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Lunar new year fortune telling: Warning from Che Kung

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

There is nothing more important nor auspicious to traditional Chinese people than the rituals of the Lunar New Year which include a correctly timed and choreographed visit to a temple to consult with the I Ching on what lies ahead for the year.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is deep into numerology on all matters related to the elements.

[2021] Can suppression resolve political problems? It is only to keep the firewood near the tinder and wait for the next “big fire” to break out.

CCP please answer the following UN letters sent to you:

Warning from Che Kung|Lau Sai-leung

Apple Daily 17 February 2021 by Lau Sai-leung (format added)

The second day of the Lunar New Year is the birthday of Che Kung. As per tradition, Kenneth Lau Ip-keung, Chairman of the Heung Yee Kuk, went to Che Kung Temple to pray for good fortune and “Kau Chim” (drawing prophecy) for Hong Kong.

The [2021] prophecy Lau drew is no.45, “neutral” fortune, which roughly stated, “One must discuss with others before taking any action. Matters of the world are fraught and in vain. The wood that piled up in one’s storage is not burnt for nothing. The knowledgeable knows before a fire burns.” [I Ching Hexagram 45 Ts'ui / Gathering Together (Massing)].

When interviewed by the media, Lau interpreted the prophecy that, like playing chess, every step the government makes is important because Hong Kong is facing big problems. Everyone is suffering. Businesses are finding it hard to continue, and many people are jobless. If the government is indecisive and makes the wrong move, the problem (fire) will get bigger. He believes the prophecy warns the government to be decisive, accurate, and prompt. Lau’s interpretation was only about the government’s anti-epidemic fight and the miserable economic situation.

But he [Lau] has underestimated the vision of Che Kung – “the world’s no.1 KOL” as the netizens call him.

We should look at the warning from Che Kung to the then newly in power Carrie Lam in 2018, a year before Hong Kong got into a diabolical situation. It was the no.21 prophecy, which said, “it has taken the ancestors a very long time to get the acres of land; I ask you regardless of how high price you have to pay, please treasure it.”

Che Kung told us not to squander the lands we inherited from the ancestors because every inch of the land has been earned by years of hard work.

So what happened? Carrie Lam, of course, did not listen and started on her big political project. She used the Chan Tong-kai [murder] case to package the extradition bill amendment and pushed Hong Kong down to the abyss of eternal death.

In 2019, Lau drew a “neutral” fortune, also about farmland. It read, " one is pleased with getting a piece of land, not knowing it is full of stones. The drawn cakes are not real. One cannot farm on land filled with stones. The drawn cakes cannot satisfy one’s hunger.”

It has been interpreted if one forces something to happen (farming on land with stones), there will not be any good outcome.

In 2020, no.92 prophecy said, “one should not try to be the hero, people only want fairness. Karma will serve whoever deserves it and will not miss anyone. If you do good deeds, good fortune will come to you.” The keyword here is “fairness.”

Lam has ignored all three fortune-telling prophecies, so this year Che Kung decided to reveal his warning crystal clear that no one can pretend not to understand.

The key of this year’s [2021] fortune is “danger that the firewood is so near the tinder.” It means an explosive situation can happen at any time. When the firewood is being placed with the tinder, the more firewood is being placed there, the bigger fire it can cause -- a simple theory, but some people chose not to believe it.

The next line of the fortune, which is from “The Preface of Poem Yue Jue,” (with reference to Biography of Jia Yi from the Book of Han) written by Zhang Dai, a writer in the Ming Dynasty, said, “the fire will be seen.” In other words, not only has the problem not been resolved, but the crisis is getting bigger, to an alarming level that everyone can see. Is it about lockdowns and epidemic fighting? I don’t think so! The interpreter probably just wanted to avoid talking about politics.

Since the 2014 Occupy Central movement, which was triggered by a universal suffrage debate, the government always believes putting high pressure can solve the problem. It never bothered to channel the dissatisfaction of the young people toward the political situation or make any changes. The Mongkok unrest in 2016 has once again indicated the political crisis, but the regime still has not woken. It thought the matter could be dealt with when sending people like Edward Leung to prison. It remained [resolute with] its tough stance when a million citizens went on the street on Jun. 9, 2019. It ignored the anger of the people, [and] still believed it could deal with the 'violent' street protests by increasing the suppression. Since July 2020, the government thought everything would be back to normal, and Hong Kong will be the international financial center after getting rid of all the opposition.

Can suppression resolve political problems? It is only to keep the firewood near the tinder and wait for the next “big fire” to break out.

Hong Kong government suppressed the riot by force in 1967. But the conflict was resolved by political tactics, including a large-scale political, administrative, and social reform in the end. Hong Kong then entered into the golden era of 20 years!

(Lau Sai Leung, political commentator).

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Kenneth Lau, Apple Daily photo

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