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Two options for Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Wuhan virus SARS-COV-2 was created and spread by the nationalist Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the world's worst ever authoritarian and now totalitarian regime.

The SARS-COV-2 novel coronavirus of 2019 caused COVID-19, currently the worst global pandemic since the 1918 'Spanish' flu with more than 1 million deaths and 30 million people infected worldwide.

We know nothing about the origin nor extent of the misery COVID-19 has caused on the people of China - and the world, and the people of China MUST be told the truth! The CCP continually act to hide the truth. The international community MUST hold an independent investigation into the origins of SARS-COV-2 and the global pandemic COVID-19 including CCP's involvement with WHO!

The global pandemic of the disease COVID-19 is irrefutable proof that CCP is a real and imminent threat to the world!

Post-paradigm shift caused by novel coronavirus SARS-COV-2, the key issue is healthy inter-dependency with Earth. Because CCP possesses none of these attributes as an authoritarian or totalitarian regime, it is unable to survive.

Increasingly the democratic world sees the real face of CCP and is taking action!

One of many CCP's illusions that the CCP virus spreads globally is 'One China' - anyone, or any country, that buys into 'One China' also OWNS CCP's bullshit! CCP's only goal is to remain in power in 'One China' no matter what!

Strategy; cut the head off the snake! Tactic; everyone disown and remove CCP's 'One China' policy!

Lead by Emperor Xi Jinping, the CCP has assumed the mantle of the world's worst ever totalitarian regime with empty promises for everyone - it is under the illusion that it can do whatever it wants with people anywhere!

According to professor Cai Xia within China's ruling CCP the majority of communists agree that Xi Jinping must step down - but there is no mechanism of checks and balances within CCP to ensure that Xi and CCP are performing their duties according to the will of the people of China or other UN obligations (ICCPR, UDHR, etc.).

Human Rights Watch says CCP's strategy is to undermine global human rights!

The world's struggle against CCP has been going on ever since it was created! CCP, by mass murder of its own citizens in 4 June 1989 Tiananmen Square and other cities across China, has only blocked the natural democratic development of China.

In his early days CCP's Mao was promoting democracy! Starting in 1985 USSR's communist system without bloodbath crumbled and was replaced with democracies by 1991: CCP as a youth organization was funded by USSR! CCP fears young people and foreigners the most!

The democratic world cares about people including those in HK, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang, etc. - we the United Peoples of Earth! This includes all peoples - including those of China - having under their UN obligations the rule OF law, democracy, human rights, etc.

HK people have already stated their will! Five demands not one less! The strategy of HK people who are peacefully and non-violently confronting CCP is "if we burn, you burn with us"! In HK absolute power absolutely corrupts! CCP only cares about HK the place being part of China - nationalist CCP does NOT care about HK people, nor what the rest of the world says nor does! Once CCP has replaced HK people with oppressed and compliant mainland Han Chinese then Emporer Xi will have what he wants in HK - a 'prosperous and stable' communist HK.

A UN mandated referendum on the future of Hong Kong is needed.

Collectively the democratic world with its rule OF law has to make the price that CCP with its rule BY law PAYS (e.g.'face', economic, political, etc.) for it's ABUSE of ALL peoples everywhere, and Earth, SO HIGH THAT EITHER;

  1. CCP proactively engages the democratic world in 2020-2021 in its political, social and economic reforms and China becomes a multi-party democracy, or;

  2. CCP denies and procastinates by continuing on their current path of the destruction and decline of China and the world until there is a regime change and a multi-party democracy rises from the ashes that remains of China.

6 October 2020 Statement by German Ambassador to UN from 39 countries

These UN letters to China on events in HK record CCP failings in the SAR:

Mandates of the UN Special Rapporteur 28 June 2019

Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs 29 January 2020 on HK Police tear gas, rights & freedoms

Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs 19 February 2020 on arrests of HK medics during protests

Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs on HK's National Security Law of 1 September 2020.


Editorial: CCP overestimates itself in hegemony fight against US|Apple Daily HK

Apple Daily 10 October 2020. By Fong Yuen

Yuan Nansheng, former diplomat for the CCP, has published an article criticizing its recent diplomatic policy. Yuan used to be the CCP Committee Secretary of China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) and consul general of China in San Francisco, so his article has certain representativeness.

Yuan believes the CCP should “first take care of the relation with the world’s strongest country, aka the world’s leader.” He pointed out, the CCP’s first mistake was “causing the opponents to start peeping around because of its different ideology,” then it “misjudges its strategy, makes enemies everywhere because it is too ambitious.”

The CCP sees the U.S. as an enemy. Is it because it tries to use communism to “liberate all people?” Of course not, the CCP has long fallen and become capitalism with power.

Communism is no longer a religion but a disguise used to maintain its dictatorship ruling. The CCP expansion is not done for elusive communism but its ambition to conquer the world.

The U.S. has always been kind to China: the Boxer Indemnity was used on education in China; supported China during WWII; there were anti-U.S. fights to support Korea and Vietnam but those were fights China did on behalf of the others and not the U.S. fighting against China. After the reform and opening up, the U.S. offered a huge amount of scholarship to nurture overseas Chinese students; the U.S. supported China to join the UN and WTO, gave China Most Favored Nation status; the U.S. transferred its high technology to China helped developing its supply chain. The U.S. has given so much good to the CCP, so they should have been having harmonious relations to maintain the advantage of its own development.

But not only is the CCP ungrateful and did not materialize political reform as promised, but it uses freedom and rule of law of the U.S. and behaves presumptuously, controls the media, bribes politicians and interferes the political operation of the U.S. The CCP buys the small and poor countries off to get the majority of the votes, which has sidelined the U.S. in international organizations; it has even distributed people among the five continents and occupied important strategic spots to threaten the U.S.'s strategic interests.

The CCP thought it has what it takes to fight the U.S. for hegemony as internally, its economic development was doing well; externally, it has “friends” everywhere; meanwhile, the U.S. was still recovering from the financial crisis; it has conflicts with the EU and Japan, and has upset many small and medium countries. The CCP believed it was time to step out and head to the center of the world, to control the world.

Although China has leaped to the list of strong countries, its GDP per capita is still behind Hong Kong and Taiwan, and even worse than Turkey, Russia and Brazil. China has a big economy but its high-end technology is still in a bad state; but the CCP cannot see its shortfall and continues aiming to spread its dictatorship worldwide.

Politically, the U.S. and other western countries have a decades-long partnership. Although they might have conflicts, they share the same traditional universal value, have a similar system, their people have a similar way of life and their government operates under stable regulations. A solid and stable relationship with a long history is something the CCP cannot offer.

When China and the U.S. started to become hostile towards each other, Pompeo traveled all over to lobby around and has won the western countries back. The CCP tried its best to alienate them, but after all, its values are different from the others and its wolf warrior diplomacy is loathed by many. Therefore it only took the U.S. less than a year to completely isolate the CCP.

What [is] worse is, the CCP relies the U.S. support on the economy, national defense, technology and trade, etc. Now that there is no more trade, high technology is fully stretched, the academic field has also been isolated. The CCP is going to face a long and extremely difficult time. It hasn’t even started fighting the U.S. on financial, military, and geopolitical tactics. The future seems unpredictable and full of danger for the CCP.

The CCP has seriously underestimated the U.S.'s immense strength, its experience in controlling international politics and a long history of international relations. The CCP is over-ambitious, expands too rapidly, is over-confident and underestimates its enemy. Since Xi Jinping took the office, it aggressively pushes forward but with no backup. Now it has hit the wall, tried to retrieve but already embarrassed itself.

Its ideology goes against the modern trend and is already out of date; once its economy was slightly better, it wanted to rule the world. If the CCP really wants to do good for the Chinese people, it should have used that money to develop the country and improve its internal economy instead of spending it on propaganda, that way China would have got rid of poverty a long time ago; if it abides by the international regulations, be nice and keeps quiet, it would not have been deserted by everyone.

Being ambitious is one thing, whether you have what it takes is another. Now, facing troubles internally and externally, the CCP’s fault was its unpopular reckless expansion and has misjudged its ability against the U.S.

Return to internal circulation, planned economy and retreat, it seems the bad consequence is not far away.

The CCP knows every well what it is doing now would not work. But China and the U.S. hostility is worsening, it is too late to call a truce and the CCP dares not to start a war; so it can only keep walking into the dead-end road and hoping for a miracle.

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