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Policeman raped underaged girls but only charged with indecent assault

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Communist Hong Kong (HK) has NO rule Of Law!

The pro-democratic Cantonese language local newspaper 'The Stand News' has integrity and a good reputation.

Only 'The Stand News' stated clearly that this policeman was originally charged with rape: so why was the rape charge(s) dropped and replaced with the lesser change of 'indecent assault'? The answer is because the defendent is a policeman! This is inequality and discrimination!

Even with deaths of HK people there is zero accountability for anything the HK government or police does!

Despite all the footage, photos, eye witness accounts, UN letters, etc since June 2019 not one incident of police brutality including sexual violence has come before HK courts.

Amnesty International in December 2019 wrote about sexual violence against Hong Kong protesters.

This policeman should have been tried for multiple cases of rape and be spending many years in prison: the fact that this did not happen is clearly the fault of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the HK government and their arbitrary rule BY law! There is no equality before the law!

HK children have rights for care and protection under United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). It is such an offence against HK people that these rights, along with all other human rights, are being swept aside and buried by the HK government!

This case is an affront to these underage girls and their familes, to HK community, to women and to what little remains of HK's rule OF law!

This case is encouragement for the CCP, HK government and the police to do as they please in HK with impunity before the rule OF law!

Repeatedly we have heard credible accusations by HK protesters against the police of sexual violence and rape including in our blogs:

CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

Hong Kong policeman jailed for nearly four years for sexually assaulting multiple underage girls

SCMP 27 January 2021 by Brian Wong

  • District Court finds jail time appropriate after a psychological report said the risk of the 35-year-old reoffending was at “the higher end of a moderate level”

  • The assaults took place over a span of several months in 2017 and 2018, with one occurring while the officer was out on bail after being arrested over the others

A Hong Kong policeman who confessed to sexually assaulting five underage girls and possessing nude pictures of another was jailed for nearly four years on Wednesday.

The District Court sentenced Yu Chun-hing to 46 months behind bars after a psychological report assessed the risk of the 35-year-old detective constable reoffending at “the higher end of a moderate level”.

District Judge Timothy Casewell declined to increase Yu’s sentence despite the fact the suspect was a law enforcement officer when he committed the “serious offences”, saying he found no evidence to suggest the policeman had taken advantage of his position to abuse the six victims, who were aged 11 to 14 at the time.

Nonetheless, the judge said the severity of the case was compounded by the substantial age differences between the defendant and his victims, as well as the number of victims involved and the fact that he had preyed on more girls even after his first arrest.

Yu, who has served on the police force for 12 years, pleaded guilty last month to eight counts of four separate charges – possession of child pornography, indecent conduct towards a child under the age of 16 years, indecent assault and unlawful sexual intercourse.

The court heard that the officer met the girls via Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram between late 2017 and July of 2018. He was said to have groomed the victims prior to taking advantage of them, and even addressed one 12-year-old girl as his wife.

The 12-year-old, identified only as Z by the prosecution, was first approached by Yu via Instagram in December of 2017. The officer later asked to be her boyfriend in a WhatsApp message, even though she had only just entered her first year of secondary school.

The young girl went on to send 28 nude photos of herself to Yu after he told her he wanted to masturbate to the images. But the two never met in person, and the girl later distanced herself from Yu after finding him annoying.

The five other girls, however, fell victim to a range of sex crimes.

Yu befriended a 13-year-old girl, B, in late 2017, and assaulted her for the first time on December 24 of that year after she agreed to be his girlfriend. He also had sexual intercourse with her in a public park in broad daylight in April of 2018, before the girl cut off contact with him.

During those months, Yu also molested a 14-year-old girl, A, in the rear staircase of a public housing block, after similarly asking her to be his girlfriend.

The policeman met two other girls, 12-year-old X and 11-year-old Y, on May 5, 2018, and arranged to pay them HK$150 each to be his “part-time girlfriends”. The officer eventually paid the girls HK$200 each, after molesting them in a rear staircase of a car park.

Yu was arrested on June 6, 2018, when he was attached to the police’s narcotics bureau. He was arrested again on August 16 of that year while he was out on bail, when it emerged he had sex with a drunken 14-year-old, C, whom he had met on Facebook and picked up from the bar district of Lan Kwai Fong on July 21.

Most of the girls refused to cooperate with police, but C said in a victim impact statement that she had suffered trauma as a result of her encounter with Yu.

Laying out his reasons for sentencing, Casewell observed that at least two victims had displayed signs of distress after the incidents.

The judge set a starting point for sentencing at six years in prison. He then reduced it to four years to reflect Yu’s guilty plea, before subtracting another two months to give credit to the defendant for sparing his victims the pain of recalling their ordeal at trial.

Indecency with 6: The youngest girl is only 11 years old. Male policeman pleaded guilty to 8 crimes and sentenced to 46 months in prison.

The Stand News 27 January 2021 (Google translated) [Unedited raw translation follows]

District Court Case Number: DCCC 535/2019

Yu Junxin, a male police officer stationed in the Narcotics Investigation Division, got to know at least six girls between 11 and 14 years old through social media.

He attacked them during the meeting, including strong kisses, oral sex, breast and buttocks, reaching into private parts, and even forced them in the park. Tempt girls to have sex.

The male police previously admitted to 8 crimes of indecent assault and illegal sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 16, and was sentenced in the District Court today.

Judge Qi Shiwei [Timothy Casewell] said that the case had additional factors including the large age gap between the defendant and the victim, the number of victims, and the crime committed.

However, considering that the defendant used the Internet to attract victims, he believed that he did not commit the crime as a police officer, and pointed out that his status as a police officer was not a factor of aggravating punishment. The final sentence was 46 months.

The report says the defendant has a moderately high chance of reoffending

Judge Qi Shiwei [Timothy Casewell] pointed out that according to the content of the defendant’s psychological report, the defendant’s chance of reoffending was moderate to high and recommended that he receive further treatment. When the defense pleaded, it was revealed that the defendant had taken the initiative to receive psychiatric treatment after being remanded, showing that he was determined to change and prevent himself from committing another crime.

The judge pointed out that after considering the relevant cases, the defendant alleged that the defendant violated good faith. The case involved multiple minor victims. The defendant used the Internet to disguise his identity and assaulted some victims on the pretext of developing a romantic relationship. He also violated the two girls in the form of compensated dating. Following the pressure and complying with the defendant's request, one of the victims suffered from traumatic stress afterwards.

The defendant pleaded guilty, the victim did not need to appear in court and received an additional 2 months' sentence reduction.

The judge finally pointed out that the case involved a number of additional factors, including that the defendant was an adult, and the parties involved were underage. The age gap between the two parties was large, the number of victims was large, and the number of crimes was frequent. The defendant used social media to hide his identity and make friends with victims. However, the judge stated that the defendant did not use his police officer status during the crime, but committed the crime with other false identities. Therefore, he believed that his police officer status was not a factor of additional punishment. The judge continued that the case was serious and that after taking into account all relevant factors, including pleading guilty and reducing the sentence, he believed that the appropriate sentence should be 48 months. However, the defendant pleaded guilty so that the victim did not need to appear in court to give evidence. He reduced the sentence by an additional 2 months and was finally sentenced to 46 Months.

The facts of the case showed that the defendant specifically buried his hands at the underage girl. After he got to know the victimized girls through social media Intagram and Facebook, he pursued the three girls and expressed his love constantly. He was called "husband and wife", and then he even took up hands and made insults.

Among them, the 12-year-old girl Z met the defendant through Instagram in December 2017. During this time, the defendant continued to express love to Z via SMS, asking Z to send him photos of her breasts and private parts, and said he wanted to use it for masturbation. Z was reluctant but don't know how to refuse. Finally, within about a month, about 30 self-portraits of breasts or private parts were sent to the defendant. Afterwards, the defendant requested to meet and have sex. Z refused and blocked the defendant.

Around 2017, the defendant also contacted girl B, who was only 14 years old, through Instagram, and asked to be her boyfriend and was approved. The two were called "husband and wife". They were in a park in Kowloon on Christmas Eve on December 24 of the same year. Kissing inside, the defendant touched B's chest for about 5 minutes. The two met in the same park from January to February 2018. During the period, the defendant kissed and touched B's chest, and once put his finger into B's mouth. Later, the defendant reached into B's pants and touched her private parts. B refused but failed. The defendant took out a condom and put it on, asking B to masturbate for him, B said that she did not understand, the defendant caught B’s hand to demonstrate, the defendant eventually ejaculated in the condom.

Girl struggling when assaulted, male police begged, "Let me only do this once"

On a certain day in April 2018, the two met again in the park. After touching B's chest, the defendant took out his penis and put on a condom, and tried to have sexual intercourse with B. B refused but was unsuccessful. The defendant finally took his lower body from standing. Inserted into B’s vagina, B felt pain and discomfort, and struggled for a while, but the defendant pressed B’s body and begged "Let me only do this once." During this period, B did not dare to scream because of fear of disturbing others. B went home and wasn't angry with him.

In January 2018, the defendant also contacted 14-year-old girl A as Ryan on Facebook. The defendant continued to express his preference for A and wished A to be his girlfriend. The two met afterwards. The defendant kissed on the back stairs of a housing estate in Kowloon. Girl A, A pushes away but to no avail. The defendant vigorously swarms A’s waist and touches her chest, and tries to touch her lower body, while A retreats and leaves. A few days later, the defendant told A that A might find a simpler person. I think I may not be suitable for A.

[IG] Yu met a "part-time girlfriend" and paid 200 yuan after the violation.

In February 2018, the defendant contacted a 12-year-old girl J through Intagram. J claimed to be a "part-time girlfriend". Both parties agreed to trade at an hourly salary of 200 yuan. On May 4 of the same year, the defendant asked to meet. J said that she would bring two people together. X and Y, both 12 and 11 years old, went there. J even mentioned to the defendant that one of them was a "postborn daughter." However, because it was close to midnight, J went home at the urging of her mother. In the end, only X and Y attended the meeting.

Later, he went to a parking lot in the New Territories, where the defendant kissed Y, touched her chest and put his hand into Y’s underwear. The defendant tried to touch X’s chest but the other side avoided it. Then the defendant took out his penis and asked X and Y to be him oral sex, but X refused, Y gave the defendant's oral sex for about 1 minute, during which the defendant stroked X and Y's body, the defendant once again tried to force his lower body into X's mouth, X backed away, but then she agreed at the request of the defendant. After masturbating for a few minutes, the defendant paid X and Y 200 yuan [HKdollars] each.

On the 10th of the same month, J’s mother discovered the communication records between her daughter and the defendant and called the police. The defendant was arrested in June of the same year but was released on bail. The police seized the defendant’s mobile phone and revealed that other girls, including Z, A, and B, were victimized.

Crimes committed during bail were once charged with rape

However, in July of the same year, 14-year-old girl C went to Lan Kwai Fong for recreation, and the defendant who had known C via facebook about two or three years ago joined the defendant. During this time, C went to drink elsewhere and asked the defendant to take her home. The defendant accompanied him. C, who was drunk, went home.

During the period when the two reached the floor where C lived, the defendant suddenly dragged C into the back stairs, pressed her against the wall, and had sex with her without wearing a condom. During this time, C ran away and pushed. After opening the smoke-proof door, the defendant was dragged back to the back stairs to continue sexual intercourse. During the period, C resisted, the defendant finally stopped, and C went home and fell asleep. C's mother later found that her daughter was untidy on the bed with her underwear on one leg and noticed that there were residual body fluids near the daughter's lower body, which was later confirmed to be the defendant's semen, so he was once charged with rape.

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