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Police play politics

We are not the only people saying that Hong Kong (HK) is becoming more and more a Police State.

According to Wikipedia, "The Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) is the primary law enforcement, investigation agency, and largest disciplined service under the Security Bureau of Hong Kong." Maybe it's not quite Orwellian enough for you, yet? Or, because you're only reading about events in the SAR and haven't experienced the HK police first hand, that you scoff at our suggestion?

The HKPF, the judiciary and the rest of HK government is using CCP's rule BY law imposed under the guise of "National Security", coupled with continued coercion and increasing fear to maintain their illegal control over the city.

The latest twists in political events in HK, suggest that the police have too little to do. Having switched their role and purpose as servants and carers [1] of HK people in November 2019 during the height of street demonstrations, to instead being the lap dogs for the government, they have to earn their keep somehow.

The Police are supposed to be the 'law enforcers' of laws promulgated and agreed upon by the public operating under a democratic process of universal and equal suffrage of elections in the Legislative Council (LegCo) : this is the fundamental meaning of the 'rule OF law.' (See our blog 'When injustice becomes law: importance of the rule OF law (part 1)' listed in the links below).

What we see now is that the police are being cast a new role. Perhaps it is an attempt by Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam and her minions to return respectability to the force? After all, it is well known that the HK police lost all respectability and credibility during the 2019-2020 protests. Those speaking with voices of authority in HK now are casting the police as PROSECUTORS, JUDGE and JURORS.

The old police role has been turned upside down. The police are being set up to become the enforcers - the ones who will maintain the status quo, so that the current imbalance of power in the SAR is not going to change. We will be stuck with our current Feudal Plutocracy [2] unless some other intervention comes into play.

The HK Police are the new state political power!

ONE - The police become the teachers.

While schools have been advised to teach the National Security Law (NSL) to children in their care - even those as young as six years old [3], the call has been met with a muted response from teachers.

Under the new rules, schools are instructed to inform police as well as parents of students who are involved in "political propaganda" such as chanting slogans, posting political material or promoting a political stance, the Hong Kong Free Post [4] reported. (The teachers are expected to act in concert with the Police!)

In a radio program aired early April 2021, Lau Chi-pang, chairman of the Curriculum Development Council committee on the Citizenship and Social Development subject, suggested that police from the National Security Department should provide more information to teachers to help with their teaching. He said that the changes to the Liberal Studies subject, the curriculum area frequently blamed for encouraging young people to join protests, were "quite revolutionary," as teachers will no longer only teach students how to deal with tests.

When it comes to teachers' concerns about violating the NSL when teaching social topics, Lau said teachers should have the professional expertise to know how to teach the new secondary school subject. (The Standard, 3 April 2021) [5] Some other commentators went as far as to say that the police ought to go into schools and give guidance to the teachers about what has to be taught, and where the "red lines" are. Teachers could draw on the expertise of law enforcement to ensure their lessons were compliant with the NSL that took effect last summer. (SCMP, 3 April 2021) [6] (The police become the teachers)

Subsequently, the Education Secretary Kevin Yeung played down concerns that teachers may easily cross political "red lines" when they teach the revamped liberal studies secondary school subject in future, insisting that they could use their professional judgement to decide whether certain topics should be brought up in the classroom. (RTHK, 10 April 2021) [7] Asked during a radio show whether teachers should worry about potentially breaching the NSL when they teach the new curriculum, Yeung said national security offences are serious offences, and people generally don't have to worry about breaking the security law if they love the country.

The Education Secretary seems to ignore the possibility that people who love HK and China have already been charged and are being prosecuted under the NSL. According to the latest news reports, there must be at least 50 of them. Aren't legislators and lawmakers who represent their constituents and do their part for the governance of the SAR acting upon their civic responsibility? Mr Yeung did not answer the specific question of whether teachers could still teach topics such as the Tiananmen Square crackdown and the Cultural Revolution when asked by reporters about it after the radio show.

I wonder how Mr Leung would teach the history of HK when it comes to matters such as the handover from British rule, or the 2014 protests in Central [8].

Could the HK police perhaps charge HK politicians like Mr Yeung under the NSL for being uncooperative or for refusing to answer direct questions?

IMAGE: The CCP through their rule BY law of 1 July 2020 'National Security Law' has illegally annexed HK. The HK police are being controlled directly by CCP : It was reported during 2019 anti-extradition protests that CCP's paramilitary police were being used in HK. Once the National Security Law (NSL) was passed in HK, a special Police office staffed by mainlanders was set up in the SAR. They have recently been allocated land for the establishment of a more permanent operational base.

TWO - The police become the judge

Having seen uniformed members of the HKPF, once "asia's finest" dressed in full riot gear, wielding batons, storming shopping malls, stomping reporters, elderly bystanders and residents of housing estates caught up in demonstrations, it is very hard to picture in our minds that these men and women of HK could at the same time somehow be either connosseurs or officianados of fine art. Beer, food and public brawling, maybe.


Hong Kong police officer among 65 arrested in raid on illegal gambling den


Two Hong Kong police officers arrested, suspended from duties, over suspected misconduct


Eight Hong Kong police officers barred from park after being charged with assaulting, framing street sleepers


Two Hong Kong police officers arrested over ‘torture’ of 62-year-old man at hospital


Video of police beating protester sparks outrage in Hong Kong


Hong Kong policeman jailed for nearly four years for sexually assaulting multiple underage girls


Policewoman 'attacked by colleague' during argument


When the soon to be opened M+ art museum came under the spotlight for displaying some controversial work by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, feathers flew. See our blog: Art meets political correctness in HK [9] On the one hand pro-Beijing critics of the museum would have nothing critical of central government exhibited.

“Many of the pieces are spreading hatred against the country,” pro-Beijing lawmaker Eunice Yung said in a question to CE Carrie Lam in the HK legislature. “Will the government censor the collection? What will the government do to prevent such provocation of anti-China sentiments?” she added.

Then, on the other hand, Suhanya Raffel, executive director of M+ museum, told press on March 12 that the museum would not shrink from presenting work relating to historical events such as the 1989 pro-democracy Tiananmen Square protests, or that by artists who have expressed dissent in regard to government policy.

The best comment came from Henry Tang, the current head of the head of the West Kowloon Cultural District, in which the M+ Museum is located. Mr Tang is a former chief secretary and a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, so one would think his words might have some authority. Dismissing the quarrel he said that it is not up to him to decide if art displayed at the M+ museum violates HK's national security law, and that is a matter for the police. (RTHK, 29 March 2021) [10] [Underline added by the editor]

THREE - Police to vet candidates for loyalty to China

Surprise, surprise! The selection panel being organised to vet potential candidates for LegCo and CE elections is being revamped.

The pushback by CCP against democratic and other dissenting voices began years ago with all the constraints written into post-colonial HK's Basic Law, often considered the city's constitution.

Beijing has remained on guard ever since, first delaying the Basic Law’s tempting hints of possible progress toward electoral reform, and then parceling it out in miniscule Beijing-directed proportions. In 2016 every prospective candidate had to sign a pledge, under pain of committing a criminal offense, affirming his/her commitment to HK’s post-colonial political order - that the SAR is an inalienable part of China., and that the basic policies for HK as stipulated in the Basic Law, cannot be amended.

ANALYSIS : Political Vetting in the Hong Kong Election (News Lens -International Edition) [11]

Fast Forward to 2021 and under China's overhaul of the electoral system of HK, a vetting committee has been set up to screen out 'unpatriotic' candidates, which will consider previous actions and words by an individual, according to the city's justice minister. Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah said the new committee would receive advice from the police's national security unit and a commission led by the chief executive and supervised by Beijing, before making a decision, reported South China Morning Post (SCMP). [12]

Previously it was up to the returning officers to decide whether candidates were eligible to stand for office, and there were a number of crises over the process they followed, the scope of the questions they put to prospective candidates, and their interpretation of the responses. In short, it was political persecution dressed up as a bureaucratic nightmare that even the returning officers ultimately wanted no part of!


Hong Kong disqualifies 12 opposition nominees for assembly


Lawyers question power of returning officers to disqualify Hong Kong poll candidates


Bad behavior disqualifies nominees in Hong Kong


Joshua Wong among multiple Hong Kong pro-democracy candidates disqualified from upcoming election


Can returning officers vet election candidates? Lessons from British history


Disqualified: How the gov’t compromised Hong Kong’s only free and fair election


Aspiring election candidates insist their use of ‘Liberate Hong Kong; revolution of our times’ protest slogan does not mean they advocate independence


No free, fair elections in Hong Kong anymore: Activist Nathan Law


National security police will act on legal breaches found when screening election candidate, Hong Kong legislature told, (HKFP, 31 March 2021)

Hong Kong police’s national security department will take “necessary action” over any breaches of the security law it uncovers in the course of screening candidates for upcoming elections, Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Erick Tsang told the Legislative Council on Wednesday.

The police force’s role in screening political candidates was introduced in Beijing’s sweeping overhaul of the city’s electoral system passed on Tuesday. [13]

What really wrankles many potential candidates is that there is NO transparency in the Security Department's investigative processes, no opportunity to respond to its findings, nor any provision to appeal against your disqualification as an election candidate.

Reacting to the power and authority vested in the electoral vetting panel, Former Democratic Party Chairwoman Emily Lau Wai-hing said the retrogression power was "very threatening" to all candidates, while it was concerning that candidates might never know the true reasons for being disqualified.

"So it's more like a system that the government has all the control...it is not worthwhile taking part in these elections, as no one knows about the criteria, while one may have to bear the consequences of being doxxed and investigated by the national security unit [of the police]," Lau said.

Hong Kong electoral overhaul: Vetting committee to use previous words, actions to determine 'unpatriotic' candidates (ANI News) [14]

China forms vetting panel to screen out 'unpatriotic' Hong Kong poll candidates (Hindustan Times) [15]

Hong Kong’s colonial past echoes in new police vetting powers, pro-Beijing heavyweights say, but election hurdles could mean few face them (SCMP) [16]

Some would say this is all about buck-shifting. There are apparently few who want to shoulder the burden of doing the totalitarian dirty work for CCP, and potentially becoming the next to suffer sanctions from the democratic west. [17] No one wants the onerous responsibility of being the electoral returning officer when you work under the expectations imposed by the NSL and pro-CCP overlords. It's also hard to find people with the necessary nous and the ruthless callous heart to do the unending work of creating terror and eliminating dissenters.

In one HK media report, a pro-CCP legislator referred to the members of the HK police force as "gods" for the work they do. Maybe Xi Jinping likes to think of himself as GOD, ruling over all of humanity, but having that much power and casting the police in that role goes far too far!

. . . . . .o o o o o o O O O O O O o o o o o o . . . . . .

So WHO or what are the HK "POLICE"? What has the force become?

It would be simple minded of us to assume that all the members of the force are the same. Not every member of the force is a mainland NSL cop.

Mind you, it is just as simple-minded of people to assume that all protesters are "rioters", or that being pro-democracy means you are either in favour of independence, or anti-CCP. Not every demonstrator is opposed to the government - just its proposed mainland extradition law, or the subsequent NSL. All the protesters I have ever met wish for 'prosperty and stability' just as the government and CCP say they do! [18] Admittedly some people do take issue with the CCP who they consider just another colonial power, no different to the British.

So many simple minded people tar every protester, marcher and person who attends a rally with the same brush, as being violent anarchists, terrorists and revolutionaries! Not every teacher or school is truly a threat to CCP or the HK government - it's the ideas they promulgate and the truth that are the real threat to authority and the status quo. Thankfully HK still has some civility in it, though a few feathers being cast upon you (after the tar is applied) might have less of a long lasting effect than arbitrary arrest by police, ongoing political persecution and years of being wrongly imprisoned.

The NSL police are a specialised unit altogether, supposedly staffed mainly with experienced mainlanders. Then there are your regular detectives, beat-cops, Police Tactical Unit, the anti-terrorism unit, support staff, marine police, etc, etc. The HKPF is a multi-headed monster. During the 2019 unrest even elite members of the Correctional Services team were roped in to assist frontline police. Some say the various forces have become more militarised - they certainly needed to become more disciplined and professional. CUSTOMS and excise people and CORRECTIONAL services people are all cooperating with the SECURITY operatives and goals of the NSL. [19] Amidst massive increases in expenditure (no itemisation of costs here!), they are less community friendly than ever!

The Hong Kong Police Force, widely criticized by residents for using excessive violence during the protests, has received a big boost from the government that will push its spending to HK$25.8 billion in the coming fiscal year, according to a budget document. That’s a 9.3% increase on revised spending projections of HK$23.6 billion for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The police force plans to increase its staff by more than 2,500 by March 2021, the document shows. [20]

The CCP goal is to CHANGE THE LANDSCAPE within LegCo so they have greater control over the SAR, and that any dissent is severely hamstrung.

The advertising on HK television that suggests patriots rulling HK is the appropriate response to the chaos that wracked HK in 2019 is both relentless and offensive propaganda to those who protested under the '5 demands' banner.

If the NSL really is the panacea to solve HK's current crop of pressing problems, as has been stated so often, then it is no surprise that the Police are being called upon to enforce the rules. It really does solidify the image of HK as a Police State. How more policing will improve the lot of minorities, fix the housing crisis, stem the brain drain, or give hope to young people is beyond us at WTPOHK.

Where once there was supposedly 'separation of powers' in HK, so that the judiciary, legislature, etc. had a degree of independence in their operations, that has now been variously dissolved and undermined by ongoing intimidation, directives and interference. Now the power is more centralised than ever. In Hk we have recently had the Chief of Police suggesting there ought to be a law controlling what news media can report or say about events - all because he didn't like how Apple Daily and other media honed in on images of children playing with weapons during a National Security Education Exhibition held at the Police Training College.

The police can not just make up their own laws, nor can a Legislative Council. Under UN obligations including the Joint Declaration all laws and all HK government bodies can ONLY exist with the authority of the people of HK.

The HK Police are governed by international law and local HK legislation Cap. 232 'Police Force Ordinance.' https://www.elegislation.gov.hk/hk/cap232 They don't let that get in the way of their "work". They probably go by the mantra "Well some one has to do it!", or otherwise just say "Thanks" and note the payments going into their bank account.

The problem is that the will of HK people is currently NOT the authority of HK government as it must be under the Joint Declaration and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 20.3 (quote):

"The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures."

HK's LegCo has since 1 July 1997 been illegitimate because by using 'Functional Constituencies' (FC) it does not comply with 'universal and equal suffrage of elections' : The minority of HK elites have used FC's rule over the majority of HK people - this is the fundamental issue of the current political crisis in HK that has existed for decades.

All laws, policies, actions, government budget, oversight, etc. that have been created by an illegitimate LegCo have no legal basis : they are all illegitimate! What is handed over by LegCo to the judiciary is illegitimate.

The basis upon which HK Police operate is in itself in doubt, even if you fail to grasp or acknowledge the concept of the entire HK government being illegitimate.

Even at the start of protests in 2019 the HKPF were siding with the HK government, deliberately and massively downplaying the number of participants joining peaceful rallies against its proposed extradition Bill that would have given the green light to Hong Kongers being tried in mainland courts. [21]

How the revisions to HK's electoral law somehow further reinforce "One country, two systems" is an utter mystery to most people, though CCP minions say it is so, and who are we to challenge their word?? Would the government lie to the citizens? The problem is that the few scraps of AUTONOMY that the SAR has had up until now have been further shredded by the party that insists it will vet candidates, it will have votes, it will have sway, it will have the last word!


Lam backs Hong Kong electoral changes excluding opponents


Hong Kong to amend election laws in favour of pro-Beijing camp


Hong Kong’s delayed legislative elections set for December


Lately even the possibility that HK electors might choose to abstain from voting in any forthcoming election, deliberately cast blank votes en masse, or purposefully invalidate their voting paper - all as protest initiatives, has again had a number of pro-Beijing or pro-CCP people frothing at the mouth, such was their consternation and angst that anyone would dare not kowtow to their authority or CCP's expectations. "Isn't doing so illegal?" they almost unilaterally claimed.

The possibility of a ban on blank ballots was floated by Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah and constitutional and mainland affairs minister Erick Tsang Kwok-wai during interviews with the press. (MSN/SCMP) [22]


Encouraging Hongkongers to cast protest ballots could be made illegal, Chief Exec. Carrie Lam says


HK poised to jail election boycott campaigners


Vetting election candidates or a witch-hunt?


In CCP's cultish view, organised religion is not trusted, those who are not ethnically Han are not trusted. No one in HK can really be trusted. CCP knows full well that the SAR is loaded with people who moved here from the mainland to escape the exploitation, surveillance and oppression of the party.

We are all to be RULED BY LAW, and naturally the police and other uniformed forces are elevated in importance as the mindless but obedient enforcers. Whatever dirty work CCP wants done in HK that legislators and officials are reluctant to do, the police who are now virtuously, virtually, next to god will no doubt step in.

Prince Edward.

IMAGES : The former Liberal Studies course taught in HK secondary schools has been redefined and renamed "Citizenship and Social Development". In a strange twist, children attending a National Security Education Day event at the HK Police College (15 April 2021) were allowed to play with toy guns, and mimic violent events that took place in Prince Edward MTR train station on 31 August 2019 when Police stormed the station itself as well as carriages loaded with passengers and departing protesters. [23] We are reminded that protesters were arrested and charged for possessing toys, such as laser pens that the Police deemed "weapons".

IMAGES: Police enact the capture of a supposed TERRORIST during a simulated exercise at the Police College during the NSL Education Open Day, 15 April 2021.

Photo: Rhea Mogul/HKFP.

IMAGES: Weapons for all!

IMAGES: Figurines of the HKPF in riot gear complete with the customary warning banners were on sale at the Police College exhibition held on the National Security Education Day 15 April 2021.

CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

There has been no reply from China to the UN letters above!!


[1] Hong Kong police drop ‘pride and care’ motto, now vow to serve with ‘honour, duty and loyalty’


Honour, Duty and Loyalty… to whom? Why the new Hong Kong Police Force slogan is far from reassuring


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IMAGES: Who is creating terror in HK now? Chief Executive Carrie Lam once said she considered her role as 'the mother' of Hong Kong. CCP, and the Chief Executive backed by HKPF and the Legislative Council are all complicit in grave injustice, breaches of the Joint Declaration, political persecution and the denial of freedoms and democratic rights.

In reality, it is the HK pro-democracy protesters who deserve the accolades for upholding the Joint Declaration and its rule OF law - DEFINITELY NOT THE HK POLICE!


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