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8 May 2020 a South Asian man died in HK Police custody

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

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[Update] This man was a Sikh Indian national, a HK Permanent resident! As we get more information we will post!

There were NO protests over this South Asian man's death in HK!

Despite repeated requests from many quarters, Hong Kong (HK) still does not have an independent Commission of Inquiry (COI) into Police since the start of HK anti-extradition protests in June 2019.

Serious concerns about HK police' disproportionate use of force during this season of protests have been raised by HK people, UK parliament, UN, US President Trump's administration and others. Three UN Special Rapporteurs to the United Nations (UN) have sent UN letters (28 June 2019 and 29 January 2020 and 19 February 2020) - all sent to the Central Government in Beijing, China - to date none have been answered.

Under HK's current Race Discrimination Ordinance (RDO) the police have the right to discriminate on the basis of race! (See below).

For any number of reasons the HK media has so far either not continued nor picked up on this tragic incident of the death of a human being!

Please see our original blog HK Police careers in tatters item 12.

One of the most disturbing incidents so far in this entire HK anti-extradition protest movement was the Police decision NOT to request a Coroners Report and the immediate cremation of Miss Chan Yin-lam a 15 year old girl, a child, a good swimmer, found dead, naked in the sea!

The UN supreme human right is our right to life!

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights was co-drafted by Dr. Peng Chun Chang, commonly known as P. C. Chang (simplified Chinese: 张彭春; traditional Chinese: 張彭春; 1892–1957), a Chinese academic, philosopher, playwright, human rights activist, and diplomat. He was born in Tianjin, China, and died at his home in Nutley, New Jersey.

In HK on 7 May 2020 a "non-Chinese" [rumoured South Asian] male was arrested by Police using a knee to his neck and back! He died roughly 24 hours later in hospital on 8 May 2020.

The incident and arrest happened around 5 pm on Thursday 7 May 2020 and his death in hospital was around 6 pm on Friday 8 May 2020. First reported by RTHK 00.10 on Sunday 10 May 2020.

Picture: https://twitter.com/Fight4HongKong/status/1260185530148352003

Pictures at the scene shows this man appears to be a foreign national, rumoured to be South Asian, he was arrested and restrained with a knee held at his back and neck (rumoured to be restrained by knee for 5-7 minutes).

Hong Kong paramedics found suspect was not breathing and had no pulse in police vehicle.

He was not in a HK protest. Pressure applied with an officer's body weight using their knee held at the back and neck is common practice of HK Police arresting protesters.

Click here for Twitter with pictures & video:


Text of Tweet: "Video of the arrest showing how 3 policemen knelt on the suspect’s neck and back. He collapsed inside police van. The man had already gone into cardiac arrest but no CPR was performed before paramedic arrived."

(Video from https://twitter.com/Fight4HongKong/status/1260185530148352003)

Why did it take Police so long to release incident and death information? No names or any other details have been published by the media.

Police have requested a Coroner's report - to date it has not been released.

A similar knee to the neck and back during arrest with death from asphyxiation occurred to American male George Floyd in USA! (See video below).

As usual, HK police DENIED any wrong doing!!

Police say man dies after resisting arrest

RTHK 10 May 2020

"Police have confirmed that a man who resisted arrest for suspected criminal damage and possession of drugs, has died in hospital.

They said members of the public told uniformed officers from the Yau Tsim police district in Nathan Road on Thursday at about 5pm that a man had damaged a passing vehicle with a bottle and had also hit a parked car and pushed over a motorcycle nearby.

They said that when police intercepted him, he resisted arrest and there was a violent struggle before he was subdued with the help of a passer-by.

Police said they found about four grams of suspected heroin on the man, who was described as non-Chinese, but no further details were given.

The man was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he was certified dead at about 6 pm on Friday.

The case has been handed over to the West Kowloon Regional Crime Unit for investigation and a post-mortem will be carried out."

Hong Kong paramedics found suspect was not breathing and had no pulse in police vehicle, department reveals

SCMP 11 May 2020 Sum Lok-kei

"Paramedics found that an arrested man was not breathing and had no pulse when they were called to treat him in a police vehicle on Thursday, according to Hong Kong’s Fire Services Department.

Police earlier said the suspect had died on Friday, about 24 hours after he was arrested on Nathan Road in Kowloon for criminal damage, drug possession and assaulting officers.

While the force said the man was “unwell” and sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Yau Ma Tei on Thursday, it did not provide details about the suspect’s cause of death.

On Sunday, the fire service said the suspect was found without a pulse when an ambulance arrived at 6.04pm.

“Ambulance officers examined a man inside the police vehicle, first aid was provided after he was found not breathing and had no pulse,” the department said, adding it first received an ambulance request at 5.55pm.

According to a police statement, officers arranged for an ambulance but it did not say if they provided first aid.

The suspect was arrested at around 5pm on Thursday, after officers on patrol on Nathan Road responded to a report about a non-Chinese man “smelling strongly of alcohol” damaging a moving vehicle with a glass bottle and toppling over a nearby motorcycle.

In its statement, the force said the suspect “fiercely resisted” when officers stopped and searched him.

It said officers were helped by passers-by and used “appropriate force” to subdue the man before finding on him four grams of a substance believed to be heroin.

Video footage taken by onlookers shows three officers and a man in casual wear subduing the suspect at one point. It shows the suspect later being taken to a police car.

A medical source, who wished not to be named, questioned if police had performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the suspect before the ambulance arrived.

“The question is, did police monitor the suspect’s breathing and pulse while he was unconscious? Or did they just leave him there while waiting for an ambulance?” the source said, adding that resuscitation earlier could have increased a collapsed person’s chances of survival.

The force said officers had contacted eye witnesses and would arrange for an autopsy to ascertain the suspect’s cause of death.

The force’s Kowloon West regional crime unit is handling the case."

Man's death not the fault of officers: Chris Tang

RTHK 12 May 2020

"Police Commissioner Chris Tang has defended the force's handling of a man who died in hospital following his arrest last week, saying his officers acted in accordance with guidelines and he couldn't see that they had done anything wrong.

Tang was asked about the incident at a meeting of Yuen Long District Council on Tuesday.

Officers intercepted the man on Nathan Road on Thursday and a violent struggle ensued between the suspect and officers. The man was taken to hospital but died on Friday.

The police chief told councillors that the non-Chinese man had been smashing things up and later resisted arrest.

He said that officers at the scene believed the suspect may have had a mental disorder, so they decided to call an ambulance to send him to hospital.

Tang added that a preliminary medical report showed that the deceased did not have any fractures or broken bones, and that they were waiting for a postmortem to determine the exact cause of death.

He then told district councillors that he believes his officers acted in accordance with procedures and guidelines, and at this point, he couldn't see any wrongdoing on their part."

HK's record of racial discrimination against South Asians:

  1. Majority of HK protesters are NOT racists. HK protesters are focused on unity, inter-dependency, human rights and democracy. Please see our blog Violation of Kowloon Mosque by Police

  2. HKSAR Teachers University HKIEd’s study “Research on Poverty of Ethnic Minority Children in Hong Kong” “...The study also shows that the poverty risk of ethnic minority families is closely associated with the problem of assimilation….Through analyzing the 2001 and 2011 Hong Kong Population Census data, we found that families from South Asian, Other Asian and Other Racial groups have experienced an increase in poverty rates between 2001 and 2011, whereas the poverty rate of Chinese families has decreased during the same period. Among the South Asians, the Pakistani had the highest poverty rate in both 2001 (49.1%) and 2011 (59.6%).” “For all ethnic minorities, second generation immigrants have a higher risk of poverty than first generation immigrants.” (Ref. HKIEd “Research on Poverty of Ethnic Minority Children in Hong Kong”, December 2015).

  3. This HKIEd article findings is supported in HKSAR Government reports on minorities poverty as the situation is getting worse for minorities communities. The rate of ethnic minorities living below the poverty line had risen from 15.8 per cent in 2011 to 19.4 per cent in 2016. (Ref. https://www.hongkongfp.com/2018/02/08/poverty-rate-rises-among-hong-kong-ethnic-minorities-fifth-says-govt-report/ ).

  4. Joint submission of HKSAR NGO’s, Convention on the Elimination of Race Discrimination (CERD) May 2018 (quote): 49. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Hong Kong Race Discrimination Ordinance (RDO), enacted in 2008, is by far the weakest among the four anti-discrimination ordinances in Hong Kong. It does not fully comply with Hong Kong’s obligations under the ICERD nor is it in line with those in other international human rights treaties. The Ordinance contains a number of exceptions and gaps which have the effect of allowing discrimination on the ground of race. They include: 1) an overly narrow definition of what amounts to “racial discrimination”; 2) broad exceptions to the meaning of “race” as a prohibited ground of discrimination; and 3) limited scope of application notably excluding some government functions and certain aspects of the education sector. (Ref. http://www.soco.org.hk/publication/press_release/crec/2018/CERD%20joint%20submission%202018.pdf )

  5. The only current HKSAR anti-race discrimination legislation is the “Race Discrimination Ordinance” (RDO) which significantly does NOT include racial discrimination by HKSAR Government employed Police Officers i.e. the Court did not find that under RDO the Police provides a “service”. (Ref https://www.hongkongfp.com/2016/06/05/long-awaited-judgment-in-police-race-discrimination-case-is-a-missed-opportunity/ )

  6. This was highlighted in 2016 HKSAR Court action against the Police by Mr. Arjun Singh, a HKSAR minority Permanent Resident. This highlights a key weakness in the RDO, as it is the only Ordinance amongst the four HKSAR anti-Discrimination Ordinances that does NOT mention that it is unlawful for the Government employed Police to discriminate against persons on the grounds of race in the performance of its functions or the exercising of its powers. (Ref. https://www.hongkongfp.com/2017/10/08/asias-world-city-hong-kong-ethnic-minorities-feel-targeted-police-stop-search-actions/ )


This video explains death from asphyxiation of 46 year old American male George Floyd in USA

NYT investigative report on the death in police custody of American George Floyd in USA - his death sparked nationwide massive protests

Further reading:

See our blog on the discrimination and coercion of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong





根據香港現行的《種族歧視條例》(RDO),警察有權基於種族來歧視! (見下文)。



迄今為止,在整個香港反送中抗議運動中,最令人不安的事件之一是警方決定不要求提交死因裁判官報告,並立即火化15歲的女孩,一個孩子,游泳愛好者Chan Yin-lam小姐,被發現死了,赤身裸體在海中!


聯合國世界人權宣言是由中國學者,哲學家,劇作家,人權維權人士和外交官張彭春博士參與共同起草的,張彭春博士通常被稱為P. C. Chang(簡體中文:張彭春;繁體中文:張彭春; 1892-1957年)。他出生於中國天津,去世位於新澤西州Nutley的家。













在美國,男性喬治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd)死於類似用膝蓋壓著頸部和背部的制服逮捕!(請參見下面的視頻)。












SCMP 2020年5月11日















人死不是軍官的過錯:克里斯·唐(Chris Tang)


“警察專員克里斯·唐(Chris Tang)為該部隊對一名上週被捕後在醫院死亡的男子的處理進行辯護,稱他的警官按照指導方針行事,他看不到他們做錯了什麼。










香港特別行政區師範學院香港教育學院的研究“香港少數族裔兒童的貧困研究”“ ...該研究還表明,少數民族家庭的貧困風險與同化問題密切相關……。通過分析2001年和2011年的香港根據香港人口普查數據,我們發現,在2001年至2011年期間,南亞,其他亞洲和其他種族群體的家庭的貧困率有所上升,而同期中國家庭的貧困率卻有所下降。在南亞人中,巴基斯坦人的貧困率在2001年(49.1%)和2011年(59.6%)均最高。” “對於所有少數民族而言,第二代移民比第一代移民有更高的貧困風險。” (參見香港教育學院“香港少數民族兒童貧困研究”,2015年12月)。


香港特區非政府組織聯合提交的《消除種族歧視公約》(CERD),2018年5月(引用):“ 49。毫不誇張地說,2008年制定的《香港種族歧視條例》是香港四項反歧視條例中最弱的一項。它沒有完全遵守《 ICERD》規定的香港義務,也不符合其他國際人權條約的義務。該條例載有一些例外情況和空白,可導致基於種族的歧視。它們包括:1)對“種族歧視”的定義過於狹窄; 2)作為禁止的歧視理由,“種族”含義的廣泛例外; 3)適用範圍有限,特別是不包括某些政府職能和教育部門的某些方面。 (參考http://www.soco.org.hk/publication/press_release/crec/2018/CERD%20joint%20submission%202018.pdf)

香港特別行政區目前唯一的反種族歧視立法是《種族歧視條例》,該條例明顯不包括香港特別行政區政府僱用的警務人員的種族歧視,即法院未發現根據《種族歧視條例》,警方提供了“服務”。 (請參閱https://www.hongkongfp.com/2016/06/05/long-awaited-judgment-in-police-race-discrimination-case-is-a-missed-opportunity/)

香港特別行政區永久性居民Arjun Singh先生在2016年香港特別行政區法院針對警察的訴訟中強調了這一點。這突顯了《區域歧視條例》的一個主要弱點,因為它是香港特別行政區四項《反歧視條例》中唯一沒有提及政府僱用的警察以種族為由歧視人的行為是非法的。功能或行使其權力。 (參考https://www.hongkongfp.com/2017/10/08/asias-world-city-hong-kong-ethnic-minorities-feel-targeted-police-stop-search-actions/)


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