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Masters of Misrepresentation : Choosing consequences over truth

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Truth has no consequences. Truth = rule OF law = Justice. Anything else carries with it consequences. The more and bigger the lies, so the consequences increase. Misrepresentations, or outright lies, all carry consequences.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has no legitimacy to rule over China : and because of its breaches of UN international treaties including the Joint Declaration, neither does CCP have the right to rule over Hong Kong (HK).

There are many lies throughout the history of CCP which are used as part of its structural violence of torture by coercion of the people of China, supposedly for 'stability and prosperity', but also ensuring that CCP remains in power : i.e. if you want 'prosperity' then you must accept and support CCP's actions for 'stability' which includes arbitrary disappearances, murder, Tiananmen massacre, COVID-19 source and spreading, Xinjiang genocide, etc.

CCP and HK government will increasingly face the consequences of their lies and misrepresentations.

Twitter 真的民心所向的大眾代表?!……缺一不可?!

(Google translated into English) Is this the representation the masses really want? ! ....indispensable? !

Open raised palm and one digit finger on the other hand is sign language for HK protesters slogan '5 demands not one less' ! Seeing CCP using its sports people at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, and the Olympians in support of HK protesters' demands must be the consequence of their misrepresentation!

Brief history

In 1921 the CCP was a nationalist student movement heavily funded and controlled by the Soviets (USSR). CCP's Mao Zhedong until the end of WWII in 1945 was busy promoting to the world that he would change China into a democracy. Mao committed treason by conspiring with the Japanese Army : there was no 'civil war' that ended in 1949 - there is no legitimacy to the CCP's 'People's democratic dictatorship' over China.

Since 1949, CCP - with its arbitrary rule BY law - rates as the world's worst ever totalitarian regime that has killed over 77million of its own people!

Since 1949 CCP did not allow the colonial British to introduce democracy into HK.

The 4 June 1989 Tiananmen massacre clearly demonstrated to the world the brutal reality of the totalitarian CCP and deeply worried HK people for their future under the Joint Declaration. On 1 July 2020, with CCP's annexation using its rule BY law national security law, HKers worst fears have now been realized!

Consequences viewed from 30,000 feet overhead

Under the UDHR the will of the people is the authority of the government. HK is not a democracy - it is a feudal Chinese plutocracy.

The core of HK's current political crisis has been building for decades : HK's elections for the CE and the Legislative Council (LegCo) are NOT according to its UN obligations of universal and equal suffrage. Only HK's District Council elections are legitimate.

HK is a police state where all decisions are made by mainland Chinese members of CCP. Carrie Lam, the HK government and local HK Chinese people have no say nor any role to play in today's HK.

The plutocratic relationship between the CCP, police, triads (organized criminals) and some business people is corrupt : e.g. the 21 July 2019 attack by triads on the Yuen Long MTR.

Every HK Chief Executive (CE), has been 'selected' by CCP and rejected by the majority of HK people who are pro-democratic.

No CE has completed a second term and each CE has been worse than their predecessor. This is CCP's problem.

Mrs Carrie Lam as CE is unacceptable to HK people. Her popularity rating is the lowest of any CE to-date. She is an elitist, unable to communicate nor have empathy for HK people, unwilling to listen to anyone. She has spent her entire career working in the HK government and has become 'institutionalized'.

HK's primary assets are its geographic location at the mouth of the Greater Bay Area, its people and the rule OF law. By annexing HK in 2020 CCP has destroyed HK's rule OF law, replacing it with CCP's arbitrary rule BY law.

The governments of China and UK agreed in the UN international treaty Joint Declaration article 3.7 'The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will retain the status of an international financial centre, and its markets for foreign exchange, gold, securities and futures will continue. There will be free flow of capital. The Hong Kong dollar will continue to circulate and remain freely convertible.'

Since 1997 HK's vision has been to become 'Asia's world city' : Communist HK under CCP's rule BY law 'national security law' is now even further away from achieving its vision than it was in 1997!

Today the misrepresentations and consequences of CCP's actions are being felt around the world with CCP's Wuhan virus COVID-19, China's South China Sea territorial claims, Xinjiang genocide of Uygher Muslims, assimilation of Tibetans, annexation of HK, nationalization of private companies, oppression of Press and free speech, etc.

HK's stock market is tanking because nobody believes in CCP's Chinese companies. HK's property market likely will remain heated only because mainland Chinese purchase HK properties to move their China money overseas.

HK's stock market is already reflecting reality:

RFA 28 July 2021 'China's WeChat Suspends New User Registrations Amid Tech Crackdown'

RFA 28 July 2021 'Hong Kong Markets Battered as Foreign Investor Confidence Wavers'

Misrepresentations and consequences viewed up close

The extent of misrepresentations and hence consequences in HK is now staggering! Below we provide a few examples.

HK Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam (CLam)

Recent CLam misrepresentations:

RTHK 23 July 2021 'Media wrong to reveal my 'unforgivable havoc': CE'

RTHK 23 July 2021 'Public owe the police an apology, says Carrie Lam'

RTHK 23 July 2021 'HK used to suppress China since the handover'

RTHK 17 July 2021 'Govt has no time to fix district council meltdown: CE'

Carrie Lam has vowed, despite an admission of causing 'unforgivable havoc' in the SAR, staggeringly low poll ratings, and massive protests against her and her government, to stay in office. She has carried on as only Carrie can do! We have not forgotten that she once said she would quit as CE 'if she could'! She not only maintains face for herself, but also for the HK institution of CE, and for CCP's political show.

Like most politician's promises, we know that Carrie's words, like her vow to 'restore HK from chaos', will probably be laced with hidden dastardly intentions, or watered down in its delivery, or otherwise completely forgotten when it suits her.

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HKFP 18 July 2021 'Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse in Hong Kong…'

Ex-Secretary of Security, now Chief Secretary John Lee

HK's Secretary of Security in March 2003 acknowledged the need for national security legislation to be consistent with the 'Johannesburg Principles.'

CCP's 1 July 2020 'national security law' is unconstitutional, resulted in CCP's annexation of HK and does NOT comply with the 'Johannesburg Principles.' Not a word has been heard from John Lee about complying with these principles!

Ex-HK Police Commissioner, now Secretary of Security P.K. Tang

On 8 May 2020, the day of the extradjudiciary killing in police custody in Tsim Sha Tsui of an Indian Sikh man by four policemen, the HK police Commissioner was P.K. Tang. The Indian man was murdered in a similar way to George Floyd. There was no Coroner's Inquest and no policemen were charged. P.K. Tang denied the police were responsible for the Indian man's death.

RTHK 6 July 2021 'Mourners for police attacker will become terrorists' details how Secretary of Security P.K. Tang, without evidence nor logic, continues his attacks on HK mourners practicing their UN human rights and culture!

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All HKers, including Leung Kin-Fai 梁健輝, are victims of CCP and HK government tyranny

Spirit of Bauhinia : flower power reinvented in HK

R.I.P. Leung Kin-Fai 梁健輝

HK Police

Nina Wong

RFA on 29 July 2021 reports yet another attack on Press freedoms 'Hong Kong Police Confiscate Passport of Journalist Who Filmed Police Stabbing' (please see video below).

'Nina' a 56 year old 'Vision Times' reporter, was fired after filming the attack by Leung Kin-fai, who stabbed himself to death outside the Sogo department store.

Without being charged Nina has had her passport seized by police, her house searched and police demanded a written statement.

WTPOHK has yet to see a video that clearly shows Leung stabbing himself - the question remains how did he stab himself?

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R.I.P. Leung Kin-Fai 梁健輝

Carrie Lam 'press freedom predator'

Carry On Carrie

Motorcyclist Tong Ying-kit

In November 2019 a policeman rode a police motorcycle into a crowd of HK protesters, though it remains unknown if anyone was injured. HKFP 30 July 2021 reports 'Police say officer who rammed motorbike into protesters was given ‘suitable written advice’ after probe'.


1 July 2020 Tong Ying-kit on his motorcycle with a slogan flag, an expression of his opinion, reportedly rode into a group of police injuring three policemen. According to UN general comment No.34 HK people have ICCPR article 19 human rights to their own opinions and expressions.

This was HK's first national security law criminal case to be heard in Court. He was not charged with a traffic violation related to the riding of his motorcycle.

RFA 27 July 2021 reports 'Hong Kong Motorcyclist Found Guilty of Terrorism, Incitment to Secession Under Security Law'. Tong Ying-kit is convicted by a handpicked panel of three judges and no jury, which could mean more 'terrorism' charges in future under sweeping definitions. He is said to have rammed his motorcycle into a group of police while waving a pro-democracy flag.

RTHK on 30 July 2021 reports 'Tong Ying-kit jailed for 9 years under security law'.

Tong is now arbitrarily and unlawfully under CCP's rule BY law 'national security law' serving 9 years in prison for 'seccession'.

The consequences are clear for CCP and HK in this case : HK's rule of law is dead and therefore all foreign judges must resign.

'MassageGate' cop / triad member Frederic Choi found inside an illegal brothel in working hours during a police raid

CLam with Frederic Choi

What is clear is that illegal brothel cop / triad Frederic Choi by being inside an illegal brothel has compromised himself with organized crime triad members : i.e. he is in a position that he could be blackmailed, or he is himself a triad member! It has nothing to do with anything other than his integrity and ability to lawfully perform as a cop! This is the true face of CCP's rule BY law.

Police are authorized by their profession to use special powers to enforce the law and must therefore be held accountable to a higher level of integrity and responsibility. However, HK's police, according to UN special rapporteurs, are not!

Latest twist according to RTHK on 7 August 2021 is that HK's police commissioner confirms that Frederic Choi has done 'nothing criminal' and his case is being referred to the Civil Service Bureau's secretariat on civil service discipline for further action. Choi will return to work mid-August as the Director of the police's personnel and training department.

Consequences are that there is no discipline and we can assume that under his leadership there will be many more cases during working hours of police visits for 'services' to illegal brothels, gambling dens, drug dens, etc (please see references below).

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SCMP 7 August 2021 'Uproar among Hong Kong police officers as national security director stripped of post but keeps rank following scandal'

RTHK 7 August 2021 'Massage parlour scandal wasn't criminal: police chief'

HKFP18 May 2021 'Top national security police officer found in suspected Wan Chai vice den cleared after internal probe'

CCP & their HK minions


Angus Ng badminton Olympian for HK was wrongly accused by pro-CCP lawmaker Nicholas Muk for wearing a black shirt and not having HK's emblem on his shirt.

HKFP 26 July 2021 reports 'Hong Kong Olympic badminton player speaks up after black jersey ‘strongly condemned’ by pro-Beijing politician'. After a pro-Beijing politician condemned Hong Kong badminton player Angus Ng Ka-long for wearing an all-black outfit during his debut at the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Olympian said he could not print the HKSAR flag on his jersey without authorisation.

The local player, who ranks 9th in the world, said he could only print his name on the shirt but not the city’s regional flag, as he had yet not obtained authorisation to do so. He said he was “proactively handling” the matter, and hoped that he could fix his jerseys before the next game. “I have always been proud to represent Hong Kong in competitions. Deep down in my heart, I also like this bauhinia flower very much,” Ng said.

HKFP 29 July 2021 reports 'Internet backlash against FILA sportswear after Hong Kong badminton player seen drenched in sweat'. Angus Ng lost his next game, drenched in sweat, to a lower ranked player - perhaps FILA's replacement shirt was not suitable for Angus? DAB lawmaker Nicholas Muk apologized to Angus.

Ultimately the consequences are that HKers, like Olympic team Great Britain's England sportspeople, ultimately must be a part of the China's team - there will be no HK representation : HK is no longer an autonomous region.

We congratulate HK athletes for their performances in 2021 Tokyo Olympics. However, in the broader picture sports people should see that their success boosts and unacceptably promotes CCP and their actions in HK and around the world!

Consequences includes the world must end HK's misrepresentation at the Olympics and all events and bodies!

Xi Jinping

At the top of the Christmas tree, or depending upon your view the bottom of the pile of sh*t, is to be found the head of China's feudal Chinese plutocracy CCP's Emperor Xi Jinping. His lies and misrepresentations all have consequences for CCP and China including:

  • Source and spread of Wuhan virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19

  • Genocide against Xinjiang Muslim minority Uyghur

  • Annexation and genocide of Tibet

  • Annexation of HK

When the lies no longer work...

The veil has been lifted

Like the wizard in Wizard of Oz.... the mystery has been uncovered!

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:

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