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The most powerful structure is "Pluralistic" People Power! 最強大的結構是“多元化”人民力量!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

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Fundamental to "civil resistance" is how people view power in their societies.

Every civil resistance movement in history is based on people no longer giving their "consent" to a Monolithic power structure.

Political concepts & theory suggests there are primarily two different power structures being "Monolithic" or "Pluralistic."

The "Monolithic" power structure:

  • The Ruler & Elites make all the decisions & are at the top of command

  • The Ruler & Elites depend on the obedience & goodwill of the masses of people to remain in power

  • The Ruler & Elites view their power as being durable, self-perpetuating & not easily destroyed

  • Weakens the masses of people - making the masses of people easier to "control." This is a form of "structural violence" in which peoples' UN Human Rights are violated

  • It is a "consent" based structure of power - if the masses of people do not give their "consent" the Ruler & Elites can not rule!

  • If masses of people do not obey then the Monolithic structure collapses!

  • Monolithic structures are weaker than Pluralistic structures

  • Today most power structures are Monolithic

The "Pluralistic" power structure:

  • The masses of people make all decisions

  • Depends on the goodwill of the masses of people

  • Power is "dispersed" throughout society - in which different groups in different situations will exert their power within the masses of people

  • The masses of people view their power as being "fragile" and "fluid" relying upon the cooperation of a multitude of institutions & individuals

Most people's misunderstandings of "civil resistance" stems from:

  • Media coverage that is primarily controlled by ruling Elites vs. the masses of people on the streets (this dynamic is changing with mass media & internet)

  • History that focuses on violent conflict & wars - leaving people to believe that armed struggle is the only way to fight oppression!

The fastest & most effective way to make civil changes is by non-violent civil resistance!

(Summary of videos by International Center on Nonviolent Conflict).

Veby M.I.






- 統治者和精英們做出所有決定並處於指揮的頂峰

- 統治者和精英們依靠群眾的服從和善意繼續掌權

- 統治者和精英們認為他們的力量是持久的,自我延續的並且不容易被破壞的

- 削弱群眾 - 使人民群眾更容易“控制”。這是一種“結構性暴力”形式,因爲聯合國人權受到侵犯

- 這是一種基於“同意”的權力結構 - 如果群眾不給予“同意”,統治者和精英就無法統治!

- 如果群衆不遵守,那麼“單片”結構就會垮塌!

- 單片結構比多元結構薄弱

- 今天大多數權力結構都是單片的


- 群衆做出所有決定

- 取決於廣大群衆的友好

- 權力在整個社會中“分散” - 不同情況下的不同群體將在群眾中發揮作用

- 群衆認為他們的權力是“脆弱的”和“流動的”,依賴於眾多機構和個人的合作


- 媒體報導主要是通過統治精英與街頭人群(這種動態正在隨著大眾媒體和互聯網而變化)

- 歷史專注於暴力衝突和戰爭 - 讓人們相信武裝鬥爭是打擊壓迫的唯一途徑!


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