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Shakespeare: nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

William Shakespeare: "..for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.." Hamlet: Act 2 Scene 2 Page 11.

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Wuhan virus Covid-19 is a paradigm shift in consciousness.

The Universe and Earth knows the truth!

The egos will almost always lie and say they alone know the truth!

Be the change!

Be Aware, in this moment NOW,

- live the new paradigm deep and quickly!

"Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so!"

Separate the NARRATIVE from the SITUATION.

The situation is what it is!

Let go of our mind and we let go of the narrative

- be present at ease in the moment with the situation as it is.

Unhappiness is created by our minds in the narrative, NOT by the situation!

Awareness is Consciousness (NO-THING) without thought, present in the moment NOW.

We are on Earth solely to raise Awareness!

Always be Aware, be Conscious!

The best way to face any situation is with Awareness.

Take personal responsibility through action!

"Each one of us and all of us are accountable for and to everyONE and everyTHING!"

In the new paradigm just holding anyone else

- but not ourselves - accountable is NOT enough! Walk the talk!

We humans are ALL to blame for the current sorry state of Earth!

Get over it!

Wake up! Be Aware!

Be true to y-our-self.

Stop the blame game!

Stop being submissive - the new paradigm is about healthy inter-dependency!

The situation is WHAT IT IS!

Nature Medicine in November 2015 published "A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence."

US President George W. Bush in 2005 said "If we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare."

During his TED talk in 2015 Bill Gates warned the World about the threat of a pandemic.

Why was there nobody in a position of political, economic, social or other power in USA, China or other countries listening to one of the World's most successful scientists and entrepreneurs and taking action? This is the type of question We the Peoples of the World have a human right to ask and must given truthful answers!

MSNBC reported on 31 March 2020 that Bill Gates met with then President elect Donald J. Trump in 2016 after he was elected as US President. Trump did NOT listen to the words of Bill Gates and prepare the USA against the threat of a pandemic.

Foreignpolicy.com on 31 January 2020 wrote: "Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Coronavirus Response." As it improvises its way through a public health crisis, the United States has never been less prepared for a pandemic. "In 2018, the Trump administration fired the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command, including the White House management infrastructure. In numerous phone calls and emails with key agencies across the U.S. government, the only consistent response I encountered was distressed confusion. If the United States still has a clear chain of command for pandemic response, the White House urgently needs to clarify what it is—not just for the public but for the government itself, which largely finds itself in the dark."

Rachel Maddow 1 April 2020. US President Trump's approach to Covid-19 does not work!

Resist the narratives!

As individuals and communities in the new paradigm we need to start living at ease with the new reality! If we are at dis-ease then we have a disease!!

We must move into the new paradigm by resisting the NARRATIVES and actions of most of the world's politicians and other "leaders". They want to remain in power and money by trying to stop any and all changes to what they consider to be their economy, their money, their country, their people, their status, their glory, etc.

They can only rule if We the People give our consent! DO NOT GIVE YOUR CONSENT - in this new paradigm we must all exercise HEALTHY INTER-DEPENDENCY!

WE MUST NOT join current politicians in the old paradigm's geo-political games!

USA's Republican Party's Donald Trump and China's Chinese Communist Party's Xi Jinping have a lot more in common than we think!

Yes CCP lies - as if the rest of the World does not! GET OVER IT!

Washington Post writes that in 1,095 days in office, US President Donald Trump has made 16,241 false or misleading claims! GET OVER IT!

Resist the NARRATIVES - get over all the lies and half truths - take personal responsibility and move into the new paradigm!

The SITUATION is WHAT IT IS! Be healthy, be at ease with the situation!

Holding politicians, people, countries, systems, etc. accountable for their portion of the global Covid-19 pandemic needs to be done if only to logically and legally provide more protection for everyONE and everyTHING and the life of Earth. This includes financial compensation.

To improve UN's World Health Organization WHO needs to be held accountable.

We the People must take personal responsibility!

In the old paradigm people and countries could "win" using a win-lose zero-sum game. For example; Trump and Xi on US-China Trade tariffs. This is the only game they know!

The new paradigm is of course a non-zero-sum game. It is about cooperating and making a bigger pie. It's the psychology of "If I Win - You Win. I will get what I need, if I take care of your needs first."

We the People of HK! This is what UNITY in HK means; this is what mass protests since June 2019 have taught us; this is our community and "each one of us and all of us are accountable for and to everyONE and everyTHING!" Today in Hong Kong (HK) during Covid-19 nearly all HK people wear face masks to protect themselves and others. There is no law in HK requiring everyone to wear face masks in public places. If we can not buy a face mask we make one.

The new paradigm, and the natural UNITY of We the People in which "each one of us and all of us are accountable for and to everyONE and everyTHING," is already defeating today's authoritarians including US President Donald Trump, Chinese Communist Party (CCP), CCP's Xi Jinping, Hong Kong's CE Carrie Lam, Putin, etc. Today the World's authoritarians are willing and knowingly killing their own people, and other peoples, by putting the "economy" above people's health and "right to life" under the UN obligations such as ICCPR.

We the People of HK suggest NOT to blame the people of China for what the CCP have been doing: the only entity to blame in China for Covid-19 is the authoritarian CCP! Many people in China live under real threat and fear, and are unable or unwilling to speak out against the CCP. The CCP is the worse authoritarian regime in World history! CCP is a virus that creates viruses!

We humans are ALL to blame for the current sorry state of Earth!

Wake up! Be Aware!

Be true to y-our-self.

Stop the blame game!

Stop being submissive - the new paradigm is about healthy inter-dependency!

Almost all human beings on Earth have so far failed to be accountable for and to everyONE and everyTHING. The exceptions include the indigenous peoples of our Mother Earth.

All indigenous peoples, the First Peoples, everywhere must be respected and trusted to help everyONE and everyTHING to heal with Mother Earth. As peoples of the Earth, they know the truth - or at least they know the truth better than the people who came after them, the people who disrespected their home, lives and all that Mother Earth provided for them. As indigenous First Peoples they always knew the truth, and they still know the truth. And long after all the bullshit of greed and of lies have come and gone from everyone, those indigenous people, will still know the truth!

It's time, we all must listen to Earth!


Pepe le vegan

Eckhart Tolle is a Master. Thanks!

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