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Petition "Referendum Solution for Hong Kong"

Updated: Jan 10, 2021


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HK majority who are the protesters - thanks you for your support!

香港大多數誰是抗議者 - 謝謝你的支援!

孫中山博士的話 Dr Sun Yat-sen quote


"The government should train and direct the people in their acquisition of political knowledge and ability, thereby enabling them to exercise the powers of election, recall, initiative, and referendum."

The wording of the petition:


“To restore prosperity and stability to Hong Kong now and beyond 2047, there is a need for an immediate political solution. We call for a referendum as a political solution for China’s anticipatory breach of the 1984 Sino - British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong.”

“為了從現在到2047年恢復香港的穩定,有必要立即採取政治解決方案。我們呼籲舉行全民公投,作為中國預期違反1984年 中英聯合聲明” 的政治解決方案。”

Supporting text (numbers refer to references below):


The referendum will contain questions covering the election by universal and equal suffrage of a new democratic Hong Kong government, its new Chief Executive and Legislative Council. The referendum will provide the mandate upon which the new democratic government of the SAR can address the remaining demands(1) of protesters including amnesty, and an independent inquiry into Police and government operations.


A referendum which is then acted upon negates the anticipatory breach(2) by China and leaves it with no effect, so the Joint Declaration(3) can continue in principle ‘as amended’. Endorsing the referendum which is then acted upon would be the proper reaction of the British and Chinese governments as it would right the wrong, and correct and nullify the breach.


Both the Chief Executive of Hong Kong and the officials of central government in China must respect and uphold the terms of the Joint Declaration, ensuring a high degree of autonomy and protecting the people of Hong Kong and their way of life. Although the Joint Declaration is valid until 2047, it can serve the best interests, hopes and aspirations of Hong Kong far beyond that. Besides the impact on ordinary citizens of Hong Kong, failure to grant a high degree of autonomy(4) puts in jeopardy the special trading status of the city state(5), weakens the effectiveness of its government and undermines the functioning of the ‘one country, two systems’ policy.


(In case of misunderstandings the English language version prevails).


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Note: So far WTPOHK has pinned our referendum blogs at the top of our website - we have now decided to unpin these blogs. In recognition of the referendums that have already taken place (the latest being the pro-democrats LegCo primaries) we have decided to date them on 11 July 2020 (the first day of the primaries).

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