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To decouple CCP from China 'cut the head off the snake'

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It is now abundantly clear that there is currently, and at least for the short term, little to no economy in China nor in most of the rest of the world.

“The three main drivers of China’s economy - export, investment and consumption - have been in a complete stand-still since last year,” Cai [Xia] continued. “China cannot tackle its large-scale unemployment crisis without opening its doors to the world.” (Please see Apple Daily article below).

With 1.4 billion people to employ and feed the self-proclaimed ruling "dicatorship of the people", the worst authoritarian regime in history, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) now has a very serious problem!

We the People of HK call for:

  1. Decoupling the democratic countries of the world from CCP ruled China. CCP poses a real and imminent threat to all of humanity by its use of their rule BY law and not the democratic human rights based United Nations rule OF law.

  2. Decoupling the CCP from the people of China - this in time halts the CCP's oppression of all citizens in China including the minorities (Tibetians, Uyghurs, Mongolians, etc). The people of China do not pose a threat to the world. Hong Kong (HK) has shown to the world the real face of CCP which is threatening all of humanity by its nationalist strategy of reeling in democracies using their rule OF law!

  3. CCP must be held accountable by the rest of the world for its role in the global pandemic novel coronavirus COVID-19.

  4. China under the CCP or any other political system must uphold in Hong Kong international treaties including the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong. Our suggestion is a UN mandated referendum in HK to determine the will of the people of HK in resolving the current ongoing political crisis.

‘Xi fears a fall from grace,’ Beijing critic decipher the president’s mixed signals

Apple Daily 7 September 2020

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered mixed signals in his recent speeches. On the one hand, Xi vowed to “never allow any individual or any force to separate the Chinese Communist Party from the Chinese people”, but on the other hand he promised to open up wider to the world.

Cai Xia, a former professor at the elite Central Party School in Beijing, said the West’s move to separate the CCP from its people has shaken Xi’s rule, while China’s economic slump is forcing Xi to open the country’s doors.

Speaking on the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II on Sep. 3, Xi brought up five points which China will “never allow”, including never allowing “any individual or any force to counterpose the Party to the Chinese people.”

His strong-worded speech was believed to be made in response to the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s remarks in July, where he said the U.S. must also “engage and empower the Chinese people...who are completely distinct from the CCP”.

Cai, a former high-ranking CCP member who was recently expelled for criticizing the regime, noted the clear distinction between Beijing and its people in the recent criticism from U.S. officials. “This marks a huge change in Western countries’ policies and strategies towards China. Xi fears this kind of distinction, which is why he must prevent such voices from reaching mainland China.”

As soon as Chinese people realize how the CCP hinges on the people, they will experience an awakening and Xi knows he can no longer rule by then, Cai analyzed.

The U.S.-based scholar also believed it is possible to separate supporters of Xi from the 90 million party members. “Firstly, this makes it easier to isolate them, which are a small minority in the party. Secondly, if separated, Xi can then no longer control the whole party, which will give other branches of power a chance to topple him.”

Cai pointed out that Xi’s recent pledge to foster an open and inclusive environment was nothing but a lie to the Chinese people.

“The three main drivers of China’s economy - export, investment and consumption - have been in a complete stand-still since last year,” Cai continued. “China cannot tackle its large-scale unemployment crisis without opening its doors to the world.”

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Editorial: Why is CCP redefining resistance against Japan and epidemic?

Apple Daily 8 September 2020. By Li Ping. (Formatting added)

China is holding a commendation ceremony for the fight against COVID-19, where the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) General-Secretary Xi Jinping is going to award the national medals and deliver an important speech, as the official reports said.

Major Chinese newspapers headlined the article “A chronicle of fighting the epidemic altogether” by Xinhua News Agency’s president, which sets the tone for China’s fight against the epidemic as “first to report, first to fight”, and avoids the issue of the virus being concealed.

Since Xi Jinping’s speech on Sep. 3 at a symposium commemorating the 75th anniversary of the victory of the second Sino-Japanese War, or War of Resistance against the Japanese, this is the second time within a week to redefine major events. It shows the urgency of the CCP to consolidate its leadership through resistance against Japan and the epidemic.

Moreover, it shows that what has not been declared by the CCP is that they will never agree to the decoupling between China and the United States, nor the decoupling between the CCP and the Chinese people.

Five years ago, the CCP held a ceremony and military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance in which Xi Jinping’s speech was rather short. In less than 1,800 words, the theme was that justice prevails, peace prevails, the people prevail, and he announced the disarmament of 300,000.

Five years on, Xi Jinping’s speech on Sep. 3 was 5,400 words long. In addition to emphasizing the CCP’s mainstay role in the War of Resistance, he put forth the five “Never Promises”, which were not even necessarily related to the war. [Xi said] The Chinese people will never agree to:

  1. Any attempt by anyone or any forces to vilify the nature and purpose of the CCP;

  2. Distort and change the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics;

  3. Separate the CCP from the Chinese people using antagonism;

  4. Change the direction of China through bullying;

  5. Undermine the exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese people and the people of other countries.

The five “Never Promises” clearly have little to do with the theme of the symposium. They were not aimed at Japan, but the United States, especially the latter’s recent remarks that deliberately distinguish between the CCP and China.

These declarations against the United States may sound tough, but they are more like empty threats, because what the CCP will “never promise” is the decoupling of China and the United States. An op-ed by state mouthpiece Xinhua News Agency said it loud and clear, “Some American politicians want to use the “decoupling theory” to control reality and stop the general trend. What silly, wishful thinking.”

If the Sino-U.S. decoupling will deprive China of its economic development momentum, and bring about challenges to the ruling authority of the CCP, then the CCP is more frightened of the decoupling between the party and the people.

With this, the CCP leaders not only lose face on the outside, but their symbolism and legitimacy within the country will be substantively challenged. Therefore, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian claimed, “The Chinese people are the ‘copper walls and iron façades’, don’t you or anyone dare to shatter it.”

However, the outbreak of COVID not only altered the relationship between the CCP and the Chinese people, but also changed the relationship between democratic countries, such as the United States, and China.

A long article by a CCP mouthpiece proclaimed, “China took the lead in reporting, and took the lead to fight. This is an attitude of responsibility to all mankind, the launch of a people’s war, a general war, and a sniper war on epidemic prevention and control.”

But the universal consensus is that China concealed the coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan from the get-go, causing the epidemic to become a global pandemic that is now a catastrophe of the century.

Whistleblowers like Dr. Li Wenliang, and the others were purged. How has that now turned into China taking the lead in reporting? How has the promotion of the Chinese model through anti-epidemic diplomacy turned into China taking the lead in fighting?

Especially worthy of contemplation is that the CCP’s two resets of major events were so close in time. The official statement even emphasized that COVID is “the most serious global public health emergency since the end of World War II” in an attempt to strengthen the connection between the two events. That seems to be an effort in highlighting the CCP as the mainstay of the resistance against both Japan and the virus, and that both of these fights are chances of a renaissance of the Chinese nation.

If the War of Resistance allowed the CCP to shake off the besiegement and suppression of the Kuomingtang, which led to its eventual victory in seizing power, then the resistance against the epidemic is throwing the CCP into the besiegement and suppression of the civilized world.

The CCP wishes to reset the tone for the fight against the epidemic, to promote “the fair and mutually-beneficial Sino-U.S. cooperation meets the common interests of the people of the two countries and the world”.

It wishes to seek to remain un-decoupled from the United States and from its people, to continue to act as the representatives of the interests of the Chinese people, the interests of China and the United States, and the interests of the world, while at the same time, tooting Xi Jinping’s horn as the “leader of a major power who serves the people, is driven by mission, possesses strategic visions and outstanding leadership.”

Are his achievements not far more superior than winning World War II, and enough to lead the reform of the global governance system, to build a community of common destiny of mankind?

The question, however, is, who in the world is eating this up?

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We the People of HK give our thanks always to Jimmy Lai and everyone working to support Apple Daily.

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