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Updated: Jul 12, 2020


Student’s pro-democracy human chain protest cancelled after Hong Kong police warn schools

HKFP 19 June 2020


Hong Kong schools told to notify police if students disrespect Chinese anthem

Apple Daily 19 June 2020

Kent Ewing:

"There is a reason 40 per cent of the 8,981 people arrested in anti-government protests that have raged over the last year were students, many of them still in secondary school. According to police, there were even eight primary students among those arrested.  

From the start, young people have been the engine of this [social] movement, just as they were during the 79-day pro-democracy Occupy campaign back in 2014. That’s because the future once promised to them is being snatched away by a callous bunch of powerful old men in Beijing and their Hong Kong marionettes, from Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor on down. 

This snatching was formerly done in small, occasional grabs that involved a broken promise here and an “interpretation” of the Basic Law there. Now and then the city would receive a concerning shock from the north, take the blow, regain balance and carry on. 

Lately, however, the betrayal of Hong Kong—and more particularly of a younger generation that once dared to believe in the “one country, two systems” mantra that was supposed to protect their future—is being played out on a much grander scale."

Extract from an opinion piece written by Kent Ewing for HKFP, published 23 June 2020.

Anastasia Lin:

Hong Kong schools have been ordered to display the Chinese flag and sing the Chinese national anthem as the city begins enforcing anthem law. What next? Children being forced to join the Young Pioneers and wear that hideous red scarf?

Anastasia Lin on Twitter 20 June 2020 / Business Insider 19 June 2020

Sari Arho Havren:

Police has been visiting some international schools in Hong Kong informing students that umbrellas can be seen as intended weapons. In humanities' human right unit, umbrella movement was not allowed to be chosen as a topic...too "sensitive".

Sari Arho Havren on Twitter 20 June 2020

Lam Chi Leung:

Lam Chi Leung, a revolutionary socialist in Hong Kong, told a Marxism in Scotland event last weekend that the [Extradition] bill was “only a catalyst”.

“Neoliberal policies, the exploitative behaviour of finance and real estate capitalists, and the service of the government towards the rich are the real deep-seated reasons,” he said.

Lam Chi said the three main characteristics of the movement are “broad participation of youths, widespread support from public opinion and the eruption of political strikes”.

Lam Chi was interviewed for a piece in Socialist Worker magazine13 November, 2019

Several hundred teachers, students and alumni from two well known schools in Hong Kong have occupied whole pages of several newspapers: "Oppose evil national security law and safeguard the last freedoms."

Stand News / Reddit 20 June 2020

Aaron McNicholas:

Students and alumni from famous schools in Hong Kong taking out newspaper ads to oppose an upcoming law is another way that the oath toward national security legislation mirrors that of extradition legislation.

Apple Daily's front page ad today is by La Salle College Boys.

Aaron McNicholas on Twitter / Apple Daily 20 June 2020

Student’s pro-democracy human chain protest cancelled after Hong Kong police warn schools

Kelly Ho, 19 June 2020

A human chain demonstration organised by secondary students in Tseung Kwan O has been called off, after police wrote to school principals warning that the event could be seen as an unauthorised assembly.

The Tseung Kwan O Student Front (TKOSF) – one of the event organisers – announced on Friday morning that a joint school human chain demonstration – set to take place hours later outside the Hong Kong Velodrome – would be cancelled.

The group cited a letter the Tseung Kwan O Police District commander sent to school principals in the area on Tuesday. The police said the student-led event could be in breach of the Public Order Ordinance. They also warned that participants could be seen as breaching coronavirus gathering restrictions, adding that “any group gathering could increase the risk of spreading the virus.”

The government relaxed its social distancing measures on Friday, allowing up to 50 people to gather in public.

“[We] urge students not to take part in any unauthorised assembly and banned group gathering. The police district does not tolerate any illegal, violent behaviour, [the force] will resolutely enforce the law based on the situation at the scene, including making arrests,” the letter read.

The TKOSF apologised for scrapping the event, saying the decision was made out of concerns for the personal safety of students.

“Police have made arbitrary arrests in recent years, and we can all see the police brutality. At the same time, there was no precedent for police to issue warning letters to schools in previous human chain events. We believe police may conduct a mass arrest on June 19,” the group wrote.

HKFP has reached out to police for comment.

The planned demonstration was originally in opposition to what the organisers saw as “exploitation and trampling” of academic freedom and freedom of speech by the government and the Education Bureau.

They accused the authorities as spreading “white terror” on campus and said the newly passed National Anthem Law and the looming national security legislation were attempts to “forcefully indoctrinate” patriotism to Hong Kong’s next generation.

The organisers also voiced support for a class boycott referendum on Saturday, to decide whether strike actions would take place to protest against Beijing’s resolution to implement laws to punish secession, subversion, terrorism and foreign interference in the city.

Last Wednesday, Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung wrote to principals of all primary and secondary schools, warning that students should not participate in class boycotts, chant slogans, form human chains or sing songs that “contain political message.” Protest anthem Glory to Hong Kong was a “propaganda song” that should not be sung at schools, Yeung said.

The education minister said such activities would turn schools into venues for expressing political demands, thus “compromising harmony” on campuses. They would also “stir up” other people’s emotions and ultimately “undermine” students’ learning progress, he said.

“The names of schools may even be ‘hijacked’ by such activities, misleading people into believing that political thoughts have originated from the schools or personnel therein,” Yeung claimed, adding that teachers should “immediately counsel” students to stop, or take disciplinary actions.

Twitter, Reddit, HKFP

Following on the resumption of classes in HK,

attacks on Teachers, Schools, Students:

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