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The lost innocence of Hong Kong children

Dealing with the Covid pandemic is one thing, but compounding life's diffculties in Hong Kong for many children are a number of political tensions: parents and sibliings who may not agree with one another, trying to understand current events in the media, and making sense of an apparently hostile government.

One letter published in Apple Daily recently caught our attention. It was written by a child and addressed to Jimmy Lai, who is currently incarcerated without bail and awaiting a hearing on charges imposed under the draconian National Security Law.

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To respectable Mr Lai:

How do you do?

I am a primary six student who reads news daily. My mom and dad get angry at the government every day. Though I don’t know you, I believe we will meet one day for sure, because good people are rewarded. You are going to be fine. Despite all the people giving up Hong Kong, I will assuredly stand guard over this place. I thank you for putting your heart and soul into reporting the truth! But I don’t understand why the government is so bad to us. We haven’t done bad things, have we? In any event, they will get the taste of their own medicine.

Wish you safe and well.

(Sorry for my untidy handwriting!)

A little girl in yellow dress who loves Hong Kong forever

December 11

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