• wethepeopleofhk

Please use the correct narrative: everyone de-couple from CCP - NOT from China!

NOBODY has a problem with the people of China.

We the People have no problem with each other - but most of us have problems with our governments.

The people of China need everyone's support for them to decouple from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

EVERYONE - including the majority of Hong Kong (HK) people - has a serious problem with the CCP, the worst totalitarian regime in history!

CCP is pushing its nationalist goals of China becoming the middle kingdom.

CCP is busy hiding behind the people of China when it is convenient for them!

CCP raises up their heads and scream out against foreigners and racism to promote domestically their own nationalism and discrimination to make sure they remain in power in China!

The two Canadian Michaels are now being held hostages in prisons in China on CCP 'espionage' charges because they are foreigners from Canada; a nation that has so far has been following the international rule OF law in response to USA's request for extradition of Huawei's CFO. To CCP losing one of its Princesses to USA's rule OF law is an unacceptable loss of 'face'! CCP only has its arbitrary rule BY law.

The 12 HK youths arrested at sea by CCP are being held as hostages in what is at minimum a terrorist premeditated abduction by the HK government and police.

Anyone - Chinese and non-Chinese - in China, Macau or Hong Kong could very easily be a target of CCP! Be aware. Decouple from CCP!

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