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Now TV reporter "taken in for his own safety"! Now 電視台記者“為自己的安全而被逮捕”!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

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RTHK reported

Police said on Monday 14 October 2019 that a Now TV driver who says he was beaten up by officers inside Mong Kok Police Station in the early hours had not been arrested, and he was only taken there for his own safety because petrol bombs were being thrown in the area.

The force's claim, made at a press briefing, came despite the fact that the driver's hands had been tied by cables.

Now TV said he had also been shot in the head with what is believed to have been a beanbag round.

Acting chief superintendent Kong Wing-cheung said the force's Complaints Against Police Office is now looking into the driver's claim that he was taken to a stairwell inside the station, where several officers beat him around the head with batons.

"According to our officers, after he [the driver] was accidentally shot, he fell down. So the reason for the injuries has to be confirmed. We are actively investigating this case, of course including identifying which officers had handled this injured person, as well as we have to retrieve any CCTV from the police station," Kong said.

The police also said it took them more than two hours to call an ambulance for the Now TV driver, who had multiple injuries including a fractured jaw, because they struggled to ascertain his identity.

The broadcaster had said that the driver, who was wearing a press vest with its logo on, had told officers that he works for the station, and another member of the press had confirmed this before the driver was detained.

Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) reported on 15 October 2019 that the Police said “We are sorry for the misunderstanding in communication during this incident.”


警方於2019年10月14日星期一稱,Now TV節目中的一名司機說他在凌晨被旺角警察局內的警察毆打並沒有被捕,他只是為了自己的安全而被帶到那裡,因為在該區域有許多汽油彈被投擲。


Now TV上說他的頭部也被相信的布袋彈擊中了。



警方還表示,他們花了兩個多小時才為Now TV司機叫救護車,因為他們努力確定他的身份,Now TV司機多處受傷,其中包括頜骨骨折。



Now TV driver "taken in for his own safety"

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