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Serbian revolution notes: Srdja Popovic of student movement 'Otpor'

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What can Hong Kong (HK) protesters learn from other protesters?

Serbia students protest movement experience book (in English) "Non violent struggle: 50 crucial points." (56MB file)

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Srdja Popovic was one of the student leaders of "Otpor!" (Serbian word for "resistance").

The overthrow of Slobodan Milošević occurred on 5 October 2000, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, following the Presidential election on 24 September, and culminating in the downfall of Slobodan Milošević's government on 5 October 2000.

Milošević's overthrow was reported as a spontaneous revolution. However, there had been a year-long battle involving thousands of Serbs in a strategy to strip the leader of his legitimacy, turn his security forces against him, and force him to call for elections, the result of which he would not acknowledge.

In 1998, a dozen students met to form Otpor! Analyzing the mistakes of the 1996-97 protests, they realized they needed a more effective organization (strategy, planning, recruiting) and all else necessary for a sustained fight. Galvanized by outrage over new laws that imposed political control of their universities and harassment of independent media, the Otpor students called for the removal of Milošević and the establishment of democracy and the rule of law.

This all sounds familiar to Hong Kong (HK) people! Except HK has a leaderless movement and we have a high use of IT.

Excellent first hand knowledge videos of Srdja!

"Blueprint for revolution." 44min onwards talk on Occupy HK!

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