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The naked body of 15 year old protester Miss Chan Yin-lam found at sea RIP (part 2)

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Please read our first blog "The naked body of 15 year old protester Miss Chan Yin-lam found at sea RIP".

Reportedly this is Miss Chan - Love and Light RIP

[Update please see below RFA article of 1 Oct.2020] The narrative of the HK police is that Miss Chan killed herself by suicide: the police still remain insisting that their narrative is correct. The Coroners inquest jury unanimously reached an 'open' conclusion which is that Miss Chan did NOT commit suicide. There remains a conflict between the evidence, HK public and the police!

We once again call for an independent Commission of Inquiry into the HK police from June 2019 until the present! The police and HK government must be held accountable!

It is convenient for both the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Hong Kong (HK) police that the truth does not come out since they claim they are "unable" (unwilling?) to open Miss Chan's iPhone. Not only is this disrespectful to Ms. Chan as a child, but it is disrespectful to HK and the international community!

An "open" verdict is the best conclusion that anyone can expect in the current realities of communist HK. The HK public's contentious view remains that she was murdered, as other childen and adult protesters have been.

Children have human rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The single most important group for our future, and the group most discriminated against, are our children!

Despite the signing and ratification of the CRC in 1994, the Legislative Council (LegCo) and HK government not accordingly met their obligations. They have neither legislated nor created policies and practices to protect our most valuable and vulnerable future, our children.

Why have roughly 40% [updated 30%] of all arrests (now totallying more than 10,000) during HK protests disproportionately been children [who account for only 15.3% of population] - some as young as 10 years old?

Why are our HK children suffering mental anguish and living in fear, from a direct attack on them in schools by the EDB? They are under attack by the police, directly controlled by the brutal Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who are attacking HK's rule OF law and our Constitution, the Joint Declaration.

Why, oh why....??

All that is wrong about HK is included in this sad, sad tale of a child, a young girl, found dead sea, naked.

The indignity for a young girl, a young soul, for her body to be found naked shows just how vulnerable she and other HK children are - and how helpless we HK adults are against the onslaught by the CCP and their minions, the HK government and HK elites!

What happened to you, Ms. Chan, is OUR world's collective fault - NOT yours - it is what is happening to all of HK and the world under CCP virus!

With Love -

RIP Miss Chan Yin-lam -

Love and light always!

There is NO

- my life

- your life

There is ONLY LIFE!

If I live

or if I die

there is still






- 我的生命










Hong Kong Siblings Linked to Drowning Death Protests Win US Asylum

RFA 1 October 2020. Reported by Gao Feng and Lau Siu-fung for RFA's Mandarin and Cantonese Services. Translated and edited by Luisetta Mudie.

Two Hong Kong residents who took part in last year's anti-extradition movement, which broadened into calls for greater accountability and fully democratic elections, have been granted political asylum in the United States, RFA has learned.

Zheng Cunzhu, a veteran of the 1989 pro-democracy movement in China who now works as an immigration consultant in Los Angeles, said the approvals came through after a long hiatus by the Citizenship and Immigration during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pair fled Hong Kong after the suspicious death of Chan Yin-lam, a 15-year-old competitive swimmer who was ruled to have died by drowning after her body was found floating in the sea at the height of the protest movement.

The pair are siblings, and the younger brother was Chan's classmate, Zheng said.

"The sister, who is in her 20s, is already working," Zheng said. "The younger brother is in college."

"Chan Yin-lam was the brother's classmate, who was said [by police] to have committed suicide by jumping into the sea," he said.

But an inquest by a five-person jury into Chan's death unanimously ruled out suicide as a cause of death, beyond reasonable doubt, resulting in an open verdict in September 2020.

Zheng said the success of the two young people's asylum claim showed widespread recognition of a worsening human rights situation in Hong Kong in the wake of mass public protests over the creeping loss of the city's promised freedoms.

"The situation in Hong Kong is getting worse," Zheng said. "Their parents were starting to worry by around Christmas [2019], so they let them go the the U.S. to stay with relatives there."

"It just so happened that those relatives are my friends, and I suggested that they apply for asylum here," he said.

Zheng said neither of the two were leading figures in the movement, or frontline fighters who defended unarmed protesters from tear gas, rubber bullets, or baton charges and arrest and other forms of violence by riot police.

"There were still a lot of things that bothered their parents, including the sudden death of Chan Yin-lam and the protests at their school over the police claim of suicide," he said.

"Also, a classmate of the sister was arrested ... neither of them was arrested themselves, but the overall situation has deteriorated," Zheng said.

Possible further jeopardy

He said the imposition by the ruling Chinese Communist party of the draconian National Security Law on Hong Kong from June 30 placed the pair in further potential jeopardy, should they return to Hong Kong.

"If the police found out their personal details, they would be arrested under this law," Zheng said.

He said the two are now able to live, work, and study in the U.S., and are eligible to benefit from social assistance programs.

"One year from today, they will be able to apply for a green card from the U.S. government, which isn't very different from citizenship, apart from the lack of voting rights," he said.

He said the applications had been greatly delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic after they submitted it in January and February.

"They were given interviews ... last month, and we discovered on [Sept. 29] that their applications were approved."

First to gain asylum

Zheng said according to publicly available information, the pair are the first Hongkongers to be granted political asylum in the U.S.

He said recent motions in Congress calling for immigration support for Hongkongers in the wake of the national security crackdown had "opened the door" to asylum applications from Hongkongers.

"It also proves that there has been a severe deterioration in Hong Kong's human rights situation," he said. "Judicial independence and democratic freedoms are a thing of the past."

Zheng said that, as a veteran of the 1989 pro-democracy movement in China, which had received support from the people of Hong Kong for many years, he was happy to give back that support in their hour of need.

"Many young students from mainland China, with the help of Hong Kong compatriots, fled to Hong Kong, from where they traveled to countries in the West," Zheng said.

"I know of more than a dozen such students who are now lawyers in the U.S. or who work in law firms here," he said, calling on them to provide free or low-cost legal assistance to fleeing Hongkongers.

The National Security Law for Hong Kong proclaimed that anyone, anywhere in the world, could be prosecuted under the law for words or deeds defined by Beijing as separatist or subversive, or deemed to show terrorist intent or "collusion with foreign powers."

The vaguely worded law also threatens anyone criticizing the Chinese or Hong Kong authorities anywhere in the world, prompting Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to end their extradition arrangements with Hong Kong.

Jurors deliver open verdict on mysterious death of 15-year-old Hong Kong student

Apple Daily 11 September 2020.

The case of a 15-year-old Hong Kong girl whose naked and swollen corpse was found floating at sea last September has led to an open verdict on Friday, as a jury could not determine the cause of her death.

The mysterious death of Chan Yin-lam, a student at the Hong Kong Design Institute, sent shock waves through the city after her [naked] body was found floating in the waters near Yau Tong on Sept. 22 last year, during the peak of Hong Kong’s anti-government protests.

There has been much speculation over the cause of Yin-lam’s death, with some conspiracy theories suggesting that she was murdered by Hong Kong authorities for her participation in pro-democracy protests. Coroner David Ko, however, has ruled out both suicide and homicide as possible causes of Yin-lam’s death.

During an 11-day inquest into Yin-lam’s death, Ko told the five-person jury that there was a lack of evidence to indicate that the deceased had been assaulted “under the threat of personal injury or the influence of medicine or drugs” and added that suicide could not be proven beyond reasonable doubt. “There is evidence incompatible with suicide,” Ko said.

Ko said jurors could consider whether Yin-lam’s death was an accident due to the absence of evidence that could pinpoint the exact location and the time of her demise.

Philip Beh, the principal clinical practitioner at the University of Hong Kong’s medical school, testified as an expert witness during the inquest. Based on the autopsy result, Yin-lam’s death was not likely caused by drowning, he said.

Police have denied suggestions that law enforcement and the government were in any way involved in Yin-lam’s death. But the mysterious circumstances surrounding the case have fueled widespread ire and public distrust against authorities and have triggered demonstrations in Yin-lam’s name, especially in the district where her body was found.

Students and protesters have also accused the Hong Kong Design Institute’s management team of doctoring CCTV footage that showed Yin-lam’s final appearance on campus before her demise. The school has been vandalized multiple times in the aftermath of Yin-lam’s death.

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