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Scoreboard HK (part2): 'If we burn, you burn with us'

The start and end of this game is only decided by Hong Kong (HK) people! The starting rules were determined by HK people to be legal peaceful mass protests. HK people no longer give their consent to being ruled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), nor by a HK Chief Executive and Legislative Council who were not elected according to HK legislation and UN obligations of universal and equal suffrage!

While losing their grip on the game, the CCP and HK government changed the rules of the game so they could short term 'win', by using police 'disproportionate force' (i.e. violence) and the 'structural violence' of an illegal 'national security law' that breaches the Joint Declaration AND HK's UN obligations to democracy and human rights. HK has a long standing political problem!

CCP's global pandemic COVID-19 is an 'unforeseen' twist in the game, one which the people of HK have been seen to respond more adeptly to than has the HK government. COVID-19 proves that on Earth we are all inter-dependent - if we burn, you burn with us!




*Disclosure: The Scorekeepers YZ (picture below) unashamedly are biased HK protesters!


Q. How are HK people coping with pandemic COVID-19?

A. Continued politicization of COVID-19 in HK is a train wreck waiting to happen! 'case, case, case, cluster, cluster, BOOM...!'

The world must hold CCP responsible for its part in the creation and spreading of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it creates COVID-19. Why did CCP allow the spread of COVID-19 around the world?

Very few people in Hong Kong (HK) believe anything said or done by CCP, HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam or anyone from the HK government or current pro-CCP Legislative Council. The majority of HK people believe CCP is THE virus!

Carrie Lam is busy supporting HK business interests rather than the health of HK people!

United Nations 'supreme human right' is the 'right to life' - which is why all leading democratic countries are focused on saving human lives, not the economy: i.e. the opposite of CCP in China!

HK's daily new COVID-19 case rates have remained around the 100 mark for more than 10 days despite the HK government's unsuccessful 'social distancing' regulations: We should correctly call them 'prohibition of HK protest' regulations!

With a daily influx of approx. 3,000 HK people returning from China to HK the only way to reduce current infection rates is the lockdown of HK's border with China - which Carrie Lam refuses to do because it will 'upset' CCP!

According to the HK government COVID-19 conditions remain 'severe' - schools are closed, HK government employees are supposed to work from home (extended until 23 December 2020), dining inside restaurants is limited to 2 people/ group and prohibited after 6pm, gyms bars and other places of gatherings are shut. Building estates are under investigation for air borne virus infections by toilet fans and drain holes - just like it was during SARS in 2002-2003!

YET inside Tuen Mun MTR station this was the surreal scene Friday 11 December 2020 at roughly 11 am of a long line of people waited to purchase items from a shop! There is no social distancing and a large number of people waiting! Why did MTR management permit such a large gathering? Where was the brute squad dishing out social distancing gathering violation tickets at $5,000 each?

MTR Tuen Mun station 11 December 2020 shoppers waiting in-line.

The commonly held HK protesters' view is that CCP has ordered HK government's Carrie Lam to install mass surveilance in HK similar to that used in Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang :

  • During pre-vaccination COVID-19 pandemic HK government, like most governments using allopathic healthcare systems, DID NOT FIRSTLY PRIORITIZE 'Non-Pharmaceutical Intiatives' (NPI) e.g.; lockdown HK's border with China; 'social distancing' without discrimination (i.e. excemption for HK government employees, police and 'blues'); search for and find viable solutions including; studies, treatments, re-purposed drugs and vitamins (e.g. Ivermectin, vitamin D, zinc), etc.;

  • As a means of political control (i.e. not science based as required under UN W.H.O. 'International Health Regulations') the HK government is infecting as many HK people as possible with COVID-19 for its mass survelliance program; with high numbers of infected HK people the public 'want' / 'forced' to be vaccinated - i.e. submit to CCP and HK government 'control';

  • HK government wants to COVID-19 test as many HK people as possible to collect private data; if possible making testing mandatory; in September 2020 CCP supported postponement of Legislative Council elections); HK government initiated mass testing of 1.78 million HK people cost HK$530million and found only 42 new cases i.e. proving LegCo elections should not have been postponed and public purse funds wasted!

  • CCP wants HK people to accept a China made vaccine from a Chinese manufacturer; HK government said people will not be allowed to choose the vaccine manufacturer; almost nobody in HK believes the efficacy and safety of a China-made vaccine!

  • Currently HK vaccinations will be mostly 'voluntary' (with a few frontline workers exemptions); but CCP and HK government would like to make vaccination mandatory for all, but they can not under HK's current rule OF law; in order to 'force' HK people, unless they have vaccination they may not be permitted to enter or participate - e.g. schools, teachers, government employees, healthcare professionals, etc. To participate in certain activities, or visit some places, CCP will require that everyone use their HK government smartphone app “LeaveHomeSafe” (failed so far) so they can steal private data and track everyone, use CCP social credit scheme, etc.

  • It is highly unlikely that HK government will be able to achieve even 40% vaccination let alone the much higher % of HK people required to fully open up HK economy whilst having low transmission of SARS-CoV-2; i.e. the current political crisis must be solved with political solution acceptable to HK people. This is based on; 24 November 2019 District Council elections the majority of HK people 70%+ are HK protesters who are united against CCP and HK government; add to this the scepticism of nearly all HK people towards anything made in China and the vital importance of the efficacy and safety of vaccines; HK's universal voluntary COVID-19 testing netted only 1.78 million people (24%) out of 7.5 million population!

There is widespread concern that Carrie Lam is deliberately trying to infect HK people by allowing returning HK residents into the city without 14 days quarantine - as many as 3k per day, who have been in China and have a negative test result from China. 3,000 (maximum 5,000) people per day entering HK if just 1% have incorrect test result (which is highly likely) this would be 30 new infection cases per day! Even half that number represents 15 potential carriers of the virus per day, undetected, moving freely about and spreading infection widely.


Ted Hui

Ted Hui finds life savings frozen for him and family members by HK banks

Q. What freaks out all HK people the most about CCP?

A. It is corrupt CCP going after their personal assets! It is not unreasonable to assume that more money as well as HK people will leave HK!


Jimmy Lai, owner of Apple Daily

Jimmy Lai's arrest shows CCP's weakness!

Q. What is CCP's biggest mistake since promulgating HK's national security law?

A. Going so strongly after the owner of leading pro-democratic media Jimmy Lai in the hope that they can crush HK's 'independent' judiciary and solidify CCP's rule BY law before the Western democratic countries alliance grows too strong!

Art of War: when you are weak show you are strong - when you are strong show you are weak!

CCP, in a very sneeky move, is desperate to take action which it hopes will be under the radar while America is focused internally on the transition from the Trump to Biden administrations.

Thursday 3 December 2020 once again HK protester and pro-democratic Apple Daily owner Jimmy Lai was arrested and charged! This time under commercial 'fraud' charges of running multiple businesses out of one address - which is commonly practiced in HK!

Editorial: CCPusher – ultimate battle against universal values|Apple Daily HK

On Saturday 12 December 2020 Jimmy Lai was also charged with a much more serious charge of 'collusion with foreign forces' under HK's national security law and remains on remand in prison until 14 April 2021. His Tweets are being reviewed by prosecutors.

CCP is weak and yet again shows its paranoia!


What is good for the goose is good for the gander!

Regina Ip, also known as 'broom head'

Regina Ip and her 'collusion with foreign forces'



National flag upside down LegCo!

National flag mistakenly flown upside down at Legco!

Pro-independence activist Tony Chung convicted of desecrating Chinese national flag

Either reverse the conviction of Tong Chung or; arrest, charge and try whoever is responsible for the national flag being upside down outside the Legislative Council (LegCo).

At least Tong Chung now has grounds for an appeal!


CCP please answer this letter delivered to the UN:

6 October 2020 Statement by German Ambassador to UN from 39 countries.

The "SCOREBOARD" above follows our earlier "Scoreboard" published last week (Link)

Scorekeepers YZ

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