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Toxic CLam chowder will soon be off the menu! #SAVE12HKYOUTHS

Please read our blog 'The fishy tale of 12 Hong Kong activists arrested at sea by China'

This incident has the potential of forcing CLam to resign, HK to return to the rule OF law and the Joint Declaration - and may in time even bring down CCP! To make changes it is up to HK people with the collective support of the international community; these are our children - they are NOT the children of CCP - a totalitarian state!

This title is a play on words - Hong Kong's (HK) current Chief Executive (CE) is the much hated Mrs. Carrie Lam ('CLam') who is:

  • The worst CE so far selected by CCP who has only 11% support amongst HK people;

  • Known to be a stubborn, arrogant elitist;

  • Ultimately responsible for the police's disproportionate use of force against HK protesters;

  • Responsible for the widespread havoc that has been caused in HK since she proposed the 2018 extradition bill that did not meet HK's UN obligations; when HK people peacefully continuously protested against this bill, with an estimated 2 million protesters on 16 June 2019, she did everything she and CCP could do to stop the will of HK people from being realized;

  • Accused of committing treason, 'genocide' and terrorism and entrapment in HK - she should be charged and face a trial! CLam's communist HK regime is harming people in the city by its denial of democratic and human rights

CLam's involvement in, and ongoing responsibility for, what happens to the 12 youths 'arrested at sea in Chinese waters' is typical of the havoc she creates with everything she goes near!

The 12 youths are now being held by the police in Shenzhen, China.

At least two are children - i.e. younger than 18 years old. Only one is female.

Despite repeated requests from family members - unacceptably, no family members have been able to meet with any of the 12. This is a violation of the defendents' human rights.

Mainland Chinese Lawyers chosen by the families of the defendents have been refused to meet with the 12 - most have been threatened and barred from being Counsel by local Police or CCP officials. This is another violation of the defendents' human rights.

CCP must be very careful how they handle this case because increasingly worldwide they are being seen as totalitarian rulers over a pariah state and are being isolated as a result.

Thankfully some good investigative journalism turned up irrefutable facts on the use of HK Government Flying Service's fixed wing and rotor aircraft on 23 August 2020 when the 12 persons were understood to have been arrested. Despite repeated requests for answers from CLam and the HK government, no reasonable response has been given by anyone.

As we wrote in our original blog of 12 September 2020 this is likely a double cross because HK triads were involved! The police are intertwined with triads.

Carrie Lam has repeated many times that the HK government and police have not been involved. Yet they are unwilling to release proof. Clearly they have been caught lying! As noted by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

CCP's national security law has had a numbing effect on HK's 2019 protests. Protesters in 2020 have also been occupied with COVID-19 and HK government regulations on social distancing.

At some point there is no doubt that HK protests will resume - currently the most likely sizable next protest would be in support of the 12 youths! CHRF submitted a protest plan for 1 October 2020 protest march which the police rejected.

In our opinion at a minimum CLam and all senior officials of HK government must be held accountable as terrorists for committing treason, and specific to this incident - for endangerment, entrapment and collusion with a foreign jurisdiction.

HK protests have NOT stopped - they have only been temporarily interrupted!

CLam chowder will be off the menu soon! #SAVE12HKYOUTHS

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

Apple Daily photo

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