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Paradigm shift : Inter-dependency means the end of patriarchy

Updated: May 28, 2021

Post-paradigm shift a more 'inter-dependent' humanity now increasingly sees, understands and is acting differently towards the old paridigm's patriarchies in our religions, businesses, politics, families, communities, countries, etc.

In this CNN video (above), we can see that a ten year old Palestinian girl clearly understands the value of life. The supreme human right is the UN 'right to life'. The United Nations supreme human right is the 'right to life'. In the UN letter to China "Mandates of the UN special rapporteurs 19 February 2020 on arrests of HK medics during protests" rapporteurs wrote (bold format added): "..[i]n its General comment No. 36 (CCPR/C/GC/36), the Human Rights Committee has stressed that the right to life is the supreme right from which no derogation is permitted.."

The new paradigm is about EVERY-THING in healthy inter-dependence becoming more AWAKENED, more CONSCIOUS. This is what the Universe is doing, so this is what all THINGS must do.

'Inter-dependency' (interdependency) definition is - 'the state of being dependent upon one another : mutual dependence'. For example, at the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic Hong Kong (HK) people used their experience of SARS 2002-2003, and chose to wear face masks for 'mutual dependence' i.e. for everyone's health.

Inter-dependency is based upon equal dependency for all humanity : i.e. this means there is no place nor space for a 'superior' anyone nor anything.

Under the rule OF law, the law is King. If there is a monarchy the King must also be answerable to the rule OF law in exactly the same manner as all citizens are. This is fundamentally why the rule OF law is a process that the public must accept and live by - otherwise there is no rule OF law . Right now HK has no rule OF law since there is no public process, and those in authority operate according to their own rules.

Post-paradigm shift this change in the relative dynamics between our world's two different political systems means that democracy's 'pluralistic power structures' are now many magnitudes greater in their effectiveness than those of the 'monolithic power structures' of Kings, Emperors, dictators and autocrats.

'Pluralistic power structures' have the same 'DNA' of inter-dependency as the new paradigm : 'monolithic power structures' DNA are entirely different and belong in the old paradigm.

What will gradually emerge out of the old patriarchy will be a more balanced feminine - masculine energy, and structures such as those needed for humanity to begin to tackle its issues of global climate change, sustainability and others.

If we are unable to evolve our consciousness through the new paradigm, then humanity will become a pest to Earth and we will face the consequences.

CCP is negligent and incompetent in everything it says and does.

Please read our blog 'Campaign to 'thank' Xi Jinping flatly rejected by Wuhan citizens'.

As these RFA videos show (above), it is much easier for a community to effectively get something done in a leading democracy where everyone is fundamentally looking after each other, than it is in a Kingdom where the Emperor exercises arbitrary rule BY law.

Taiwan has very successfully made the transition from being a Han Chinese feudal plutocracy - like today's China, HK and Singapore - to becoming Asia's best democracy with world class technology.

The global consciousness has shifted - there is no option except Earth's healthy inter-dependency : Take onboard the new paradigm or be left behind!


CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

Thanks RFA's Rebel Pepper!

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