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Low antibody counts caused by China's Sinovac COVID vaccine

Hong Kong (HK) public life produces some of the world's strangest rug rats, none are more strange than those who have served as HK's Secretary of Security. The pick of the crop is undoubtedly Regina Ip, locally referred to in Cantonese as 'broom head'.

HK's ex-Secretary of Security Regina Ip.

However strange it is, we HK protesters should thank Regina Ip for publicly speaking out against Sinovac's COVID vaccine.

As a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) supporter and unelected Executive Council member with power over the Legislative Council, amazingly she is telling the truth when she says she had a low antibodies count after taking two jabs of Sinovac. To rectify this she chose the German high tech mRNA BioNTech booster jab. (Please see references below).

Protection against COVID-19 requires a high level of antibodies which boosts the immune system.

Sinovac COVID vaccine reduces antibodies and is therefore a public health danger to individuals and communities.

Having few vaccine choices at the COVID outset, a number of developing countries bent over backwards to receive CCP's 'gift' of vaccines in the name of public health , and then the inevitable diplomatic payback. Now, with increasing numbers of citizen deaths and worsening COVID, comes the swingback against their leaders, CCP and Sinovac.

HK's Public Purse paid Sinovac double the price of BioNTech jabs to get a vaccine with roughly 50% less efficacy i.e. HK public got ripped off by CCP to the tune of 400%! [see our BLOG]

CCP's Sinovac COVID vaccine is a public and personal health liability! It is ironic that while CCP is so concerned about China's prosperity and stability, it pedals a "quack cure" that undoes any good and goodwill that it hopes to achieve. This vaccine is solely responsible, along with those CCP and HK government officials, for the reality that HK can not reach herd immunity!

Stop the use of Sinovac COVID vaccines in HK and around the world!



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