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To CCP 'face' is EVERYTHING!

Updated: Oct 24, 2020


By 'face' we refer to what is commonly known as 'sociological face.'

'Face' is a class of behaviors and customs operating (active) in different countries and cultures, associated with the morality, honor, and authority of an individual (or group of individuals), and its image in social groups.

Although Chinese writer Lin Yutang claimed "Face cannot be translated or defined", compare these definitions:

  • Face is an image of self, delineated in terms of approved social attributes.

  • Face is the respectability and/or deference which a person can claim for themself or from others.

  • Face is something that is emotionally invested, and that can be lost, maintained, or enhanced, and must be constantly attended to in interaction.

  • Face is a sense of worth that comes from knowing one's status and reflecting concern with the congruence between one's performance or appearance and one's real worth.

  • "Face" means "sociodynamic valuation", a lexical hyponym of words meaning "prestige; dignity; honor; respect; status".

To the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 'face' is everything! Examples of CCP's rule BY law of 'face' includes:

  1. In the the last war that CCP started, the Sino-Vietnam war of 1979, after nearly four weeks of being badly beaten by Vietnam, CCP leader Deng Xioaping announced a victory and the PLA retreated back to China

  2. CCP's President Xi Jinping on Tuesday 8 September 2020 claimed a victory in the triumphant combination of socialism and traditional Chinese culture alongside the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) “helped save a great number of lives” from the worst of the global coronavirus pandemic. The dictator told a lavish assembly at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing that China’s coronavirus leadership was second to none and reinforced the supremacy of communism

  3. 6 October 2020 Statement by German Ambassador to UN from 39 countries is a massive loss of face to CCP

The use of 'face' is also true to some extent in other Chinese communities including Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong (HK). Relatively speaking 'face' in China is more important than 'face' in more 'developed' Chinese communities because of the influences of other cultures, religions, international business, etc.

The totalitarian CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping has the most face of anyone in China!

Since to CCP nationalists China is the middle kingdom around which the whole world revolves - a narcissistic view - the Emperor, CCP and China do NOT have to meet global norms of behaviour, human rights, democracy, rule OF law, UN obligations, etc.!

To CCP there is no 'truth' in anything except 'face' - CCP does everything to maintain and increase 'face.'

To CCP a loss of face is to lose everything - it is unacceptable! CCP can say and do anything - so long as CCP face is maintained or increased!

In ancient China the Emperor sat on his throne in the Forbidden City - and as his subjects would come and seek his council in one ear - in order to maintain psychological balance, a wise man would whisper into the other ear the exact opposite. Being narcissistic CCP has little need for the wisdom of ancient ways.

Everything in China is designed to please the Emperor!

Every command the Emperor gives must be obeyed!

No bad news can ever reach the ears of the Emperor!

For example; consider what happened in China during Wuhan virus COVID-19.

Human Rights Watch says CCP's strategy is to undermine global human rights!

In the exact same way as their masters, the CCP, the HK government is concerned ONLY about their 'face'!

Emperor Xi Jinping does not have to answer to anyone - therefore HK government's Carrie Lam does not have to answer to anyone in HK nor internationally - she ONLY has to answer to Emperor Xi Jinping!

In HK the majority of people do NOT believe Carrie Lam nor what the HK government says nor does! For example:

  1. 'The fishy tale of 12 Hong Kong activists arrested at sea by China' which is at minimum the entrapment by HK police of 12 HK citizens for their illegal arbitrary detention, prosecution by a foreign jurisdiction (China) and potential incarceration in China.

  2. RTHK 19 October 2020 "Everything I did was aimed at making HK better: CE" in which she says "Hong Kong’s national security law has no impact on the various rights and freedoms enjoyed by people in accordance with the law. But it is capable of hitting a small group of law-breakers so that the rights and freedoms of the majority are protected.”

  3. Despite four UN special rapporteur letters sent to China there is no public comment nor response from Carrie Lam who is responsible for HK government, including the actions of its police force.

Reality of China under CCP - no logic, only face!

To Western liberal democracies logic, rule OF law, UN obligations, will of the people, etc. overrides the concept of the leaders 'face.' In the West a country's trade balance sheet, GDP growth or political disagreements are mostly indisputable facts.

To CCP a country's balance sheet or GDP growth, rule OF law, UN obligations, etc. has no meaning - all that matters is 'face'!

CCP and HK government are forcing HK people to obey their every whim! They use 'face' to demonstrate their authority and their whims are the means by which they increase fear amongst the general population.

Western liberal democracies: Please take note that 'face' is the enemy of the rule OF law. If you want to de-couple and bring down CCP you must first make them lose 'face' worldwide.

Destroy the face of CCP: Hold CCP accountable for its part in SARS-COV-2 and the global pandemic COVID-19! We call for an Independent Inquiry into WHO and CCP!

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