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Unmasking HK's free Cu mask: SCAM for Sept 2020 LegCo elections?

Updated: May 19, 2020

Hong Kong people live in difficult times - not least because of the global pandemic, but because of the slippery manoeuvres of the city's pro-Chinese Communist Party politicians and their backers in mainland China. This is no fairy tale, but if it does turn out to be exactly like one, we all know there is bound to be a happy ending when good triumphs over evil.

Early in May 2020, news reports explained that as gestures of goodwill a large quantity of face masks were going to be distributed to Hong Kong (HK) people (see below). Hong Kongers, unlike some people in other places have accepted the need to wear masks, given their 2003 experience of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) that lead to 286 deaths in the city.

The HK government was widely criticised for its handling of the mask shortage crisis early in the Covid-19 outbreak. Even frontline medical personnel and civil servants were struggling to equip themselves with adequate supplies of appropriate personal protective gear.

That some free masks would finally be given out seemed initially to be GOOD NEWS.

In the early weeks of the pandemic many people had struggled to find face masks to buy at all, others in HK could not afford to buy them at inflated prices, and there was much doubt about the quality and effectiveness of the ones that they did manage to purchase for themselves, their family, and their employees.

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Then, after the announcements had been made and the dust had settled, we started to think about the promise of free masks more deeply.

Why are free face masks being handed out now, five months after COVID-19 first appeared in HK, and when there have been no locally transmitted new cases for about 20 days? We needed masks in February and March 2020! Now HK has ample face mask supply available commercially.

Who is paying for these masks?

According to Coconuts HK, the HK government had used HKD800 million from its anti-epidemic fund to finance the production of over 7 million reusable copper-lined masks for all HKID holders. The patented CuMask+, was awarded a Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2018. The mask, which is supposed to be washed after every use, can be washed up to 60 times. Following that, wearers can continue to use the mask by replacing the removable filter.

Will these TRULY be good quality masks?

Slowly some of the answers were forthcoming...

First up, the scientific truth!

USA CDC paper on copper shows not enough testing has been done in USA! So where is the international scientific proof of no-ill effects from the HK public's use of this face mask?

Sophia Chan, Secretary for Food and Health, has confirmed that this mask can only fend [off] dust, and not viruses!

Then the other facts...

These Cu face masks are being made for the Hong Kong (HK) government and being distributed in Hong Kong to win people's favour and gain control over them! The gesture is rather like that children's fairy tale about the wicked stepmother and the poisoned apple.

It is wrong for the HK people's public purse to be paying the bill for these masks as indirect support for CCP's pro-Beijing candidates in the September 2020 Legislative Council elections.

BEFORE spending any money on masks HK government MUST first pass legislation making face masks mandatory in all public places! Without a mandatory requirement for face masks during this COVID-19 pandemic free masks are a total waste of money from the HK people's public purse!

Is this a SCAM by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the HK Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam to steal money from the HK people's public purse for campaign funding and support for pro-Beijing lawmakers in the September 2020 Legislative Council elections?

Is this a SCAM to collect HK people's personal data and use this for LegCo ballot rigging?

It has been suggested in the media that there was NO public tender for the manufacturing of these face masks. According to media reports, the contract to manufacture this mask was awarded to "Crystal International Group" of which the CEO is a board member of the HK Government funded "HK Research Institute of Textiles & Apparel Limited" (HKRITA).

What are pro-Beijing supporters who call themselves "Hong Kong Coalition", headed by former chief executives Tung Chee-hwa and Leung Chun-ying, doing "promoting" that they are donating 10 million masks?

Since we the people of HK are paying for the manufacture of the Cu Mask it is not accurate to call this a donation or a giveaway! Is it highly likely that some people will get confused over the details of these gestures.

The real tragedy for HK is that since the 1997 handover and CCP's involvement in HK, each Chief Executive has been worse. None of them have completed a second term in office, and HK's situation in terms of political, economic, social, cultural, health, environmental, etc. is just getting much worse and less sustainable in the long term! The current CE Carrie Lam is arguably the worse CE so far - by her own admission she has unacceptably created havoc in HK.

The reusable face mask saga is just more of the same proof of how devoid of all logic, propriety and heart the mix of CCP and HK government has become!

Cu Mask is a Health Hazard, Engineering Chair Prof. Wallace Leung Reveals!

HK Bilingual News 香江日報. 10 May 2020, Chapman Chen.

Sophia Chan, Secretary for Food and Health, has confirmed that this mask can only fend [off] dust but not viruses!

The Hong Kong Government has just begun to give away reusable face masks known as Cu Mask to Hongkongers, 5 months after the outbreak of covid19. But Hong Kong Polytechnic University Engineering Chair Professor Wallace Leung Woon-fong, an expert in mask, revealed to Apple Daily that Cu Mask has 4 serious problems: (formatting added)

*First, the copper particles of the mask are so minute that they can EASILY be inhaled into the lungs and become a sort of mini-time-bomb there.

Second, those copper particles are so unevenly distributed that they may not be able to contact and kill viruses.

Third, the filter layers of the mask are so thick that the mask's air permeability will readily decrease with washing.

Fourth, The differential pressure value of the mask is as high as 4.44, which makes it unsuitable for elderly people or people with respiratory illnesses.

Fb link:

https://www.facebook.com/hongkongbilingualnews/posts/958418481262583?__tn__=-R Web link:


To this we add:

Fifth, these reusable masks must be left in the sun to dry after washing - so what do people do who have to work everyday? HK is full of high rise residential blocks - what if there is no direct sunlight in your high rise building to dry your face mask?

*Ultra fine particulates of heavy metals can be absorbed direct into human blood. Is someone trying to injure or kill HK people? Where is the science to international levels supporting the use of these masks?

We note:

1. The Standard "Government to distribute free reusable masks"

This on 5 May 2020 seems to be the first annoucement of free, reusable masks + 30 million single use masks; some delivered by HKPost? AFTER ZERO NEW CASES!

Online registration https://www.qmask.gov.hk/

The HK Government had details on its NEWS website.

Why the online registration? Why the personal phone number, HKIDC and address? Sounds like coercion to get personal details!

Reddit question: Is this part of a SCAM to get updated personal details on voters for upcoming LegCo elections?

"Lam said the reusable face masks are called "CuMask," with "Cu" being the symbol of the chemical element copper or meaning "I really want to see you," and they are developed through local research."

2. Also on 5 May 2020 (is this related to the other announced mask giveaway??) The Standard "Pro-Beijing alliance to hand out 10m face masks"

Two announcements on free masks the same day?? What is going on here? !

"The group, called Hong Kong Coalition, is headed by former chief executives Tung Chee-hwa and Leung Chun-ying. The sole HK delegate to the NPC Standing Committee, Tam Yiu-chung, is the coalition’s secretary general."

So this is politics! CU means "I really want to see you" - reference to LegCo election??

So why are HK taxpayers money being used by the HK government to promote pro-Beijing candidates for Septembers LegCo elections? this is a conflict of Election financing??

NOW after the pandemic and infections have died down and masks are available!! Why again so little, so late??

3. RUMOUR (NOT PROVEN - SCROLL DOWN ON LINK TO SEE) 6 May 2020 Reddit: "Masks that the government distribute are made by a company owned by the cousin of Andrew Leung (President of the LegCo)." Only point here is that something has gone on with no tendering, selection of manufacturer ($ from public purse), etc.

4. 6 May 2020 Reddit: "Netizens are mocking the Government-distributed CuMask for resembling "old lady's knickers". [LIHKG]

5. 6 May 2020 Reddit: "Gov't finally admits HK$800 Million reusable mask contract given to Crystal International Group, of which the CEO is a board member of the HK Research Institute of Textiles & Apparel Limited (HKRITA). Claims they don't understand why there are accusations of transferral of benefits." An Apple Daily story

And stock prices of shares in Crystal rose 15%!

Corruption! HKRITA did not follow a public tendering process!

HKRITA is funded by HK government from the HK Public Purse. website http://www.hkrita.com/about.php

6. 7 May 2020 Reddit: "The many complicated beneficial relationships between Carrie Lam, the govt and the appointed developer and manufacturer of the CuMask who was given the 800 million contract without bidding process. Corruption in plain sight."

7. 7 May 2020, HK FreePress, The newly established HK Alliance is reported to have the backing of a total of 1,545 heavyweights from different sectors. Business magnates Li Ka-shing, Lee Shau-kee and Joseph Lau were among the co-founders, while 10 presidents of the 11 local universities were on the list as well, aside from Way Kuo of the City University of Hong Kong. It immediately draws the praise of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office (HKMAO).

8. 7 May 2020, HK Government, "The CuMask online registration system received over 720,000 registrations, covering two million registrants in total on the first day of registration on May 6, the Innovation & Technology Bureau announced today."

9. 8 May 2020 Reddit: "Professor K Kwong: CuMask design has serious flaws, citizens should not use - lack of wire, copper filter moves easily, filter does not work against virus, filter fiber comes off after repeated handling, trademark and award not related to this filter. “Like dumping money into the sea.

10. 8 May 2020 Reddit: "Hong Kong civil servant in charge of reusable mask giveaway admits transparency shortcomings, promises replacement filter production will go out to tender." Too little too late as always!!

11. 10 May 2020 China Daily: The HK Alliance distributed six million adult face masks and 4 million children’s masks to "hundreds of thousands of underprivileged people and their families at some 500 locations in metro stations and shopping malls". The masks were handed out in packs of 10 in about 20 minutes in some areas where long queues were seen. One of the stated missions of the Alliance is to support the HK Government. In a separate article Leung Chun-ying, vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, used his role in the HK Alliance to promote the city's ties with mainland China, and offer criticism of the protest movement.

Are you left wondering whether the HK Alliance arrangement to give masks away to HK people for free, uses HK taxpayer money to do so or donations from philanthropists?

The government's Cu Masks are apparently going to be distributed by HK Post via tracked delivery, but it will also be possible to collect masks in person from any local post office after June 6 just by showing your HKID.

In addition, the government has, in its bid to ensure the distribution is a success and counter possible criticism, pledged to send a box of 10 disposable face masks to every household in Hong Kong, without any need for registration.

While every Hongkonger is eligible for the Cu masks, the required cleaning might pose a challenge to elderly people suffering chronic illnesses. The HK Public Doctors Association, with 6,000 members, asked operators of care homes to avoid having their residents use them. Nor should patients or visitors use them when in hospitals or at outpatient clinics.

So, you can draw your own conclusions, just as well as we can!

The battle for heart and minds as we head to the 2020 September Legislative Council elections in HK has clearly begun, with pro-Beijing forces on the offensive, using coercion and corruption!

Pepe & Jeremiah B.


12 May 2020, Free masks from Hong Kong government appear for sale online

19 May, 2020, Manufacturer of Cumask+ that the government is handing out is being investigated by Lands Department for manufacturing masks in a building where industrial use is prohibited (Reddit, translated from Stand News)

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