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Terrorism of CCP and HK government

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

HK protesters demand that the nationalist Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Hong Kong (HK) government uphold all UN international treaties including the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law : CCP and HK government are unwilling and unable to meet their UN obligations because their goal is to remain in power in China no matter what!

China, Singapore and HK are feudal Han Chinese plutocracies - they are not democracies.

For decades the world has been mired in a global 'battle' between the international rules based order with its rule OF law, versus the arbitrary rule BY law of autocrats such as CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping. The former are the democracies that create roughly 60% of the world's GDP : i.e. sheer numbers are on the side of democracy.

The paradigm shift that caused COVID is aiding democracy in this battle. COVID is here to ensure the healthy interdependency of Earth and humanity : The 2019 paradigm shift is symbiotic for Earth and all onboard her. [See our blog here]

It is almost unimaginable to HKers how complete CCP has been in its breaches of the Joint Declaration and other UN treaties : In such a short time CCP has destroyed democracy and the rule OF law in HK. All leading democrats are now either in prison, exile or facing court.

Having no voice nor equity in their private lives and communities, many HKers are choosing to emigrate - especially those with children. (See our blog here]

The international community must heed the threat CCP poses to democracy in their own country and elsewhere, and to the rule OF law everywhere.

What remains of HK society is a pressure cooker just waiting to blowup. HK realities do not even begin to compare with the litany of serious issues facing CCP inside China (please see below)!

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Apple Daily's founder Jimmy Lai is in prison on trumped up charges in front of a non-independent judiciary using CCP's rule BY law : Arbitrarily his investment in Apple Daily and its parent Next Media was destroyed and devalued by CCP and HK government.

Below are just a few recent examples of the terrorism of CCP and HK government in HK:

American lawyer imprisoned in Hong Kong speaks out about his treatment

(Washington Post, 12 September 2021)

Samuel Bickett's life changing brush with CCP's monolithic power structure is entirely normal for the many HK protesters and innocent bystanders caught up in CCP's brutal crackdown since 9 June 2019 : HK people were protesting because CCP's Chief Executive Carrie Lam wanted to extradite anyone from HK to China where they would face criminal trial.

What is different here, is that Samuel is a Lawyer and a foreign national of USA citizenship. CCP always plays the 'foreign influence' card when it reaches the bottom of the barrel.

In 1921, as a student movement CCP was heavily funded and influenced by the Soviets (USSR). Thus it now identifies both students and foreigners as potential threats.

The term 'terrorism' must be applied to the CCP and HK government for their actions against mostly peaceful law abiding citizens exercising their civil liberties. On so many levels what has happened and is happening in HK is CCP's genocide.

The brutality came from the police on 12 June 2019 - as noted by UN special rapporteurs in their unanswered letter to China of 28 June 2019.

Today there is no rule OF law in HK. The only law is the rule BY law of the 'national security law' that was used by CCP to annex HK on 1 July 2020.

Legal minds and citizens alike believe that "Hong Kong’s fair trial rules are routinely ignored – and no offender is safe"(HK Free Press, 11 September 2021)

Hong Kong Police Raid Tiananmen Museum, Charge Founders With 'Subversion' [RFA]

CCP and HK government hot on the heels of tearing down one of the best and largest Unions in HK, the 'Professional Teachers Union', have now turned on any and all Unions and associations they consider to be a 'national security law' threat.

The latest victim is the organizer of the annual Victoria Park candlelight vigil in remembrance of those who died in the 4 June 1989 Tiananmen massacre.

Even in death CCP is unable to respect life!


Govt issues national security warning to charities (RTHK)

HKong's Pro-democracy Teachers’ Union Disbands (Republic World)

Prominent Hong Kong civil rights group disbands, citing government pressure (CNN)

Hong Kong gov’t accidentally promotes terrorism with poorly designed leaflet

Coconuts, Hong Kong 9 September 2021

WTPOHK analysis:

CCP's primary audience for its theatrics, to pump up its 'face', is its domestic mainland Chinese population. While diplomats and others on the world stage grasp this reality, many people around the world simply do not understand, nor wish to listen, nor deal with CCP's bs!

Hence, CCP and its mouthpieces make public statements of its strategies, plans and actions that at the time are so jarring to non-mainland Chinese that they are simply rejected out right.

Looking deeper, it is fair and reasonable to suggest that this program is NOT an error : It has been developed by HK government's Security Bureau which is now directly controlled by CCP and is headed by a well known liar and conspiracist Chris Tang, the ex-HK Police Commissioner. The current Chief Secretary of the 'civil service' is the ex-Secretary of Security John Lee.

We have to ask how so many sycophants are able to rise to positions and authority and influence?

CCP is now firmly in control of HK as a monolithic power structure which includes the Legislative Council (Public Purse), Press (RTHK is a HK government department), police and the non-independent judiciary. This program, like so many that will be coming down the CCP-HK government pipeline, is based on practices in mainland China, and its implementation in HK is for the consumption of mainland Chinese. It's intended to glorify CCP and strengthen the extent of their hold on power.

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A map of what CCP does not own, but like the entire South China Sea which it also officially does not own, claims to own!

Below are just a few examples of CCP's global and domestic terrorism:


COVID was caused by the 2019 paradigm shift.

CCP sourced and spread SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19. The numbers are staggering in terms of human suffering and deaths worldwide.

COVID is CCP's greatest weakness and is the single most likely act of their global terrorism that will remove CCP from power in China.

Facts prove that soon after the Wuhan virus appeared Beijing and Shanghai refused flights from Wuhan to land : Meanwhile CCP did NOTHING to stop all flights from China going overseas. Therefore, logically, CCP actively participated in an act of global biological warfare. (see our blog HERE)

Likely we will never know if it was a lab created virus, either accidentally or deliberately released in an act of biological war : Or it was created by nature. This matters to science more than it does to politics because increasingly the world has had enough of CCP.

COVID is here to stay for a long time!

Please read and share our blogs with family and friends :

There's no denying the elephant in the room

CCP's annexation and destruction of Tibet

Tibet was a sovereign nation that CCP decided to annex : Similarly CCP's China also annexed East Turkmenistan, Inner Mongolia and other territories.

CCP is a nuclear armed, heavily militarized religious cult. Tibetan Buddhism has always played key roles in religious beliefs across Asia. CCP does not tolerate any religious leader or people who can stand up against their Emperor!


Tibetans, Uyghurs Remember Those Who ‘Disappeared’ at China’s Hands (RFA)

Panchen Lama: Tibetans Forced to Worship the False One at Gunpoint (Bitter Winter)

Genocide against Uigher Muslims and other minorities, Xinjiang, China

The international 'China Tribunal' has already judged that CCP is responsible for genocide against Uigher and other minorities in Xinjiang. A second tribunal is now being held.

To any reasonable person, CCP has been involved in gross human rights violations including genocide against minorities as well as its own Han Chinese people. In the face of public letters regarding CCP's shortcomings from various quarters (see examples below), the party's defensive wolf warrior diplomacy is far from constructive.

An estimated 77million Chinese citizens have died in China since 1949 because of acts taken by CCP. By comparison CCP's Mao Zhedong and now Xi Jinping make Stalin and Hilter look like choir boys!


Stop CCP's worldwide human farming!


China Slams Second Session of Uyghur Tribunal Investigating Xinjiang Human Rights Abuses (RFA)

‘Uyghur Tribunal’ opens with testimony of alleged rape, torture (Aljazeera)

Open Letter to the Chinese Ambassador to the UK Regarding Statements Made During Thursday 9th September Press Conference (Uigher Tribunal, Open Letter)

China's 'Wolf Warrior Diplomacy' Remains Unhindered and Unabashed (Newsweek)

Taliban - China relationship : USA's most wanted are Taliban leaders!

US President Joe Biden just killed three birds with one stone : US military armaments industry, Taliban and CCP.

Everything that CCP says, does and acts on is toxic.

CCP is a virus that creates viruses.

Taliban is a USA 'problem' created when America created and armed them to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan. What goes around comes around!

Today, after the Americans packed their bags and went home, the Afghans are no healthier or wealthier, no closer to democracy or the end of feudalism, nor do they have their human rights - in particular for women and children - than they have been for centuries!

Leading democracies, especially USA, need to investigate and bear witness to their own failings first : The root problem lies with the US military armament industry's insatiable demand for war and profit.

US President Joe Biden must focus on arms for jabs not war! COVID is CCP's greatest weakness and the best opportunity we have had yet to focus on the needs of Earth and all onboard her.

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:


The 2019 paradigm shift is symbiotic for Earth and all onboard her

Lifeboats for Hong Kong people

International independent inquiry into China & World Health Organization WHO on Covid-19 is needed

Arms are for jabs not war

CCP are themselves the masters of subversion!

Democracy is slow and imperfect, but it prevails

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a virus that creates viruses! (part 2 of 2)

Coercion : The red dragon pushes the boundaries


Taliban rolls out red carpet to China's Belt and Road Initiative (Nikkei Asia)

Hong Kong’s Alarming New Reality: Peaceful Protest as Terrorism (Asia Link)

The CCP is not to be trusted on COVID-19 response data (The Hill)


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