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To open HK economy we need more TESTING: or does CCPvirus plan to cancel LegCo elections?

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Tactic to eliminate COVID-19 from HK: to identify asymptomatic carriers HK MUST do at least 224,613 COVID-19 tests per month!

Hong Kong (HK) has just got a big shock - HK's economy in the first quarter declined a record breaking 8.9%!

Not long ago, starting at around 16 March 2020 through to the end of the month, in HK we seemed to have relatively high daily infection rates of about 40 cases. Then in early April 2020 daily official numbers of new infections reduced to zero; and we now know there were fewer tests done in April than in March (see the numbers below). The lack of testing explains the low number of infections being reported.

The question remains: are we in HK now doing enough COVID-19 testing?

HK as a financial and trade centre has always, and will always, have people traveling through our city - so have we found a sustainable way for HK to co-exist with the current COVID-19 virus to keep our numbers of infections relatively low and manageable?

By comparison lightly populated agricultural New Zealand went through 5 weeks of strict lockdown, including banning all foreign visitors and strict 14 day quarantine for all NZ citizens on arrival, in order to be at the stage to open up it's economy. In contrast HK has not had a strict lockdown but most HKers have been wearing face masks and washing their hands since the end of January 2020 at the latest.

By HK government's actions, such as with COVID-19 testing, HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam seems to be shooting herself in the foot! OR, has CCP instructed her to open the economy in a way that creates a high number of COVID-19 infections which would in turn force the closure or postponement of the September 2020 Legislative Council elections (LegCo)?

After winning by a massive landslide 17 of 18 districts in the November 2019 District Council elections the pro-democrats look set to win by another landslide in LegCo this September!

Presymptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers are currently the core problem for opening up ALL economies! Who are they? Where are they? Who are their contacts? How many? etc. We must test to find those carriers in our midst.

The alternative of mass survelliance using AI by CCP in HK - something CCP undoubtedly wants to inflict on HK - will be very strongly resisted by the majority of HK people and by foreign nationals, firms and governments who are stakeholders in HK.

USA's Centre of Disease Control (CDC), arguably one of the best infectious disease institutions in the World, recommends for economies to reopen COVID-19 testing is needed for at least 30 per 1,000 (30/1,000) of population PER month. (See video below).

Using CDC's recommendation, for HK to reopen it's economy it's COVID-19 testing must increase to at least 30/1,000 of population per month - in HK, a minimum of 224,613 tests per month. The highest rate of monthly testing in HK so far has been only 65,441 in March 2020 - by comparison HK must increase it's testing by at least 343%!

The numbers:

  1. Hong Kong (HK) population estimated by Worldometer 7,496,981

  2. Currently from HK's Centre of Health Protection (CHP) for 4 month period January 2020 - April 2020 HK has tested total of 154,989 which is 20,665 per 1 million or 2.07% of HK people (figures until 27 April 2020): January 3,610; February 26,983; March 65,441; April 58,955 (estimated).

  3. Unacceptably no further HK COVID-19 monthly test information has been provided by the HK government to the public including numbers of positive tests, asymtomatic positive tests, age groups, gender, import, local, etc. Individual case details are being released to the public, but the data is not released in a manner to inform the public of the government's strategy, tactics and it's performance based on testing using openness, transparency and accountability in dealing with COVID-19. For an example of the realities HK's current governance performance during COVID-19; according to RTHK titled 'Experts panel not involved in relaxation decision', "A member of the government's anti-epidemic team said that his team was not involved in the decision to exempt two mainland groups [teachers and students, and businessmen?] from the mandatory quarantine arrangement for mainland arrivals, saying it was a decision made by the [unelected] Executive Council." Subsequently RTHK titled 'Govt studying risk posed by 27,000 cross-border kids'!

  4. Despite there being a significant increase in Worldwide infections in April 2020, and HK infections starting in mid-March 2020, HK test numbers in April declined! Why? this makes no sense!

  5. HK number of tests are at best ONLY AVERAGE compared to worldwide testing numbers. What makes HK special is that the people of HK have experience with SARS and they are taking personal responsibility to ensure their own and therefore the public health; the HK government is not acting in the best interests of the HK people!

  6. Unlike other countries China, and it's Special Administrative Region the HKSAR, HK numbers are NOT included in these worldwide numbers - perhaps the World has decided to disregard China's statements and numbers?

  7. Currently the best country for testing has been Iceland who tested 138,574 per 1 million people (138,574/1million), 50% of those who tested positive in Iceland were asymtomatic!

  8. HK's current low test numbers do NOT reflect: (a) CCP's obligation under the Joint Declaration to remain for 50 years an international financial and trade centre; (b) HK it is a part of China, and that China under CCP is the COVID-19 source, outbreak and global pandemic. In HK, despite demands from HK majority who are protesters that HK's a healthcare system can only meet HK people's needs, there was no fully closed border lockdown with China! Yet cities like Shanghai and Beijing had total lockdown prohibiting people from Hubei Province.

  9. Starting on 24 April 2020 an estimated 50,000 HK final year secondary school children, along with their families and Teachers, have been doing their DSE examinations. We will not know the outcome of this government decision, with a potential increase in number of infections for at least another 2 weeks. There was no testing of either students or teachers prior or during these exams, beyond a simple temperature check. The holding of these exams is in clear violation of the right to life of everyone who is involved! (Please see our blog on DSE exams).

During the COVID-19 pandemic anti-extradition protesters have stopped protesting and have practised social distancing - stayed home, used face masks (which are NOT mandatory in HK), washed their hands, etc. Soon after the end of the Lunar New Year holidays protesters and pro-Beijing HKers united and demanded that the border with China was closed banning all mainland Chinese from travelling to HK - instead Carrie Lam kept the borders open!

This is NOT about CCP politics, which got us (the whole world's population) into this mess to begin with!

This is not about money! Which is why CCP is involved in politics to begin with!

This is ONLY about our United Nations supreme human right to life and our health.

IF the HK economy is to now "successfully" re-open/ re-structure as an international financial and trading centre HK MUST now put FRONT and CENTRE science and human rights.

Written in a 19 February 2020 United Nations letter to China "Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs 19 February 2020 on arrests of HK medics during protests" in the Annex International Law:

"The duty to protect life and to ensure access to essential and emergency healthcare

In its General comment No. 36 (CCPR/C/GC/36), the Human Rights Committee has stressed that the right to life is the supreme right from which no derogation is permitted, even in situations of public emergencies that threaten the life of the nation (para 1). The deprivation of life of individuals through acts or omissions that violate provisions of the Covenant other than article 6 is, as a rule, arbitrary in nature. This includes, for example, the use of force resulting in the death of demonstrators exercising their right to freedom of assembly (para 17).

"The Committee highlights that the right to life should not be interpreted narrowly; it concerns the entitlement to be free from acts and omissions that are intended or may be expected to cause individuals’ unnatural or premature death (para 2). The obligation to respect and ensure the right to life extends to reasonably foreseeable threats and life--threatening situations that can result in loss of life and there may be a violation of article 6 even if such threats and situations do not result in loss of life (para 7). Therefore, the duty to protect life includes the implementation of positive measures such as ensuring access without delay by individuals to essential healthcare, to effective emergency health services and to emergency response operations including firefighters and ambulance services (para 26). The duty to protect the right to life also requires special measures of protection towards persons whose lives have been placed at particular risk because of specific threats or pre--existing patterns of violence, including humanitarian workers (para 23).

"In this connection, we would like to refer to article 12 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), ratified by China on 27 March 2001. The article recognizes the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health and establishes obligations of States parties to protect, respect and fulfill this right. In its General comment No. 14 (E/C.12/2000/4), the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights establishes that the obligation to respect requires States to refrain from interfering directly or indirectly with the enjoyment of the right to health (para 33), including, inter alia, the denial of access to health facilities, goods and services to particular individuals or groups as a result of de jure or de facto discrimination (para 50). The right to non--discrimination of any kind, including on grounds of political or other opinion, is a critical component of the right to health under article 2.2 of the ICESCR."

Pepe & Jeremiah B.


  1. 16 May 2020. The CHP "Statistics on Testing for COVID-19 in Hong Kong" provisional number of tests for 1 May 2020 - 12 May 2020: 23,436!! This is roughly the same number of tests as April 2020!! this is for an economy that is trying to open after COVID-19?? and likely to open it's border further with China!!

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