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The 2019 paradigm shift is symbiotic for Earth and all onboard her

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

This blog is intended to revisit, yet again, WTPOHK's understanding of the 2019 paradigm shift.

Because the origin of the paradigm is the consciousness, whatever we write will only be pointing in the direction of something that has already occurred a while ago because the paradigm shift is in the moment NOW.

In March 2020 WTPOHK wrote a blog on the 2019 'paradigm shift' that we sense created SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19. Despite having gone through the original SARS in 2002-2003 in Hong Kong (HK), these were very early COVID-19 days and we had great difficulty in expressing ourselves. We later ended up calling it 'Earth's healthy interdependency' simply because we knew the components, but had no word nor simple phrase to easily describe what was happening. We feel it's now time to revisit our understanding of the 2019 paradigm shift.

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The real enemy is within ourselves and rarely outside ourself!

When we are thinking or feeling anything related to COVID we are most likely having negative feelings of fear about human sickness, death and destruction of what we consider to be our normal 'lives'.

We humans are hardly likely to be focused on the destruction that OUR lifestyles, thoughts, words and actions have caused Earth and others onboard her : Nor are we now focused on what we must now do to begin to look after spaceship Earth.

Our children and grandchildren often intuitively know the truth, even though we deny it.

Businesses, economies, communities and other groups around the world are desperate for things to get back to 'normal' so they can get 'their' lifestyles, status, power and money 'back'. However, how human life has evolved its sense of 'normal' is not sustainable in the long term.

All manner of predictions from those with vested interests are out there saying that soon we humans will eradicate SARS-COV-2 and, as if by magic, everyone can enjoy their 'normal' life again free from the scourge of the dreadful enemy COVID.

How does it feel to 'vaccinate' yourself against your own true self? It is strange to be building a box around ourselves to protect ourself from ourselves.

Most humans have not yet realized or accepted that we are now in the new 'normal' life of Earth as a part of the Universe! Trying to go 'back' to normal will only make our COVID problems worse.

We think of ourselves as having our own life - 'my life'. This is only our ego's selfish denial of the reality that the life of the Universe is everything, and that all that physical 'things' are living - our 'purpose' is for the consciousness to experience itself.

COVID is probably now and in the future more a 'mental' health disease than it is a physical disease of the body. Our mind's denials expressed in the physical world is what caused the paradigm shift. Life is suffering until we surrender to the life of the Universe : Peace on Earth.

Does it matter in the great scheme of the Universe if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), or anyone else, created in a lab this novel coronavirus and then deliberately released it around the world as a biological weapon? Yes, because COVID should not have happened and must not happen again. No, because playing the blame game is nowhere as important as understanding the Universe's message and acting accordingly to make changes within ourselves to move on and stop the suffering.

Everything is NOW in this moment.

It's all in the consciousness

The space between 'things', e.g. people, houses, etc., is not empty - it is full of consciousness. It is the consciousness that makes and holds together everything physical, the atoms that create all things throughout the Universe.

Novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 was created by the consciousness.

If we want to understand and eradicate COVID we have to search, find and surrender to the consciousness right here NOW in this moment. Just getting a vaccination and demanding a return to our 'normal' lives will never eradicate the dis-ease we have with our-self.

As we become more conscious of our health, each other's welfare and that of the spaceship we live on - Earth, that awareness means the old 'normal' is an outdated concept.

The 2019 paradigm shift is symbiotic for Earth and all onboard her.



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