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Taking Care

Updated: May 28, 2021

During the 2019 protests in Hong Kong demonstrators and activists were encouraged to be like water, following a mantra first coined by Bruce Lee.

In the current state of affairs, with a global pandemic and draconian National Security Laws

(NSL) imposed by CCP in the city, we should again remind ourselves of the mantra. In case you're new to WTHPOHK, this blog follows on from : Good grief, what's going on? and other blogs previously published.

Though many of us are feeling various shades of grief and despair over what has been happening, not all is grim. True, there is an ongoing pandemic, the arbitrary and unfair prosecutions, plus ongoing political persecution, crazy policing, loss of freedoms, political intimidation and threats etc, etc. We each of us have the supreme right to life as emphasised in the UN declaration.

As we have written in previous blogs, choosing your right to life is a conscious act to disengage from the "fight for life" under the paradigm shift brought on by Covid19. All of us who feel overwhelmed and hurt by the struggle against CCP, who have suffered loss during the fight for democracy and human rights in HK, and who feel strained by the adjustment to life under Covid-19 should take heart.

You are alive! That is something to be grateful for.

To act like water we must rise to the surface! Instead of being trapped underground where no doubt the authorities would like us to stay, to keep us in check, we should find our way up through every nook, cranny and crevice. Just as we are the ones who uphold the rule of law, the Joint Declaration, we are the source of inspiration to many.

All is well! (No pun intended!)

When we rise up from the ground and a trickle becomes a stream, and mingling streams become rivers, then we have the power to change the world.

Here are some actions we have gathered that you can take care of in your own best interests:

  1. Scrap booking. Gather your best images from your mobile phone or computer in a booklet, or present them as a collection in a photo frame. Be sure to share your pride with your loved ones.

  2. Make over. Is it yourself you wish to make over, or perhaps a room in the place where you live. A new hair cut, a visit to a stylist or spa could make you feel like a new person. I'm told that decluttering your surroundings is quite cleansing. Perhaps it's time to change your diet and eat more nutritious food? You don't have to wait till New Year for a resolution.

  3. Gardening. Plant some veges or flowers and cultivate good times. Maybe, for those with a lack of space all you can manage is a small pot or two on the window sill. Herbs maybe? Perhaps you could volunteer to plant a tree in your part of the world?

  4. Firm "No" messages. It's about pushing back in an assertive manner on the things you don't really want to do, and communicating in clear "NO" messages. You'll be glad to have your personal freedom, and others will know exactly where the boundaries lie.

  5. Reading books. No matter how many times we hear the virtues of reading as a leisure pursuit, not all of us have made it a routine part of our lives. There are so many distractions dragging our attention away from a good book - it's time to be good to yourself. Visit a library, a bookshop or buy a title you fancy online.

  6. Meditation. It's not 'new age'! Give your mind some space and practice a little mindfulness. Yoga anyone? It's just about repeating your mantra, finding calm, breathe, allow your body and spirit to communicate with one another. It could involve a walk, listening to music, or a period of silence. Give yourself the time to reflect, and acknowledge what is going on, how you feel etc. You don't have to join Falun Gong unless that's your wish.

  7. Exercise. Walk, run, swim, dance, hike, get moving for health. Climb the stairs and forget the lift! Many people enjoy being one with nature. Have you seen a sun rise or sunset lately?

  8. Light a candle on 4th of June (or some other special date). Whether that be a form of meditation, a political statement, or a celebration of your birthday, many religions and faiths attach significance to LIGHT. May it lead us to truth.

  9. Learn something new. This could be where you find inspiration. It could be that hobby or interest that you always wanted to do, or some new skills to develop an existing interest. Learn a language. Join a club? Meet new people? Take up a musical instrument? Maybe it's time to try out a new recipe or two? This could be about reinforcing your strengths and finding new confidence.

  10. Special time with the one/s you love. It could be a time to forge a new ritual. Have fun, enjoy one another, relax, live in the moment. Share your thoughts and feelings.

  11. Pay it forward. Do some random act of kindness and be spontaneous if that is your kick. Show others your strength and generosity.

  12. Express thanks or forgiveness. This could be something you do in person, or by card or letter. Maybe you just write your sincere words down? Whether you deliver it may not matter - it's about letting go of emotional baggage. Be grateful.

  13. Ask for help. There's no shame in seeking assistance, whether it's from your friends, family or colleagues. You don't HAVE to follow their advice, but it might be thought-provoking! It would be foolish to ignore that resource that's right in front of you, wouldn't it? A problem shared, is a problem halved, so they say.

  14. Goal setting. Don't be too ambitious, or too far sighted! Start with small achievable things that you can manage in the next hour, or have done by the end of the day. What's your plan of action? Write the goals down, be specific and remind yourself often so you don't lose track

  15. Positive self-talk. Use affirmations, prayer, whatever gives you hope. We have to listen to ourselves, love ourselves and say good things. Negativity and pessimism are destructive thought patterns. You can read about this, or watch a video. Help build your sense of self - don't knock it down.

  16. Laugh. Find time to share a joke with friends. There's tons of funny stuff on the internet. Stand-up comedy could be your thing, animal antics, or the things that children say! Serious - laughter is good medicine.

What are you waiting for?

Jeremiah B.

CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

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