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RTHK Hong Kong Connection : 721 Yuen Long Nightmare

Updated: May 7, 2021

In the evening of 21 July 2019 at Yuen Long MTR station inside train carriages and platform local triads (gangsters) armed with sticks attacked a train of commuters, including peaceful Hong Kong (HK) protesters, returning from a peaceful protest.

Days before this attack Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials had met with triads and locals at a dinner in Yuen Long and encouraged them to resist outside 'interference'.

As the attack unfolded and citizens called emergency numbers the police stood by for approximately 39 minutes and did nothing to stop the attack nor to help those injured. Recently the police have attempted to change the narrative on this incident by criminally charging those who were attacked.

CCP is trying hard to whitewash the truth of HK protests.

WTPOHK is keeping history alive and honest.

Gai yau (add oil)!

CCP please answer these UN letters to China:

THANK YOU! Our respect and appreciation to RTHK staff who have for decades provided excellent and impartial media coverage - that was until recently when CCP decided RTHK had to broadcast its propaganda!

N.B. RTHK is a statutory public broadcaster funded by HK Public Purse.

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