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Prosperity and stability depends upon HK people's consent to vaccination during COVID-19

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

UNTIL the present political crisis is resolved, the Hong Kong (HK) government will be unable to achieve even 40% COVID-19 vaccination of the population let alone the 70%*+ required for 'herd immunization' which means HK can not fully open its economy!

[Updated 24 December 2020: According to Dr John Campbell due to new coronavirus strain in UK a higher immunization rate of 80% is needed to achieve 'herd immunity', see Youtube below.]

Dr. John Campbell

UNTIL there is political stability in HK there will be no prosperity! HK has a longstanding political problem - just like China, it is not a democracy, but instead it is a feudal Chinese plutocracy. By mass peaceful protesting since June 2019, HK people have proven that they no longer give their consent to being ruled over by the CCP and their minions! 5 demands not one less!

Prosperity depends mostly upon the rule OF law, of certainty of outcome, especially the predictability and stability of people.

The first paragraph of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong, HK's Constitution, is focused on prosperity and stability.

Carrie Lam is a stubborn leader, and Hong Kong a broken system.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam's poll rating drops another 5%!

Since mass peaceful anti-extradition protests started in June 2019 and continuing until now, the actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their minions - the HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam and HK government - has resulted in unacceptable breaches of the Joint Declaration, the oppression of the majority of HK peoples and the loss of their human rights and democracy.

CCP's promulgation of HK's National Security Law has in effect thrown out HK's rule OF law and independent judiciary, replacing it with CCP's arbitrary rule BY law by intitutionalizing 'structural violence'.

CCP and their minions have chosen to celebrate their oppression of HK people! HK is now just another oppressed 'autonomous' region of China like Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, etc.

CCP is weak, so it will NOT backdown to HK protesters because of fear of losing control in China! Today the only predictability is that HK people will continue to resist until the last HK person leaves HK! The protesters' strategy is 'if we burn, you burn with us'! Therefore HK will remain unstable.


ENTER, at the end of 2019, into HK people's ongoing mass peaceful protests the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 - which tragically today has become the world's worst global pandemic since the 1918 'Spanish Flu'! Under this global pandemic the world's economy has significantly declined with no end in sight.

Wuhan virus Covid-19 is a paradigm shift in consciousness. In a world where the key is healthy inter-dependency on Earth, totalitarians cannot survive.

Wuhan virus COVID-19 was created and spread by CCP virus!

HK people's view: Carrie Lam has always politicized COVID-19 rejecting science while demanding that HK people focus on science! LIAR!

[UPDATE 19 December 2020] USA does not have the right messaging for Americans to trust the vaccination program!

Hong Kong people reduced COVID-19 transmission!

Highly respected Medical Journal 'The Lancet', 21 March 2020 'How will country-based mitigation measures influence the course of the COVID-19 epidemic?' : "Governments will not be able to minimise both deaths from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the economic impact of viral spread. Keeping mortality as low as possible will be the highest priority for individuals; hence governments must put in place measures to ameliorate the inevitable economic downturn."

The UN 'supreme human right' is the ICCPR 'right to life'! This is why mandatory vaccination is not legally viable in democracies.

The view of the majority of HK people who are protesters is :

  • UNTIL the present political crisis is resolved CCP and HK government will be unable to achieve even 40% vaccination of the population let alone 70%+ required for 'herd immunity'! This means that HK economy can not fully open! [Updated 24 December 2020: According to Dr John Campbell due to new coronavirus strain in UK a higher immunization rate of 80% is needed to achieve 'herd immunity', see Youtube video above]

  • The current political crisis must be resolved with a political solution acceptable to HK people! 5 demands not one less!

  • CCP wants HK people to accept a China made vaccine from Chinese Sinovac manufacturer which has a history of illegal practices, and still has NOT published its third trial results!; while HK government said HK people will not be allowed to choose their vaccine manufacturer, almost nobody in HK believes the efficacy and safety of a China-made vaccine! [Updated 23 December 2020; Carrie Lam claims she was 'misunderstood' and that HK people have a choice of which vaccine that want - no mention if this is still a voluntary vaccination].

  • Currently HK vaccinations will be mostly 'voluntary' with a few frontline workers being exemptions; CCP and HK government would like to make vaccination mandatory for all, but they cannot under HK's current rule OF law; e.g. in order to 'force' HK people, unless they have vaccination they may not be permitted to enter or participate - e.g. schools, teachers, government employees, healthcare professionals, etc. To participate in certain activities, or visit some places, CCP will require that everyone use their HK government smartphone app “LeaveHomeSafe” so they can steal private data and track everyone, use CCP social credit scheme, etc.

  • Our view on the unity and size of HK protest movement is based on; 24 November 2019 District Council elections the majority of HK people 70%+ [Updated 24 December 2020; more likely 80%] are HK protesters who are united against CCP and HK government; add to this the scepticism of nearly all HK people towards anything made in China and the vital importance of the efficacy and safety of vaccines; HK's universal voluntary COVID-19 testing netted only 1.78 million people (24%) out of 7.5 million population!

  • Allopathic medical practitioners and Big Pharma have been busy promoting their modality and vaccination program as the only viable end game for this global pandemic - which is total BULLSHIT! They just want control over our health and $$ - THEY ARE GREEDY!

  • During pre-vaccination COVID-19 pandemic HK government, like most governments using allopathic healthcare systems, DID NOT FIRSTLY PRIORITIZE 'Non-Pharmaceutical Intiatives' (NPI) e.g.; lockdown HK's border with China; 'social distancing' without discrimination (i.e. exemption for HK government employees, police and 'blues'); search for and find viable solutions including; studies, treatments, re-purposed drugs and vitamins (e.g. Ivermectin, vitamin D, zinc), etc.;

  • As a means of political control (i.e. not science based as required under UN W.H.O. 'International Health Regulations') the CCP and HK government is infecting as many HK people as possible with COVID-19 for its mass survelliance program; with high numbers of infected HK people the public 'want' / 'forced' to be vaccinated - i.e. submit to CCP and HK government 'control';

  • HK government wants to COVID-19 test as many HK people as possible to collect private data; if possible making testing mandatory; in September 2020 CCP supported postponement of Legislative Council elections); HK government initiated mass testing of 1.78 million HK people cost HK$530million and found only 42 new cases i.e. proving LegCo elections should not have been postponed and public purse funds wasted!

  • There is widespread concern that Carrie Lam is deliberately trying to infect HK people by allowing returning HK residents into the city without 14 days quarantine - as many as 3k per day. These are citizens who have been in China and have obtained a negative test result from China-but the statistical possibility and likelihood of false-negative test results is completely overlooked or ignored.

  • [UPDATE 17 December 2020] RTHK "The Secretary for Health, Sophia Chan, on Wednesday suggested that the government might waive the responsibility of manufacturers if the vaccines were problematic, which she said was in accordance with international practice for drugs for emergency use....She'd previously said the government would hold the vaccine manufacturers accountable." WHAT IS GOING ON IN HK??

  • [UPDATE 19 December 2020] RTHK 'US authorises emergency use of Moderna vaccine' the issue is what is HK's 'realistic' and 'achievable' VACCINATION PROGRAM to achieve herd immunization of 70% of population and NOT one vaccine over another IF THEY ARE BROADLY ACCEPTED BY HK PUBLIC AS BEING EQUIVALENT! Modena's vaccine, now approved for emergency use in USA, stands a much more realistic chance of furthering a quality hk vaccination program acceptable to the majority of HK people than mainland PRC Chinese company Sinovac! Even in mainland China because of years of 'mishaps' (we are being generous here!) in vaccinations Chinese people prefer quality reputable foreign vaccines to Chinese made vaccines! This is HK peoples health, the public purse belongs to HK people, and we have enough money for quality non-China made vaccines! NO CHINESE VACCINES OR THERE WILL BE NO HERD IMMUNIZATION IN HK!

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

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Nobody in China trusts Chinese vaccines, so why does Carrie Lam trust them?

Apple Daily 18 December 2020 by Kevin Carrico (format added)

Another week brings another incomprehensible misstep by the Carrie Lam regime. On the one hand, in the rollout of Hong Kong’s COVID vaccination plan, I have been somewhat surprised by Lam’s aggressive cheerleading for the still unverified Chinese-made Sinovac vaccine. On the other hand, deep down inside, I know that such behavior is only to be expected from Lam, so I should not be surprised.

Before we get into the details, I should first clarify: don’t worry, I’m not an anti-vaccine guy. I love a good vaccine, and the second that I can get a COVID vaccine confirmed by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, I will get it without a second thought.

My enthusiasm for vaccines, however, has its limits. If some guy in a dark alley whispered, “hey, want a vaccine?,” I probably would not follow him down that alley. Call me conservative, but I prefer to have my vaccines go through those old-fashioned clinical trials and all that good stuff.

Carrie Lam, however, is clearly much more progressive than me on such matters: Sinovac Biotech has not yet published data on its final Phase Three clinical trials, but has already received a vote of confidence from the Lam regime, in the form of an advance purchase of 7.5 million doses.

Some researchers have raised questions over whether the clinical trials overseen by Sinovac meet the minimum standards for transparency. Questions have also been raised about how and indeed even if the Chinese authorities are keeping track of potential adverse events that have emerged since the emergency use vaccination program began operation there in July.

Confidence in Sinovac as a whole is not strengthened by news that its CEO Yin Weidong was involved in a bribery scandal to accelerate regulators’ approval of vaccines a decade ago. The regulator involved was sent to prison, but Yin remains at the helm of Sinovac, unphased by the scandal. And just three years ago, Sinovac was again using bribes in red packets to promote its vaccines in Guangdong. Sinovac is basically the guy in the dark alley with a vaccine in one hand and a red packet in the other: Sketchyvac.

These concerns focusing specifically on Sinovac, its business model, and the transparency of its trials are only further compounded by the broader concerns about Chinese-made vaccines in general.

I can already hear the frenzied response: Chinese-made vaccines in general? Pure, discriminatory conjecture, some will declare.

Yet concerns about Chinese-made vaccines are not pure conjecture: China has had publicly acknowledged tainted vaccine scandals as recently as 2018 that have ruined countless young children’s lives. We could go over the numbers, but in doing so we risk losing sight of the depth of personal tragedy: one mother in Guangdong has shared her experience of her daughter’s tainted hepatitis vaccine with RFA. The site of her daughter’s injection swelled up to the size of an egg and turned black. Her daughter, just months old, went pale, began foaming at the mouth, and went into shock. Today, her daughter suffers delayed cognitive development. This is, we must remember, just one experience among thousands of others.

As a result of these types of experiences, let me let you all in on a little secret: no one is more concerned about Chinese vaccines than Chinese people, precisely because they are the ones forced to bear the consequences of the country’s hyper-charged business environment and deeply lacking regulatory environment.

Anyone who lives in Hong Kong has undoubtedly seen the endless lines of people who are obviously not locals awaiting vaccinations. As with milk powder and other essential goods, Hong Kong’s system, a legacy of its distinct history unpolluted by CCP (Chinese Communist Party) rule before 1997, has provided a rare site of reassurance for people living under CCP rule fearing for their children’s safety. These people would think that anyone in Hong Kong lining up for the Sinovac vaccine was a total idiot.

Brushing all of these very real issues aside, however, Carrie Lam has bluntly declared that concerns about Sinovac are nothing but “malicious rumors” by people who are trying to “politicize” health.

As a general rule, anytime a CCP official says that something “should not be politicized,” it is safe to assume that the Party has already politicized it beyond recognition. This is true of the Olympics, true of trade disputes, and of course it is true of COVID-19.

At first Peking suppressed news of the virus in the service of its false stability, then it decried as “discriminatory” global attempts to close borders to stop the spread of the virus, then it promoted a name that detached the virus from its place of origin before in turn floating baseless conspiracy theories about its origins, all while delaying and suppressing any even remotely transparent investigation into the emergence of this tragedy.

In this extremely politicized context, vaccine development could not be more thoroughly politicized. Precisely because the People’s Republic of China and its failed political system were the source of this epidemic, the CCP is eager to obtain redemption for the tragedy that it has inflicted on the world by providing a cure.

Yet there is little taste for Sinovac or Sinopharm vaccines in the developed world. In its endless imaginary contest for dominance with the United States, the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine relative to the unproven Sinovac offering is deeply embarrassing. In this context, the city of Hong Kong, whose government serves not its own people but rather Peking, provides an ideal captive developed market for these vaccines to gain face.

The decision to source Sinovac vaccines before they have even been confirmed is thus at once both shocking and unsurprising because it reflects the dilemma in which the people of Hong Kong find themselves today within China. Peking can feel a surge of confidence that its vaccine has been given the green light by the Hong Kong government, a fact that it can use for global marketing. Meanwhile Carrie Lam and her regime can again, in this confirmation, prove their patriotic bona fides.

As with so many scenarios in Hong Kong’s recent history, the only people who lose are local residents, who can only watch in shock as a non-representative government engaged in the politicization of everything from education to the law to health admonishes them for “politicizing health” simply for raising commonsense concerns about sketchy vaccines.

The Hong Kong people deserve a better, more accountable vaccine program to deal with this epidemic; to get to the root of the problem, the Hong Kong people deserve a better, more accountable government.

(Kevin Carrico, Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies at Monash University)

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Editorial: China-made vaccine useless in clearing virus | Apple Daily HK

Apple Daily 14 December 2020 by Koo Lap (format added)

Carrie Lam’s government splurged HK$8.4 billion (US$1 billion) public funds to order three Wuhan virus vaccines for Hongkongers for free. The three vaccines involve different technologies. BNT162b2 jointly developed by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in the U.S. and BioNTech in Germany, and the vaccines developed jointly by Oxford University and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals are ones that involve innovative genetic technology. CoronaVac, developed by Sinovac Biotech in Daxing, Beijing, uses the traditional inactivation technology.

Among the three, BNT162b2 has been reviewed by the regulatory boards in the U.K., Canada, and the U.S., and is considered relatively safe and reliable. It does, however, need to be stored in ultra-low temperature, or it will be invalid.

The other two require only normal refrigeration and are easier to work with, but they have not been extensively tested in the third phase, let alone approved by European and American regulatory boards.

The government says that Sinovac’s CoronaVac will arrive in January, and Hongkongers will be able to follow the footsteps of the British and American vaccination programs.

Are there hopes for the virus to be cleared?

No. Experts have undoubtedly regarded vaccines as the anti-epidemic magic wand, however, the key lies in the extensiveness of vaccination. This is the only way to achieve the so-called “herd immunity”, which works in conjunction with individual immunity, such that the chain of virus transmission can be cut off and eventually be completely cleared.

Needless to say, the premise for this theory assumes that the vaccine is effective, safe, and reliable, and should there be side effects, they will be mild. Although three vaccines were ordered, the Carrie Lam government is not giving the citizens a choice.

The first vaccine to arrive happens to be the one produced by Sinovac, whose integrity is questionable. How can people show confidence in building “herd immunity” as soon as possible, so that society can clear the virus? Why are people skeptical about Sinovac’s integrity?

Washington Post recently revealed that between 2002 and 2011, Sinovac’s founder and CEO Yin Weidong repeatedly bribed Yin Hongzhang, a regulatory official for drug supervision, to speed up the approval of his vaccine. Once exposed, Yin Hongzhang was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2016, Yin Weidong, however, was exonerated, and not even charged with “improper conduct”.

In 2017, the company was found to have been sending red packets to hospitals in Guangdong to promote its hepatitis A vaccine. The company is listed on the Nasdaq in the U.S. but has stopped trading since February 2019 due to shareholder disputes. Integrity is of the utmost importance in the production of pharmaceutical vaccines. With this track record, how are people to have confidence in the vaccine produced by Sinovac?

Arisina Ma Chung-yee, president of the Hong Kong Public Doctors’ Association (HKPDA), put it this way: She said that she did not know Sinovac very well, has not used its products, and has not seen the third phase of clinical research results of its vaccine. So even if the vaccine arrives in Hong Kong, she will hold off before getting vaccinated.

Joseph Tsang Kay-yan, specialist in Infectious Disease, did not state obviously that he would not get vaccinated like Dr. Ma, but he suggested that the public may wish to “wait and see”. Gabriel Choi Kin, president of the Hong Kong Medical Association, also adopted the wait-and-see attitude, and urged government officials to take the lead in vaccinating to give citizens reassurance.

In addition to the skepticism around Sinovac’s integrity, China’s repeated outbreaks of fake vaccines are still fresh in everyone’s minds. It is more than reasonable that from doctors and experts to the general public, doubts about the China-made vaccines are everywhere.

In order to settle the doubts, Carrie Lam promised that as soon as the Sinovac vaccines arrive in Hong Kong, she will lead her team to get vaccinated.

During the 2005 heavy metal in drinking water incident, then-Chief Secretary Carrie Lam banned her subordinates from drinking the “humiliation” of proving the safety of the water. [Score?] Carrie Lam 2020-1: Carrie Lam 2005-0. No longer “humiliated” by being a guinea pig, what exactly is Carrie Lam wishing for?

It is a fact that the vaccine race has broken out around the world. Every country has been developing hundreds of vaccines; China’s attempt to show itself as a rising, powerful country is obvious. Although Pfizer in the U.S. has taken the lead, Sinovac and the state-owned Sinopharm Group have spared no effort in pushing inactivation vaccines in overseas markets. Sinopharm’s vaccines have encountered resistance in Brazil and Peru, but was subsequently approved for use in the UAE and Bahrain.

At this moment, if Hong Kong can show its support for Sinovac and place orders, it will be a huge vote of confidence in the China-made vaccines. However, with her public opinion polls nose-dived, even if she “sacrifices for the country” and be the first to get vaccinated, how is Carrie Lam’s credibility going to wash away people’s doubts about the China-produced Sinovac vaccines? Does she still think she’s really a “toughy” even today?

The key to clearing the virus is to allow the majority of the people to get vaccinated earlier. While individual immunity is building, the chain of virus transmission is cut off, and together we achieve “herd immunity”, so that the virus has nowhere to go.

One cannot worship two gods.

Splurging ample public money on purchasing a vaccine that raises ample doubts, does Carrie Lam look like she is wholeheartedly determined to clear the virus as soon as possible, or more like using this to declare her patriotism for her personal ambition and gain?

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