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Police assault case adjourned: American banker Samuel Bickett

Updated: Sep 17, 2021


[UPDATE 12 September 2021]

American lawyer imprisoned in Hong Kong speaks out about his treatment


The American banker was accused of assaulting the police for "saving hands and feet", the key video tape was destroyed, and the witness was awarded the "Good Citizen" cash prize by the police.

RFA Cantonese News 3 February 2021 (format added; text added inside [ ])

In Hong Kong, a 35-year-old American banker was [accused of] involved in 'assaulting' an off-duty police officer who was pursuing a man suspected of "failing fare" (no ticket entered the gate) at MTR Causeway Bay Station in December 2019. He was charged with assaulting the police and Alternate ordinary [common] assault.

The case reopened in the Eastern District Court on Wednesday (February 3, 2021). As the defense stated that some of the CCTV footage in the MTR station had been deleted due to police actions on that day, the trial would be unfair to the defendant and requested to terminate the hearing; the defense again questioned the reason why the police awarded the "Good Citizen Award" and paid cash to witnesses when the case entered the judicial process.

Magistrate Lin Xiwei adjourned the case until March. (Reported by Liu Shaofeng)

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The 35-year-old defendant, American banker Samuel Bickett, was charged with assaulting an off-duty police officer who was performing his duties and a man, Lu Zhiqiang [CSD officer], at Exit F of Causeway Bay MTR Station on December 7, 2019. It is reported that on the day of the incident, a man was involved in "tripping" [not paying fare] at the Causeway Bay MTR station. Off-duty police officers approached and pursued and accused the defendant of helping the "tripped" man escape.

The trial of the case was originally scheduled to begin on December 9th last year. On that day, the defense lawyers, in view of the insufficient information disclosed by the prosecution of police officers, made the defense of the charge controversial.

Hearing and information disclosure.

Defense: Police admitted that one of the MTR CCTV tapes had been destroyed

The defense earlier questioned the off-duty police involved in using excessive force on the tripping man. The MTR closed-circuit television is the key evidence. However, when the defense asked the prosecution for CCTV footage, it was found that the footage provided by the police did not match the MTR records.

According to the defense's statement, the MTR CCTV footage can show off-duty police attacking a young man. On the day of the incident, the police went to the scene to film the video camera and then obtained a search warrant to search the MTR company. After the police watched the MTR CCTV video, the defense claimed that the police revised the search warrant and excluded the film that was shot to the gate "targetedly". As a result, when the police collected evidence from the MTR company, they missed the off-road television footage. In the end, the MTR Corporation destroyed the relevant footage. The defense stated that the police had admitted in writing that they deliberately destroyed the first set of CCTV clips and only provided the second set of CCTV clips to the court.

The prosecution explained that the MTR used its own system to play the clips. Therefore, after the police searched for evidence, the clips obtained from the MTR were converted into readable files. The original files were automatically deleted by the MTR system due to a long [older?] date.

The defense questioned: After the police discovered the case was not good for them, they presented the "Good Citizen Award" to the main witness in cash.

On July 30, 2020, the defendant submitted an application to the court, which included a large amount of evidence that the main assailant and the original alerter violated the law. About a week later, that is, on August 6 last year, the police called the main witness of the case. Lu Zhiqiang said that he was awarded the "Good Citizen Award" and paid the bonus in cash.

The defense believes that the timing of the police award and payment of the Good Citizen Award to the witnesses caused a serious problem. The police claimed that the witnesses "assisted" them and questioned why the police officers had "assisted" them eight months after the incident and one week after the court appearance. [They had] suddenly decided to present a prize to the witness and pay him a cash prize. The defense also stated that the police and the Department of Justice refused to provide more information, including how the entire application was [processed], the value of the bonus, and related communication documents.

In the absence of sufficient evidence and reasons, the defense applied to the court to terminate the hearing and required the prosecution to disclose the details of the Good Citizen Award to the witness Lu Zhiqiang. The prosecution said it would provide relevant documents to the court and the defense. After discussion, the court decided to process the defense’s application for termination of the hearing on March 31. If the defense’s application for termination of the hearing is not approved by the court, the case will start on April 23. The expected trial period is 3 days. The defense will call witnesses to give evidence.

A tally of prosecutions going awry:

The Hong Kong housewife was alleged to have kicked the police in the thigh. The police claimed to be 1.5 meters tall. Judge: I am 1.6 meters tall.

The woman involved in "throwing petrol bombs at the police station" was released on bail. "The driver held a brick to the police" and the confession was suspected to be fabricated

Judo Hong Kong team members were sentenced to one and a half years in prison for hiding baseball bats. Appeals were commuted and immediately released home to reunite

8.31 Wan Chai Riot Case "Voluntary First Aidman" convicted for 4 years in prison the mother must be supported by relatives and friends to leave the court

Pleaded guilty to concealing petrol bombs, illegal assembly and other crimes and was sentenced to 34 months imprisonment by firefighters with a "flower chicken rope"

Questioning the police obstructing interviews and using excessive force The Hong Kong High Court rejected the application for review

Charged with obstructing senior social worker Xu Liming and found not guilty. Official accused police officer of unreliable evidence

Zhong Hanlin convicted of insulting regional flag and illegal assembly

Zhou Ting’s application for bail was rejected. The defense said the ruling was unfair to the complainant

Members of the three districts were charged with obstructing office work. Officials scolded the prosecution for constantly changing the details of the charges. Ordered to pay two-day trial costs

RFA Cantonese news

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