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Milk Tea Alliance : the world's online pushback against CCP tyranny

The 'milk tea alliance' is a global online solidarity movement opposing the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their nationalist goal of the 'Middle Kingdom' : In Asia only China does not drink milk with their tea!

The primary importance of the Milk Tea Alliance [editor's note: I think the alliance deserves capital letters] for protesters is the unity that it spreads across the world - in particular amongst the young generation who are on the front line of peaceful protests for democracy.

Space the Milk Tea Alliance occupies is online - which from experience means CCP has zero to little chance to counter the narratives nor the people who support this alliance!

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Based on information provided by Wikipedia , the Milk Tea Alliance started in April 2020 after CCP's 50 cent army of 'little pinks' took it upon themselves to denigate popular Thai actor Vachirawit Chivaaree, the star of 2gether, a Thai TV drama that was also popular in China. It started when he reposted an image on Twitter which listed Hong Kong as a "country" - CCP's little pinks smelling blood went after him only to find overwhelming opposition to them online in Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Chinese social media users, unable to fathom the lack of respect Thai nationals have for their king and country, then began lecturing them on the meaning of patriotism. This led several Thai users to also share videos of the popular rap song ‘Prathet Ku Mee’ (What My Country’s Got), created by Thai rap-group 'Rap Against Dictatorship', where the rappers are critical of their nation’s military, to show China’s internet warriors that they weren’t afraid of criticising their government.

CCP having created an online social media war was defeated, and for now at least, has retreated.

The CCP suggests that the Milk Tea Alliance has 'foreign influence' : i.e. it wants to relate it directly to CCP's own experience as a student movement heavily funded by the Soviets.

Many HK people know that there is nothing so enjoyable as a cup of super strong HK Cantonese style 'yit lai cha' (hot milk tea). The classic way to drink it is mid-afternoon on a hot summers day in a street style 'dai pai dong' (traditional hawker restaurant) served on a traditonal round table, stools and electric fans.

Today the number of countries / territories in the milk tea alliance is rapidly growing and includes at least Thailand, Hong Kong (HK), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Phillipines, Singapore, Xinjiang, India, Myanmar, Australia and Iran.

The potential is there for massive growth of the Milk Tea Alliance throughout Asia and world wide!


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