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R.I.P. Leung Kin-Fai 梁健輝

Updated: Jul 4, 2021


rest in peace R.I.P.

Your pain

is our pain.

Until we meet again

love and light always -

Hong Kong protesters.

#1Jul2021 23:20 梁健輝先生 50歲

Translated: 1 July 2021 23:20 Mr. Leung Kin Fai 50 years old died.




Source: Reddit u/miss_wolverine. Police arbitrarily harass, stop, search and even confiscate memorial flowers intended for Mr. Leung.

Reddit u/miss_wolverine. Man with banner was told by police his sign is 'stepping on the red line a bit'.

For a bigger picture please read all reference links below

(It is worth noting the dates of publication):

HKFP 1 July 2021 'Man dies after stabbing Hong Kong police officer and himself in Causeway Bay'

HKFP 2 July 2021 'Those who ‘encourage violence and incite hatred’ share blame for policeman stabbing, says security chief'

HKFP 2 July 2021 'Hong Kong grants top honours to judicial and security figures, inc. Justice Sec. and 42 police officers'

HKFP 2 July 2021 'Activists urge UN officials to visit Hong Kong and investigate ‘disappearance of freedoms’ under security law'



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