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US Lawyer arrested inside law firm by Hong Kong national security police

Police detained United States citizen John Clancey and searched Ho, Tse, Wai and Partners, the law firm in Central, Hong Kong (HK) where he worked.

The is the first arrest of a foreign national by HK's national security police which indicates Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and HK government are taking 'hostages' and testing the water to see what they can get away with in terms of discrimination, blaming, charging and sentencing of foreigners!

The Canadian two Michael's are effectively 'hostages', held on espionage charges, sitting in prison in China.

When it started CCP was a student organization heavily financed by foreigners - the Soviets: having overthrown the Republic of China (RoC) CCP remains in fear that it will lose its power in China to a foreign financed student movement. What we fear we attract!

This is the start of yet another tragic chapter in the decline of Hong Kong's (HK) rule of law being replaced by CCP's rule BY law.

CCP's primary audience is domestic China: CCP's tactic is to spread more fear in HK and show those in the mainland its ability to remain in power - which is CCP's ONLY goal!

CCP and HK government have been unable to resolve HK's political crisis that they have created! CCP will never recognise that they are themselves the problem undermining prosperity and stability in the region.

CCP being unable to resolve anything in HK are tactically turning to blaming anyone and everyone - and the bottom of the barrel is when CCP blames 'foreign influence'. This is discrimination. Targetting of foreigners will not stop until CCP are decoupled from China and thrown out.

National security police raid Hong Kong law firm for first time, arrest US attorney

Apple Daily 6 January 2021 (format added)

The Hong Kong police force conducted an unprecedented search of a law firm on Wednesday morning and arrested an American human rights lawyer, in a widening operation linked to national security. Law enforcers detained United States citizen John Clancey and combed [through] Ho, Tse, Wai and Partners, the law firm in Central where he worked.

A team of about 30 police officers condoned off the floor where the firm was located and barred reporters from hanging around the premises. Journalists on site were forced to wait downstairs. It was understood that Clancey was also the treasurer for Power of Democracy, a political group founded in 2002. The group served as a mediation platform to coordinate unofficial primary polls held among pro-democracy parties last summer to select candidates for a legislative election. Power of Democracy convenor Andrew Chiu and vice convenor Ben Chung were part of the 50 or so arrestees targeted on the same morning.

The action on the law firm is the first of its kind by Hong Kong police after the passage of national security legislation on June 30 last year.

On Wednesday morning, police took into custody dozens of people, including former lawmakers, politicians and activists from the pro-democracy bloc, for alleged subversion under the national security law in relation to the primary polls.

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