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There is no pride in a pack of lies : unless you control the narratives

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The view from a rule OF law international rules-based order persepective is that 'there is no pride in a pack of lies' : totalitarians and autocrats controlling their 'rule BY law' narratives do not care what anyone else says nor does as long as they are in power and making money for themselves!

For example, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) pack of lies narrative of Chairman Mao Zedong is that in 1949 CCP won the 'Chinese civil war' : from the rule OF law perspective Mao should have been charged with TREASON for conspiring with the Japanese, the enemy of the Chinese people, to defeat the Chinese Nationalist forces of the Republic of China. CCP has no legitimacy.

The CCP's sole reason for existing is to remain in power in China no matter what happens to the people of China. Today Communist Hong Kong (HK) is just another dirty city in China.

Today in HK (and for some time!) CCP is controlling HK's narrative : CCP through HK is gaining experience reeling in the rule OF law of Western democracies into their rule BY law. Examples includes U.S. Federal government criminal cases against ZTE and Huawei Technologies for their illegal sanction breaking using US technology.

HK people with BN(O) passports seeking to emmigrate and enter the UK are faced with lies and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment by CCP and the HK government including:

+ 10 March 2021 HK people with BN(O)s will be rejected from withdrawing their pension fund (MPF) contributions from HK

+ There is now a split between ethnic Chinese (who CCP believes belong to them so they can do as they please) and foreign nationals who are not ethnic Chinese. The agony of choice between being ethnic Chinese abused as a 'local' or as a 'foreign influence'!

+ Anyone from the UK must have spent at 21 days in another destination after leaving UK before entering HK. This is designed to stop family members flying between HK and UK to settle families, business, asset transfers, etc.

+ There is a proposed HK 'law' coming into effect on 1 August 2021 making its way through the illegitimate Legislative Council which will empower armed HK Immigration Department officers to refuse to allow anyone to board a flight to leave HK and not to have to explain their reasons to anyone. To say this latest CCP twist is alarming to HK people is to put it mildly!

From Webb 'HK's inbound quarantine laws: dangerous, irrational and unconstitutional'.

The key to the defeat of totalitarians and autocrats is to control the narratives and stop them making money! De-couple from CCP.


Lies are going to be all over the place in Hong Kong

Chung Kim-wah

Originally published in Apple Daily, 9 March 2021

There is nothing special about a filmmaker presented with the Golden Globe Award for Best Director – Drama. The fact she is of Chinese origin, however, [the award] prompted all the Chinese national chauvinists to trumpet it to be “Chinese pride”. But when netizens found out that the director said she is American, and years ago she said “China is a place where there are lies everywhere”, the “Chinese pride” suddenly became “a person intending to insult China”. Even her award-winning work scheduled to be shown went by the board.

Stories like this are not news actually. The question is when such anti-intellectualism ends. A century ago, Lu Xun (1881 –1936, a leading figure of modern Chinese literature) lamented with sighs that Chinese people were only worthy of being onlookers with a poker face. A hundred years on, if he was still alive, he would be astonished at the fact that those onlookers have become hysterically high. Nowadays, they do not just absurdly stand by, but are the hatchet men who root for and help the people in power to create absurdity!

Today, lies are taken as truths in Hong Kong. It is now the usual practice to gloss over outdated lies with up-to-date ones. And those high-ranking officials and so-called patriots are endeavoring to make all Hong Kongers nonchalant onlookers. In just as short as a week, Hong Kong people have witnessed how far reaching such lies can be.

Irrespective of which perspective one takes, participation in primary elections can’t be deemed a hazard to national security, can it? Had they (potential pro-democracy candidates] won the original LegCo election scheduled for last year, could they really have vetoed the Budget? It is just superfluous to mention the various political platforms floated by them which were not really a consensus. If they were able to overrule the Budget, would it pose a threat to national security? Are all these not staggeringly absurd? Isn’t showing support for or raising objection against motions tabled by the government a standard procedure of a legislature?

When the 47 participants in the primary elections came up for trial, the accusation was found to be so absurd, and the standard court procedure became a farce. Being the prosecuting side, the government did not even get the evidence ready before bringing someone to trial. What’s worse, the prosecutor put forward a request that the trial be adjourned for an absurdly long period of time. To put it bluntly, this is literally [a] political crackdown! Such intent to rule Hong Kong by lies is prevailing in Hong Kong from the top down. In retrospect, it can be seen how such lies spread all over the place, and how consistent they were.

Grave regression – wiping off the entire constitutional development

The principle of gradual and orderly progress for forming the Legislative Council ultimately by universal suffrage mentioned in Article 68 of the Basic Law is the essence of “one country, two systems” and Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong. However, the direct elections for the next term of the LegCo and the Chief Executive will be watered down to a large extent. Such palpable regression is said to be “perfection”. The Beijing authorities changed the trilogy clearly written in the Basic Law into a quintet in the first place, then turned it into something else pursuant to nothing, and made a regression to wipe out the entire issue of constitutional development. What is ludicrous is that to negate the outdated lie they had made up in the past with a new lie, the so-called experts, academics and members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference who had used to defend the quintet said the issues of constitutional development and electoral arrangement do not fall into the area of “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong”.

Replacing Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong and high degree of autonomy with Beijing’s full control over the city is itself an act of revoking “one country, two systems”, but the regime is still keen on brandishing “one country, two systems” to cover up its reneging on its promises. Do those labelled “patriots” by the regime for empowerment still have to make a fool of themselves before Hong Kong people by making a U-turn in a scoundrelly manner on what they supported in the past? If they are to be the core team to rule Hong Kong in the future, is there still a point to uphold such a lie – “one country, two systems”?

Can turning Hong Kong into a place where there are lies everywhere really make Hong Kong people and members of the international community nonchalant onlookers? It seems that it is not necessary to dig out what that female film director of Chinese origin said a few years ago for denunciation against her, as lies are already dysfunctional! Having reread the Basic Law one more time, I saw these words between the lines: “Who are the ones intending to insult China”!

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(Chung Kim-wah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute)

You are entitled to any opinion - as long as you agree with CCP!

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