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HK's Police state defying the 2019 paradigm shift that created COVID

Badiucao's 2018 cartoon morphing the faces of President Xi Jinping with Hong Kong's chief executive Carrie Lam ©Badiucao

Truth has no consequences. Truth = rule OF law = Justice. Anything else carries with it consequences!

Conveniently forgotten and perhaps quietly pushed aside by the ruling HK elites, is that prior to the 2019 anti-extradition mass protests the last political crisis in Hong Kong (HK) was the HK Police Force mutiny of 1977. Corrupt British police officers, having been caught red handed, then armed and mutinied against the HK government by surrounding the newly formed ICAC and demanded pardons. The HK police acted unlawfully and yet they were given pardons by the British government allowing them to benefit from their crimes.

For the majority of HK people, the supporters of pro-democratic politicians, the HK police have always been the oppressor and tyrant!

Within HK's traditional Han Chinese feudal plutocracy the police are NOT employed by civil society to uphold the rule OF law - they are employed through funding provided by an illegitimate Legislative Council (LegCo) to continue the status quo for the ruler and HK elites who control the majority of its seats.

Similarly, in CCP's China, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) is not there to protect the nation - its role is to defend CCP!

In traditional Chinese societies in China, Singapore and HK, triads are linked and sometimes in control of the police: e.g. rarely in HK is a triad 'big brother' charged and sent to prison for crimes.

CCP is the new colonial ruler of HK - with its rule BY law it is the head of all China and HK triads. Today's HK majority are third or lower class citizens in their own city - the second tier are HK government employees!

What we suggest is that the HK police have very questionable relationships with triads (organized crime gangs) and some 'businesspeople' including:

  • All three worship the same Buddhist deity 'Kwan Tai';

  • Triads attack on train commuters and protesters at Yuen Long MTR station on 21 July 2019 while the police looked the other way and did not respond for 39 minutes to numerous emergency calls;

  • Deputy HKPF national security law cop / triad Frederic Choi who during working hours was found by police inside a triad owned brothel. The HK government instead of disciplining and if found guilty firing him, choose to reassign him as the head of one of its departments;

  • HK protesters note that despite evidence to the contrary and numerous complaints from the public, no HK police have been charged with any wrong doing during the ongoing 2019 protests.

The origins of mass HK peaceful protests dates back to at latest the 1.5 million HK people protesting on 21 May 1989 in HK in support of the Tiananmen Square student movement. The Tiananmen massacre of 4 June 1989 was when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) failed to heed global trends and the Chinese peoples' demands for political reforms, and true to form authorities turned their guns and tanks on their own people.

CCP, by denying the people of China's demands for political reforms, and by massacring Chinese citizens on 4 June 1989, faces ever mounting consequences. Until the demands of the Tiananmen square student movement are met, and the 'truth' is known about CCP's massacre of innocent protesters, the peoples of China and the world cannot move on.

The 31 August 2014 National Peoples Congress Special Committee (NPCSC) decision on 31 August 2014 meant that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had reneged on its 2007 promise to Hong Kong (HK) people of their ICCPR human rights to universal and equal suffrage elections in the 2016 Legislative Council and 2017 Chief Executive elections. The mass unacceptance of HK peoples to this CCP decision started the Occupy Central and Umbrella student movement in September 2014.

Starting on 9 June 2019 the majority of HK people peacefully protested against the proposed extradition legislation; In 24 November 2019 District Council elections they voted against the CCP, Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam (CLam) and HK government; they lawfully voted against the 1 July 2020 'national security law'; The proposed their 'five demands'.

Since 1 July 1997 handover, the HK government has had no lawful answers for HK peaceful protesters because they have no political power. In 2019 in response to HK peoples' lawful demands for the UN international treaty the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law to be upheld, the CCP used its old playbook of tyrannical brutal oppression.

The consequences just keep piling up for CCP, CLam, the HK government and police!

Since the 12 June 2019 illegal acts of the Hong Kong police force (HKPF) on a lawful peaceful public protest outside Central Government Offices (CGO) in Central, the HK government and the police have increasingly and unlawfully disregarded and breached HK's Joint Declaration and the rule OF law.

UN special rapporteurs wrote and jointly signed the letter Mandates of the UN Special Rapporteur 28 June 2019 sent to China about the unlawful acts of the HK police during the 12 June 2019 protest. This letter, along with all subsequent UN letters, have never been answered by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). (Please see UN links below).

IPCC member Clifford Stott has suggested the action by police on 12 June 2019 'framed' HK's anti-extradition protest movement.

The violence of the police on 12 June 2019 resulted in the HK protesters 'five demands'. The only demand met by the government was the withdrawal in September 2019 of its proposed extradition legislation.

16 June 2019 turnout for a peaceful mass protest in HK saw an estimated 2 million protesters, roughly 25% of HK's total population, on the streets.

16 June 2019 HK mass peaceful protest.

The 24 November 2019 District Council elections were in effect a HK public 'referendum' on CCP, CLam and HK government!

The result of the 24 November 2019 District Council elections was a landslide victory for pro-democrat candidates who, for the first time, won a majority with 85% of seats (388/452) in 17/18 Districts with HK protester supporter for the 'five demands'. After losing the 24 November 2019 District Council elections CCP knew that there was a strong possibility that it could lose control of the all important Legislative Council (LegCo) in the upcoming 6 September 2020 elections.

In 2019 the world went through a paradigm shift in consciousness which created COVID. In January 2020 ongoing 2019 HK protests voluntarily and temporarily stopped because of COVID-19 and the public health risks they posed.

HK protests had been interrupted in January 2020 just before Chinese Lunar New Year by the Wuhan virus novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19. By then, police and Justice Department tactics had halted mass peaceful protests which dampened all protests (no police permission was given for protests). HK protesters badly needed a break to recover and redirect their energies. With more than 10,000 HK people arbitrarily arrested in the previous eight months, stress and health issues had taken its toll on the protest movement. Hardest hit were children.

On 6 June 2020 the majority of District Councillors rejected CCP's 'national security law' for HK! HK people having lawfully rejected this law, CCP and HK government should have withdraw this legislation!

CCP chose to hit the 'nuclear' option nuking everyone - including itself in the process. Following CCP's annexation of HK on 1 July 2020 using its unconstitutional 'national security law' orchestrated a brutal crackdown down on all protests, pro-democracy lawmakers and activists, press freedoms, civil society groups, etc.

Unacceptably, CCP and HK government post 1 July 2020 have done everything in their powers to destroy, charge and imprison all pro-democratic District and Legislative Councilors elected by HK people, journalists and activists.

By 2021 HK had no independent judiciary. WTPOHK argues that since 1 July 1997 handover from the UK to China HK has never had an independent judiciary!

In 2021 Hong Kong (HK) is ranked by the Heritage Foundation as the 107th freest economy in the world. HK as Asia's financial center needs an international rule OF law. With no judicial independent there goes the last vestige that HK had of its rule OF law and the UN international treaty the Joint Declaration. HK's ranking in a global law and order index dropped from 5th to 82nd!

The entire HK government in 2021 has been absorbed into the 'monolithic' structure of the CCP's Central Government. The Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam (CLam) has on numerous occasions in 2021 referred to the 1 July 2020 'national security law' as supporting HK's 'stability and prosperity' by making her job of governing HK easier because there is no pro-democratic opposition!

As are many other countries and cities around the world, HK is now officially 'closed' to a greater or lesser extent because of COVID.

Totalitarian CCP and HK government's strategy is very different other countries: COVID has been used by CCP as an EXCUSE to control the people of HK to silence all opposition to their annexation of HK.

To now 'open' HK is to allow people to gather outdoors - this will undoubtedly result in protests in HK (please see 'Standard Chartered marathon' below).

CCP and HK government are therefore unable to 'open' HK because there is no stability nor prosperity today in HK. The last thing that Emperor Xi Jinping and his merry band of thugs needs is international Press and social media slapping him in the face all day everyday with more videos of HK protests - because it will only invite the people of mainland China to unite to boot CCP out of office! Xi Jinping has not travelled overseas since 17-18 January 2020 when he had a State visit to Myanmar.

The key difference between HK and most other cities is that HK's 2019 protests by the majority, which pre-dates COVID, remains UNRESOLVED!

Today HK government openly discriminates against protesters: e.g. HK' social distancing regulations allows up to 280 people can dine together indoors, yet no more than four people can meet together outdoors! (Please read references below).

The HK government's actions of social distancing and other public health regulations under the UN W.H.O.'s 'International Health Regulations' (IHR) for the COVID global pandemic has been unlawfully used to undermine HK people's legitimate demands for human rights and democracy including their rights to peaceful protest, to participate in elections, freedom of speech, etc.

Only recently has a major mass outdoors gathering been permitted in HK - the long delayed long standing 'Standard Chartered Marathon'. This marathon witnessed silent protests by some participants and the politicization by Standard Chartered Bank of its relationship with HK people, who are its customers! The majority rules. The 2019 HK protests are far from being over!

Prior to 1 July 2021, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CCP - Emperor Xi Jinping made many bogus CCP 'face' saving public pronouncements including that CCP had 'defeated' COVID. Needless to say, Xi has once again proven to be wrong!

This is why CCP is doomed to fail in China and HK: CCP is all about the misinformation of being a virus for the personal benefit and glory of its Emperor. CCP has nothing to say nor do on the task of creating a vibrant just law abiding nation supporting its citizens symbiotic relationship with Earth and all onboard her! CCP has no solution to global climate change nor to anything else. CCP is now irrelevant.

Being unable to uphold HK's Joint Declaration and the rule OF law, it is fair and reasonable to suggest that HK's economy and future as a financial center is now just as shot as is China's economy under CCP!

International businesses located in HK are increasingly alarmed. If they have not already moved most likely they are in the process of moving, or at least, ready to move at a moments notice. (Please read references below).

Meanwhile, HK peoples' truths are being recorded and heard in HK Courts using an unlawful evil twisted hybrid of CCP's rule BY law of its 'national security law' and the unlawful remnants of colonial British rule OF law - i.e. a crock of BS! Individuals caught in CCP's bogus net - be they Martin Lee, Jimmy Lai, Joshua Wong or anyone else - will NOT be facing a rule OF law Court holding public fair criminal trials which are strictly according to HK's international treaty obligations including the ICCPR and the British common law.

Below we give recent examples of HK people being arbitrarily persecuted for 'political' crimes - i.e. not prosecuted - in HK Courts:

Twitter Elson Tong

'A potentially outrageous trial in Hong Kong: a student was accused of taking petrol bombs to Kwai Chung Police Station in Apr 2020. Soon afterwards, a police sergeant was also arrested for perverting justice in allegedly framing the student for the bombs..'

Twitter Xinqi Su 蘇昕琪

'#JUSTIN Acting chief magistrate Peter Law said the HK gov has created “a situation never seen” for the court by striking #HKAlliance off company registries while the Alliance is Defendant no 1 in an #NSL case of “incitement to subversion”.'

Twitter Samuel Bickett

'Wow, OK. Long thread. What happened to this man is not an isolated incident, but a deliberate, longstanding policy by the Police Force to use freezing conditions as a form of torture to put pressure on detainees. I know, because they did the same thing to me.'


'Four arrested for 'seditious intention. Police on Monday said officers had arrested four people in Mong Kok over the weekend for alleged seditious intention over the display of a banner and other items. Officers did not specify what...'


‘Mourning needs no approval:’ some democrats still defiant as 8 appear in court over banned Tiananmen Massacre vigil. Eight Hong Kong pro-democracy figures including media tycoon Jimmy Lai appeared in court on Monday accused of involvement in....'

HK people have our UN right to truth - the right to know what really took place, and to know about state-sponsored terrorism, including violations of human rights, forced disappearances, rape and torture which includes coercion.

The truth will come out one day.

Ultimately what is needed is forgiveness to stop this zero-sum game in which everyone, including Earth and all onboard, are losers.

Just as Gandhi did in India, there will come the day of 'truth and reconciliation' when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), HK elites, HK government and police will have to face the reality that they as a minority can no longer rule over the majority of HKers.

Everyone in HK must be mindful of, and work diligently within, the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law towards that day.

Non-violent peaceful protest is the fastest and best way to ensure HK's day of 'truth and reconciliation' arrives as soon as possible.

It is in the interest of the HK police, as a law enforcement institution, to ensure that it always maintains a good working relationship with the majority of the people of HK who still today remain upholding the Joint Declaration and the rule OF law.

India's Gandi has proven long ago that the will of the masses is far stronger than any man-made weapon. Today HK's 2019 protests by the majority of HK people and their 'five demands' still in 2021 during COVID remains UNRESOLVED!

Ultimately what may work best for all sides is for HK to have a referendum (please see below), universal and equal suffrage elections and some form of amnesty for the HK government and police coupled with an independent Commission of Inquiry into their acts during the protests. Pardons and compensation for all those convicted of 'political crimes'. A 'truth and reconciliation commission' would go a long way towards healing the wounds of HK's civil society.

WTPOHK's suggested method to resolving the current HK political crisis is by inviting all HK Permanent Residents 18 years old and above to participate in a referendum held in HK using the “Modified Borda Count” (MBC), a preferential multi-option voting system, offering 5-6 options which will be ranked by each voter according to their preferences. If necessary, this could be a UN mandated referendum. An MBC referendum is credible. It could define the will of HK people and as such would be a realistic means to negate the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) breaches of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong (“Joint Declaration”) therefore allowing this UN international treaty to continue.

Gai yau (add oil)!

By Pepe and Jeremiah B.

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