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'Right to life' (part 3): Hong Kong protests are still very effective

Updated: May 28, 2021

HK people have their UN human rights including the right to the truth.

Protests are NOT just people marching or standing around waiting to get hit by an unidentifiable HK policeman with a baton : There are at least 198 methods of non violent protest action which can be effective.

Today the vast majority of HK people are still protesting in at least one of many ways against Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the HK government.

Since June 2019 anti-extradition law protests, HK protesters have removed the mask of the CCP for the world to see their real face :

The linking of CCP to HK means that as HK declines, so will CCP!

CCP has only made the situation for itself and HK people much worse by annexing HK using its 1 July 2020 'national security law'!

HK protesters uphold the international treaty the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law: the CCP and HK government are in breach of the Joint Declaration by using CCP's arbitrary rule BY law.

In every single statement made by UN special rapporteurs on HK protests HK people have their supreme 'right to life.'

The United Nations supreme human right is the 'right to life'. In the UN letter to China "Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs 19 February 2020 on arrests of HK medics during protests" rapporteurs wrote (bold format added):

"..[i]n its General comment No. 36 (CCPR/C/GC/36), the Human Rights Committee has stressed that the right to life is the supreme right from which no derogation is permitted.."

UN rapporteurs are reminding the CCP of their UN obligations.

CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

CCP has so far choosen not to reply to UN letters: Instead CCP has become even more oppressive towards HK protesters who are upholding the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law.

HK 'protests' are alive and doing very well including :

1. Classic sticker protest : 'Illegal brothel' cop / triad Fredric Choi

HK police raided an 'illegal massage parlour' / i.e. illegal brothel and found senior policeman Fredric Choi who is the No.2 in the HK police's national security branch. Someone screwed him! This bad cop is obviously compromised because he is in bed with the triads (gangsters) - just like the rest of CCP, HK government and elites : All Chinese feudal plutocracies like HK are run by triads. In a democracy Carrie Lam would be out on her backside long ago...but HK is now just another dirty Chinese city, so get used to the new normal dragging HK ever further down!

[Update] Apple Daily 28 May 2021 'National security officer visited unlicensed salon during office hours : report'

The Joint Declaration and the rule OF law requires that everyone is equal before the law. Under HK's existing Bribery Ordinance the Chief Executive (CE), currently Carrie Lam (CLam), is NOT included in this ordinance : In her 2017 campaign to be elected as CE one of CLam's priorities was to pass legislation to include the CE in the Bribery Ordinance - a stance she has since abandoned. HK clearly does not have the rule OF law.

Sticker on MTR. Reddit u/baylearn

This sticker stuck inside an MTR train on top of the Prince Edward MTR station shows Frederic Choi with Chinese characters which say 'I love illegal brothels' !

Carrie Lam with illegal brothel cop / triad Frederic Choi

Without the Courts all it takes in communist HK is a letter from any illegal brothel cop / triad like Frederic Choi for a bank to freeze anyones assets. This is what happened to pro-democrats ex-Lawmaker Ted Hui and recently Jimmy Lai of Apple Daily. HK has no rule OF law!

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References on illegal brothel cop / triad Fredric Choi:

Apple Daily 15 May 2021 'High-profile raid on massage parlor in Hong Kong and much more|Edward Chin'

Apple Daily 13 May 2021 'Hong Kong police chief treats scandal-stricken official and protesters differently: critics'

Apple Daily 13 May 2021 'Police official’s massage parlor scandal shows loopholes in internal integrity checks'

2. CCP's HK vaccination program

HK anti-extradition law protests started in June 2019 and stopped because of the Wuhan virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19. HK protests centred around 5 demands : With the most important being universal and equal suffrage for all elections, which is already written into ICCPR local legislation but of course is never followed!

The HK vaccination program, instead of being scientific, unacceptably became highly political because CCP and CLam 'forced' low efficacy China made Sinovac onto HK people : Sinovac with only 50.7% efficacy can not even pass mustard inside CCP's corrupted W.H.O.! All China vaccines are only for healthy people aged 18-59 years old : i.e. nobody else has the right to life in China!

The Economist: In clinical and real world trials, China’s Sinovac underperforms

The Economist on 15 April 2021 wrote "THE LATEST results for China’s CoronaVac vaccine, developed by Sinovac Biotech, a Beijing-based pharmaceutical company, were disappointing for the aspiring scientific and technological powerhouse. Phase-three trials, which were conducted on health-care workers in Brazil, yielded an efficacy rate of just 50.7% (with a 95% confidence interval of 35.7% to 62.2%), just barely above the 50% threshold set by the World Health Organisation for covid-19 vaccines (see chart above). The results of a real-world trial released a week earlier were even worse: the vaccine was estimated to be just 49.6% effective (11.3% to 71.4%) against symptomatic covid-19 cases; when asymptomatic infections were included, this figure dropped to a dismal 35.1%."

CCP is busy playing vaccine politics both domestically and internationally! China provides quarantine-free entry to HKers who have been vaccinated with the low efficacy Sinovac : Yet China does not give the same quarantine-free entry to HKers who have received the much higher efficacy and quality BioNTech vaccine. No wonder BioNTech is building a manufacturing facility in Singapore and NOT HK!

HK has plenty of vaccines in stock yet its population is now only 16% vaccinated : Today the majority of HKers are choosing German made BioNTech vaccine, NOT China's Sinovac!

WTPOHK has already projected that unless there is political stability (i.e. universal and equal suffrage for all elections) HK will be lucky to achieve even 40% population vaccination rate : i.e. herd immunity of 70%+ can never be reached in HK because of CCP and HK government's oppressive politics.

There is currently zero to little trust of HK people for CCP and HK government and this is not going to change anytime soon with the 'national security law', etc.

The HK government has been focused on conducting unscientific lockdowns that rarely produce any results : Instead HK government MUST be focused on getting jabs into everyone! Many of these lockdowns were in poorer communities such as Mongkok, Sham Shui Po, etc. i.e communities that are pro-democratic and where the police were illegally extracting data and monitoring smartphones by tracing people's contacts, movements, etc.

The recent lockdown in Tung Chung and fallout from food poisoning in very poor quality quarantine facilities lead to a revolt amongst HK people quarantined: they wrote petitions and filed law suits meaning that communist HK government has only been acting as a bully. CLam publicly apologised and did a U-turn on the lockdown policy.

The U-turn on lockdowns is a massive win for HK people and shows the way forwards for further protests.

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Xi’s global health code proposal will make CCP the world’s Big Brother!

Hong Kong people, not HK government, has thus far reduced COVID-19 transmission!

References on HK's vaccination program:

RTHK 17 March 2021 'Public won't work with us on Covid, bemoans CE'

RTHK 16 March 2021 'Vaccine health guidelines 'vague and insincere''

RTHK 13 March 2021 'Fourth person dies days after getting Sinovac jab'

RTHK 10 March 2021 'Reasonable to worry after Sinovac incidents: expert'

3. Pro-democratic politicians, civil servants, teachers, healthcare workers, journalists and many other professionals resign in protest

The majority of at least 70% of HK people are pro-democratic protesters. Communist HK's illegitimate Legislative Council represents only the CCP and HK elites : i.e. in default of the UN Declaration on Human Rights, the authority of the HK government is not the majority of HK people according to universal and equal suffrage elections.

On 6 June 2020 of the majority (17/18) of District Councillors voted to reject the CCP's NPC's HK 'national security law'. This action means that under HK's Joint Declaration this is the will of the people of HK which the CCP and HK government must act upon!

In HK a pro-democratic politician not in prison, on bail or charged is as rare as a dodo bird.

Journalists globally are bearing the brunt of oppression and HK's Press freedoms are being gutted by its CCP rulers : HK is now ranked 80th and China 177th out of 180 - not to worry because soon HK will be 177th equal to China!

The HK government said more than 1,800 civil servants resigned in the last financial year – the highest figure since 2006.

Believe it or not, 40% of teachers say they will resign rather than continue to teach under CCP's oppression of children and students.

It is the health care workers who are frontline workers in the fight against coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19. In the sociopathic mind of HK Chief Executive CLam health care workers are expendible : Otherwise why would CLam keep HK's border open allowing in from China the Wuhan virus which infected and killed HK health care workers just like its predecessor did in 2002-2003 SARS! End result is that all who remain are the older (soon to retire) health care workers and younger (recently graduated and needing experience to qualify) staff : Many of the middle aged highly experienced health care workers have resigned and will likely emigrate.

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References on resignations of HK professionals:

RTHK 13 May 2021 'Civil servants who quit hit 14-year high'

RTHK 9 May 2021 'Two in five HK teachers thinking about quitting'

HKFP 27 April 2021 'Fifth senior official quits Hong Kong public broadcaster RTHK'

4. HK people emigrate and join the expat exodus from HK

A staggering 3million (25%) of HK people, out of a total population of 7.4million, are eligible to apply to live and work in the UK leading to full British citizenship under its BN(O) visa program : likely in time many HKers will move to the UK to escape from CCP's totalitarian oppression. Checkmate!

More than 40% of American companies in HK have told HK's American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) that they plan to relocate : Three percent said they were getting out immediately, while 10 percent said they would do so by the summer's end, and 15 percent were planning to be gone by the end of the year. A further 48 percent said they would likely leave in the next 3-5 years.!

According to AmCham's survey, those who are leaving are mostly looking at relocating to Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo and Bangkok.

For international businesses with the US special trade status in HK removed, the repeated breach of the Joint Declaration and CCP's implementation of its arbitrary rule BY law based on its unconstitutional 'national security law', there is no logical business reason to remain in communist HK : Except if you are willing to take the risk of arbitrary arrest, having your funds frozen without recourse, and incarceration as a hostage in CCP's nationalist middle kingdom.

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RFA 12 May 2021 'China's National Security Law Could Spark Expat Exodus From Hong Kong'

5. HK protesters support 'yellow' economic circle businesses

The majority of HK people are protesters who continue to protest by supporting pro-democratic businesses : Yellow circle business is big business in HK !

Arguably Jimmy Lai, a devout Catholic, wealthy entrepreneuer and the Founder of Next Digital that owns Apple Daily, the largest pro-democratic media group in HK, is marked by CCP. After his arrest in August 2020 on alleged national security law crimes Next Digital's shares were supported by HK protesters jumping stock prices up by more than 340%!

Well known HK children's clothing store 'Chickeeduck' has been harrassed throughout the anti-extradition law protest movement and had a new store raided by police and closed two days after openning. Owner Herbert Chow is upholding the Joint Declaration and UN human rights.

Numerous less well known pro-democratic 'yellow' businesses such as restaurants, gyms, etc. are being illegally harrassed by police and HK government.

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Apple Daily 10 May 2021 'The government made numerous yellow shops ‘rise to stardom’|Poon Siu-to'

HKFP 6 May 2021 'Security law: Hong Kong police cordon off pro-democracy clothing store two days after opening'

HKFP 15 January 2020 'Hong Kong’s ‘yellow economy’ rewards protester-friendly businesses'

Yahoo News 10 August 2020 'HK's Next Digital soars as activists rally support for arrested tycoon Jimmy Lai'

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

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