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LA Times 'World & Nation' 5-part series: ‘In China’s Shadow’

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Be truthful!

OMG! To WTPOHK the significant and importance of this 5 part series is that Hong Kong (HK) is only one of the 5 parts! There is so much more happening around the world created by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) than just in HK! Local politics, protests, etc. has blinded us in many aways to the full extent of the level of terror that CCP is unleashing on Earth and all who live onboard her!

Emperor Xi Jinping is a criminal heading the worlds wealthiest and largest mafia organization! There is no doubt that Xi Jinping is murderous and corrupt, he personally is extremely wealthy and has only risen to the top of CCP by abusing and killing many people. His anti-corruption program is a disguise for taking out his rivals - so that he and his corrupt pals in his faction of the CCP benefit the most from China.

The Chinese Communist Party CCP is the world's worst ever totalitarian regime!

So long as there is some degree of trickle down and China's middle class are making money they will not complain too much - but as soon as they are not making money they will stop supporting CCP and Emperor Xi Jinping. With a bad global economy the corrupt demands of 90 million+ CCP members in China is simply unsustainable to the world - be it the worlds fish population or anything else!

CCP is the world's largest and wealthiest criminal organization!

In October 2020 the LA Times wrote "Beijing seeks to create a new world order as the United States under President Trump has become increasingly isolationist."

We agree! BUT the issue is that Trump is the exception rather than the norm, and he has now lost his re-election to a second term in office as the President of the United States of America.

The game has changed!

To decouple CCP from China 'cut the head off the snake'!

With help from HK protesters - what Trump has very sucessfully done in the last 4 years is to unmask the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the weaknesses in USA and the current world order.

Undoubtedly USA relationships have changed everywhere with everyone - hopefully for the better for all.

President-elect Biden is not an isolationist, he is a democrat - and therefore he is likely to be even more engaged in the democratic process than Trump could ever be.

By its nature democracy is a process and not an end in and of itself - so what may appear to be a weakness in the longer term helps to strengthen USA, democracies and the democratic world order.

Countries named in green color support HK protesters!

We've only just begun!

Human Rights Watch says CCP's strategy is to undermine global human rights!

CCP please answer these issues to the United Nations:

6 October 2020 Statement by German Ambassador to UN from 39 countries

CCP please answer these letters on Hong Kong protests sent by UN Special Rapporteurs to China:

We salute the Los Angeles Times in their 'World and Nations' series for further uncovering the true face of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)! Please read 5 articles:


‘In China’s Shadow’: How the country’s global power reaches into other nations and people’s lives

LA Times 22 October 2020 (Format added).

China’s emerging global dominance is affecting nations, economies and lives in the Pacific Rim. Beijing seeks to create a new world order as the United States under President Trump has become increasingly isolationist. Chinese leader Xi Jinping is looking to 2021 — the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s founding — to further expand his country’s power.

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