沒有向教會或基督教徒社區做出任何解釋或道歉

  • 警方於2019年7月21日在元朗港鐵站與黑社會合謀,其中約45人被約100名黑社會成員用棍棒武裝傷害;林鄭月娥並沒有向居民,通勤者或示威者就該行為作出任何解釋或道歉。

  • 警方已於2019年8月31日在太子港鐵站嚴厲毆打抗議者,居民和通勤者;林鄭月娥並沒有就警方採取的行動向居民,通勤者和抗議者作出任何解釋或道歉,太子港鐵站或荔枝角港鐵站也沒有公開發布閉路電視錄像。


Veby M.I.

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