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Middle kingdom Emperor Xi Jinping assumes he is the ruler of the world!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

For background please read our blogs 'English translation Hong Kong's National Security Legislation', 'Nationalism in China: the World revolves around CCP!', 'CCP is a paper tiger challenging world order', 'The will of the people has been agreed', CCP is a virus!

CCP must be SHUT DOWN!

People of the world, countries of the world must WAKE UP!!

Use critical thinking and connect the dots!


Emperor Xi has now applied through Hong Kong (HK) a new National Security Legislation which applies to every human being on Earth! Emperor Xi is now living China's authoritarian ruling party Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) nationalist view that the entire world revolves around CCP! This is not our imagination - the latest party decree to implement so-called 'National Security" legislation in Hong Kong has far reaching implications for people EVERYWHERE. This is a real and imminent global threat to all!

From our blog 'Nationalism in China: the World revolves around CCP!'



"China" written above in traditional Chinese characters.


"China" written above in simplified Chinese characters.

The first character means "middle" (pinyin: zhōng).

The second character (traditional) 國 (pinyin: guó) or (simplified) 国 means "country" or "kingdom".

Together the two Chinese characters for China means "middle kingdom".

The term "middle kingdom" has played itself out everywhere, including in the design and layout of China's capital Beijing. The Emperor sat on his throne in the Forbidden city, the middle of the middle, looking at his nine dragons with the middle dragon in his Imperial yellow that only he could wear - and held his Court.

The energy of the entire World is to appear as if coming FROM and TO the Emperor of China. The appearance and intent is that the entire World REVOLVES around China, the middle kingdom.

For legitimacy the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hijacked Beijing's geomancy and placed themselves in the centre. The CCP's only strategy is to stay in the centre, in power, no matter what!

New Hong Kong national security law affects 7.8B[illion] around the world

Source: Apple Daily 2 July 2020

China has claimed extraterritoriality under the newly enacted Hong Kong national security law, which applies to local residents, foreigners in the city as well as non-residents living abroad. The law was gazetted at 11 p.m. on June 30 but an official English version has yet to be made available to non-Chinese speakers around the world who might be affected by the sweeping legislation. The state-operated Xinhua News Agency published an English version of the law after midnight of July 1 on its website but stated that the 39-page document was an “English translation” that was for “reference only.” Only the first page in English was gazetted but not the full English version, which could not be seen as an official legal document. Hong Kong Baptist University’s journalism lecturer Bruce Lui said the lack of an official English version of the law has seriously deprived the rights of foreigners currently in the city. If a foreigner who does not read Chinese is found guilty of an offence stated in the law, it could cause legal disputes as he or she would be clueless about the details of the legislation. According to the English translation published by Xinhua, the law’s Article 29 states that “a person who steals, spies, obtains with payment, or unlawfully provides State secrets or intelligence concerning national security for a foreign country or an institution, organisation or individual outside the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao” could be found guilty of collusion with a foreign country. Article 29 also states that a person who “requests,” “conspires with” or “directly or indirectly receives instructions, control, funding or other kinds of support from” foreign forces, including an institution, organization or an individual abroad, to wage war against China or undermine the country’s sovereignty by force, disrupt the implementation of government policies in Hong Kong or mainland China, rig or undermine an election or provoke hatred towards the central or Hong Kong governments could also be found guilty. Those who commit an offence — local residents or foreign forces — could face three to 10 years in jail or life imprisonment for serious offences. According to Article 34 of the law, non-Hong Kong residents who commit an offence could be deported. Meanwhile, Article 38 states that the law applies to offences “committed against the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region from outside the Region by a person who is not a permanent resident of the Region.” University of Hong Kong law scholar Eric Cheung pointed out that the concept of extraterritoriality stated in Article 36 to Article 38 meant that anyone, regardless of their nationality, could be arrested and prosecuted as soon as they set foot in Hong Kong. In a Facebook post, he urged the world’s 7.8 billion population to study the law carefully to avoid being charged under the new legislation. Lawmaker James To of the Democratic Party said tourists or even foreigners transiting through Hong Kong could be subject to prosecution. He said the draconian law would drive people away, particularly those from Taiwan who have made pro-independence statements. “Hong Kong’s tourism industry will be in deep trouble,” he said. To added that the law would also affect Hong Kong’s relationships with those from abroad. “It’s not just about the CIA, but everyone from foreign lawmakers, NGOs, environmental groups or even your mother-in-law living in Canada,” he said, adding that a foreign person who sets foot in a country that has extradition arrangements with China could be arrested and sent to the mainland.

(Click here for Chinese version).

Middle kingdom Emperor Xi Jinping says he is the RULER OF THE WORLD for life!!

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