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Latest Hong Kong PORI poll shows unsustainable low numbers for Carrie Lam and other officials

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

No matter what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Hong Kong (HK) government's narrative is, without the support of the majority of HK people it is impossible long term for there to be stability and hence prosperity in HK!

The majority of HK people uphold HK's Joint Declaration which for 50 years from 1997 until 2047 guarantees a high degree of autonomy, unchanged lifestyle and the common law with an independent judiciary.

In the only universal and equal suffrage elections in HK - 24 November 2020 District Council elections HK protesters supported pro-democratic candidates who supported their 5 demands. In a landslide victory pro-democratic candidates won the majority of seats in 17/ 18 districts: this is what spooked the CCP and HK government to introduce the National Security Law and postpone 6 September 2020 Legislative Council elections!

On 6 June 2020 the majority of District Councillors voted and rejected the CCP's National Peoples Congress (NPC) enactment of HK's National Security Law (NSL). This is the will of HK people which under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) article 21.3 must be the authority of the HK government!

HK's civil liberties, rule of law, people, etc. is why this is the ONLY city in China that is internationally recognized as a leading financial and trade centre. The use of communist bullshit propaganda, lies and guns will only end up destroying CCP!



The latest poll by the Hong Kong Institute of Public Opinion [PORI] shows that the support rate of the chief executive and a group of accountable officials is all negative.


Among them, Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s net support rate is negative 48%.

Zheng Ruohua, being criticized for frequent political prosecutions and release of police violence, the Secretary of Justice of the establishment, has a net approval rating of minus 51%, making her the worst-performing official.

Yang Runxiong, director of the Bureau of Education, who has been silenced in the education sector, has the least support of all.

The survey was conducted from 9th to 13th of this month, and 1,005 people were interviewed. Although the popularity of officials has risen slightly this time, it is still wandering at the bottom.

Carrie Lam's latest score is 30.8 points, a slight increase of 3.6 points from last month's survey, which is a new high since July last year. 45% of respondents gave her a 0 point [score].

Zhong Jianhua, the deputy chief executive of the Hong Kong Institute of Public Opinion, pointed out that even though the poll numbers of various officials have risen slightly this time, it should be noted that the net support rate of all officials is still negative, describing their popularity as a "bottom". “The popularity has rebounded, but it hasn’t gone up.”

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