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Not without reason (Part 2 of 2) 不是沒有道理…第一部分

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

(Please scroll down for Chinese translation 繁体中文请往下滑).

Why do some protesters in Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement seem so hell-bent on violence? So-called 'frontliners' and 'radicals' have been called terrorists by those opposed to the protests that have been going on now for more than three months.

There are many different reasons why protests have become violent...and here are just 70 of the possible explanations. NOTE: This IS NOT meant to encourage you to become violent or destructive!

1. The law as it stands is unreasonable

2. The electoral system is unfair

3. You have made it really hard to live a good life in Hong Kong

4. You make lots of money at our expense

5. You pretend everything is fine when it isn’t

6. You denied us a permit to march legally

7. You blocked our march from entering certain streets

8. You hit us with truncheons

9. You kicked me when I was down

10. You used excessive violence when you arrested me

11. You abused me verbally after I was arrested

12. You sexually abused me while I was in custody

13. You did not follow correct police operational procedures

14. You are selective in enforcing the law

15. You never came when we needed your help

16. You just don’t listen to us

17. You dismiss every suggestion we make

18. You waited three months before withdrawing the Extradition Bill

19. You blame others for the havoc you created

20. You have no accountability

21. You don’t show any real sincerity

22. You invoked a 1922 colonial era law to ban masks

23. You ignore public opinion

24. You armed the police with lethal weapons

25. We are sprayed with toxic chemicals again and again

26. We have little reason to trust the Police, or the government

27. We are more afraid of the Police than ever

28. We have already told you what we want

29. We expect more of our MTR service

30. We marched peacefully and there was no result

31. We want greater autonomy

32. We do not want the communist party controlling our affairs

33. We have been attacked with rattan canes, wooden sticks and steel bars

34. We are upset about the deaths of our friends

35. You have called us terrorists

36. You say we have no intelligence

37. You criticised us publicly

38. You vandalised the Lennon Walls we created

39. You destroyed floral tributes set up for people who had died

40. You tell me who I can mix with and be friends with

41. You ignore injustice

42. The MTR helped the Police

43. The MTR shares information with the Police

44. The MTR closed stations preventing us getting to protests

45. You ordered us to disperse but then blocked our exits

46. Your ignored manufacturer guidelines on the appropriate use of tear gas

47. You aimed weapons directly at people’s faces

48. You have colluded with the enemy

49. You take orders from Beijing

50. You erode freedom in Hong Kong

51. You prevent the work of the media

52. The Police invade private space

53. The Police carry out searches without a warrant

54. The investigation you promise is not independent

55. The facilities in which you keep prisoners are inappropriate

56. The excuses and justifications given by the Police are appalling

57. Delays in getting medical treatment to injured people in Police custody amount to torture

58. The rights of children are being ignored or denied

59. The attempts to establish a dialogue are a farce

60. You have undermined the rule of law in Hong Kong

61. You interpret things to suit yourself

62. You create barriers and inflame tensions in society

63. Your actions contradict your words

64. You have shamed teachers and schools

65. You have created a backlog of court cases that will take years to clear

66. Police don’t let us call a lawyer or our family

67. Police attack bystanders and protesters indiscriminately

68. Our young leaders were sent to jail

69. Beijing intercedes too much in Hong Kong affairs

70. Pro-democracy legislators have been physically assaulted

Jeremiah B.

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1.現行法律是不合理的 2.選舉制度不公平 3.您很難在香港過上好日子 4.您以我們為代價賺了很多錢 5.您假裝一切正常 6.您拒絕了我們合法行軍的許可證 7.您阻止了我們進軍某些街道 8.你用警棍打我們 9.當我沮喪的時候你踢了我 10.當您逮捕我時,您使用了過度的暴力 11.我被捕後你口頭虐待我 12.你在我被關押期間性虐待了我 13.您沒有遵循正確的警察操作程序 14.您有選擇地執行法律 15.當我們需要您的幫助時,您從未來過 16.你只是不聽我們的17.您拒絕我們提出的所有建議 18.您等了三個月才撤回《引渡法案》 19.您將造成的破壞歸咎於他人 20.您沒有責任 21.你沒有表現出真正的誠意 22.您引用了1922年殖民時代的法律來禁止口罩

23.你無視輿論 24.您用致命武器武裝警察 25.我們一次又一次地噴上有毒化學物質 26.我們沒有理由相信警察或政府 27.我們比以往更加害怕警察 28.我們已經告訴您我們想要什麼 29.我們希望更多的地鐵服務 30.我們和平遊行,沒有結果 31.我們想要更大的自主權 32.我們不希望共產黨控制我們的事務 33.我們受到藤製藤條,木棍和鋼筋的襲擊 34.我們為朋友之死而難過 35.您稱我們為恐怖分子 36.你說我們沒有情報 37.您公開批評我們 38.您破壞了我們創建的列儂牆 39.您摧毀了為死者設立的花卉致敬 40.你告訴我我可以和誰交朋友 41.你不公正 42.港鐵協助警方 43.港鐵與警方分享情報 44.地鐵關閉了車站,阻止我們進行抗議 45.您命令我們驅散,但隨後阻止了我們的出口 46.您忽略了製造商有關正確使用催淚瓦斯的準則 47.您將武器直接對准人們的臉 48.你與敵人串通了 49.您聽從北京的命令 50.你削弱了香港的自由 51.您阻止了媒體的工作 52.警察侵入私人空間 53.警察在沒有逮捕證的情況下進行搜查 54.您保證的調查不是獨立的 55.拘留囚犯的設施不合適 56.警方提供的藉口和理由令人震驚。 57.警察拘留中受傷的人得不到及時醫療就等於遭受酷刑。 58.兒童權利被忽視或剝奪 59.建立對話的嘗試是鬧劇 60.您破壞了香港的法治 61.您解釋適合自己的事物 62.您在社會上製造障礙並激化緊張氣氛 63.你的舉止與你的言語相矛盾 64.您已經羞辱了老師和學校 65.您創建了一個積壓的法院案件,需要花費數年的時間才能解決 66.警察不允許我們打電話給律師或我們的家人 67.警察任意襲擊旁觀者和抗議者 68.我們的年輕領導人被送進監獄 69.北京對香港事務的干預過多 70.民主派立法者遭到人身攻擊

Jeremiah B.

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