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The Truth is out there 真相就在那裡

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

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A Facebook post from a late-30-something working professional that was uploaded to Reddit on 6th October 2019 (or thereabouts):

LONG POST WARNING – longest and perhaps the most personal post ever because the situation calls for it. In the fourth month, the Protestors have officially become the Resistance, and as each day passes the rift gets deeper and wider. Let me begin by saying that while I disagree with (and in no way I am excusing) some of the more extreme violent actions by a segment of the more radical protestors, at the end of the day one has to pick a side at times like this, and the only choice is to stand with the people of Hong Kong. By the way, I really do like China in general, having had many business and leisure trips there.

As a working middle class, sorely dependent on my job and carrying a rediculously expensive property mortgage in HK and who stands to lose everything if the economy goes to shit, I too wish nothing but for this saga to end as quickly as possible, but I don’t think the government will be able to do so by literally beating and scaring its people into submission, not at least without great cost to the core values of Hong Kong; and as I sat here in my peaceful home with my beautiful wife and very young babies, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers have been marching on in resistance - - I couldn’t be there but my heart is with my people - - many more people have gotten arrested and may lose years of their future, some have gotten permanently disfigured, lost limbs or other aspects of their health permanently, and it is likely eventually that a few may die within the coming days if things continue as they are - - the least I can do is to spit out some truths as I see it (which I think the government ought to acknowledge publicly if they hope to find a way out):

1. The Resistance (1 to 2 million+ people) is not composed of a singular type of the HK people with the exact same political views - - but they understand that the only way to survive is to put aside their differences.

2. Vast majority of the Resistance is not asking for independence but a high degree of autonomy, (you will see State propaganda machine up playing this to invoke the "HK is a part of China" notion);

3. The government would like people to believe that it is just the naïve young people, rebels without a cause, the poor, the underachievers and radicals in their attempt to marginalise the Resistance, while in fact it’s also doctors, nurses, bankers, engineers, businessmen and people from all walks of life; it’s truly a cross-generational, social class transcendent grassroot movement;

4. Stop obsessing with foreign influence/funding conspiracy theories - - you are dealing with a resourceful, well-educated, technology savvy populace that has liberal ideals based on decades of exposure and knows better to think for itself rather than listen to your shit;

5. Overwhelmingly the most serious injuries (with permanent damages) have been inflicted by pro-police thugs and the police themselves, while the quantum and magnitude of the injuries sustained by the pro-government camp just pales in comparison;

6. The protestors have not robbed or stolen property or murdered or raped, while there are plenty of rumours the other way;

7. The vandalism (which again, I disagree with) is at least targeted;

8. The average citizen fears not the protestors but the police; you can see police brutality and arbitrary arrests on live feed;

9. You cannot fairly expect a movement spearheaded by thousands of young people to be entirely orderly or not have some mistakes;

10. Ultimately, remember the context the distrust stems from the perceived unfairness of the system, because the people do not feel that the government officials (not democratically elected) represent them or are accountable to them.

With thanks to "Working Professional"

Explanation about the image attached to this article: The HK Police have acknowledged that some Police officers are "undercover" without explaining their role or responsibilities. These officers are not identifying themselves to protesters who are then being beaten or arrested. There are numerous accounts of undercover Police officers involved in illegal activities. This photo appears to show an undercover Policeman carrying a gun holding a petrol bomb. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!

[Update] 21 April 2020 RTHK Police officer arrested 'over petrol bomb plot'

A 38-year-old police officer has been arrested in the Sau Mau Ping area on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

The case has been referred to the New Territories North Regional Crime Unit.

Media reports said the police are investigating if the arrested officer was involved in a case linked to suspected petrol bombs outside Kwai Chung Police Station.

In the April 13 incident, a suspect who allegedly carried the bombs was arrested.

Reports say the officer was in contact with the suspect before the incident.

The police said they attach great importance to the conduct of personnel and anyone who commits illegal acts will not be tolerated.

Link to Apple Daily report.
















A man with a gun, mask and petrol bomb - undercover Police?

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