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Justice for two Canadian Michaels is Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou's admission of guilt to US DoJ

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

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On 1 December 2018 Huawei's CFO Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada at the request of US Department of Justice (DoJ) prosecutors on Federal charges of sanctions breaking in its business transactions with Iran. HSBC, which operates in US, has been charged by US DoJ with doing business with companies breaking sanctions in Iran.

Meng was held in Canada from then in 2018 awaiting the outcome of her appeal against extradition to USA. All this time Meng was being 'squeezed' by DoJ to 'trade-in' Huawei in return for her freedom to return to China: this is what she ultimately did. Therefore, some nationalists in China will view her as a traitor. The consequences of her lies add up!

A few days after Meng's arrest the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) started arresting Canadian citizens as hostages in China: CCP arbitrarily arrested and incarcerated at least eight Canadian citizens including the 'two Michaels' ex-Diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor. CCP's Courts also handed down a death sentence to convicted Canadian drug trafficker Robert Schellenberg, who had been serving a 15-year jail term. (Please read references below)

Meng Wanzhou is the daughter of Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei: In China Meng is called "Huawei's princess" in recognition of her role as a member of the ruling CCP elites. Huawei is rumoured to be owned by CCP's military wing the 'Peoples Liberation Army' (PLA), who may be the real influence within CCP.

RFA reported on 27 September 2021 "Assistant U.S. attorney David Kessler said that the prosecution had adopted Meng Wanzhou’s acknowledgment of some wrongdoing under the agreement in exchange for delaying her prosecution...Meng's release only came after she reached a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) with the U.S. Department of Justice on Sept. 24, 2021." (Please read references below).

On 24 September 2012 Meng pleaded GUILTY to some criminal charges and therefore both she and Huawei are now firmly in the US DoJ's prosecution process - it is only time before the noose will tighten: This is something that CCP has publicly chosen NOT to disclose to the people of China.

Knowing full well that they have proof of Huawei's guilt, US DoJ then released the guilty Huawei's CFO Meng Wanzhou and allowed her to return to China.

The added benefit of this prosecution strategy was also the release of the two Michaels. The democratic alliance of nations, and the peoples of these countries, rightfully blames CCP for the human rights abuses of those Canadians held in China as hostages - further empowering the alliance!

Now that CCP's 'princess' Meng has been released, CCP is busy spreading misinformation for domestic Chinese consumption about her and Huawei's 'innocence' and the 'diplomatic' power of the CCP over USA.

Of course the guilty Meng was welcomed home to China as a 'heroine' by her fellow criminal gang members the CCP.

Meng is now in exile in China, something no CCP member wants, and still faces serious US legal problems for herself, her family and 'their' business Huawei. Her 'interactions' with US and Canadian law enforcement and judiciaries puts herself and her family at great personal risk inside CCP's criminal China: There has always been factional infighting within CCP and Xi Jinping's faction is not fully in control.

It is fair and reasonable to suggest that the democratic world collectively breaths a sign of relief for the release from Chinese prisons of two innocent Canadian men, the two Michaels, taken as hostages in China by the nationalist CCP.

It is also fair to say that not many foreigners now want to travel, work or invest in China!

There is no rule of law in China - only CCP Emperor Xi Jinping's arbitrary rule BY law!

There is a precedent set by another mainland Chinese company: CCP's telecoms giant 'ZTE' in a similar case of sanction breaking with Iran was charged by US DoJ, found guilty, penalized US$1.9billion in 2017 and subsequently went bankrupt.

Huawei also stands accused of stealing its core technologies from Canadian tech company Nortel. [See our BLOG]

The diplomatic and media silence of the democratic alliance to China's injustice towards the two Michaels clearly illustrates how much the people of these countries understand what is really going on in China AND their support for the alliance.

Meng was out on bail living in Canada with her family under loose restrictions with confinement to her mansion only at night. She had access to lawyers and the rule OF law Canadian judicial system. She pleaded guilty.

Meanwhile, the two Michaels were imprisoned in mainland Chinese prisons, had almost no access to lawyers, no family visits nor phone calls and only very limited diplomatic access by the Canadian Embassy in Beijing. The two Michael's have always claimed to be innocent of all charges.

In CCP's China there is a state orchestrated drive for 'stability' using coercion as a means of torture caused by the structural violence of CCP's feudal Chinese plutocracy : i.e. if you want 'prosperity' then you must accept and support CCP's actions for 'stability' which include arbitrary disappearances, murder, Tiananmen massacre, COVID-19 pandemic source and spreading, Xinjiang genocide, etc.

As far as CCP are concerned, Xi Jinping is sitting on his Middle Kingdom throne around which the whole world revolves and everyone else be damned!

Now the writing is on the wall for Huawei and the nationalist CCP's strategy of global digital surveillance. Huawei, like ZTE, will not be allowed by the democratic alliance to survive let alone succeed in its strategy of global surveillance of telecommunications networks.

We note that Lithuania's Defence Ministry has recently advised consumers there to avoid Chinese made phones due to censorship concerns. There is clearly growing understanding globally of the propaganda contagion spread by CCP.

What was once best described as 'steely resolve' facing off against totalitarian CCP's by the democratic alliance has now gone ballistic due to growing global awareness of the dangers that CCP as a virus poses to all of Earth's humanity. Another example of CCP viruses is the 2019 source and spreading of SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19.

This latest act of CCP's global terrorism ensures that there will be little if any cooperation between leading democracies, including USA, and CCP's China.

The democratic alliance is growing in numbers and in resolve, pushing back against CCP.

CCP's China now has serious financial problems which it is busy covering up.

CCP as a virus will increasingly try everything it can to stay alive and grow: There is a very real danger of some skirmishes with China because of CCP's declining abilities to govern and remain in power - but a full blown war with China is unlikely because CCP is alone without significant allies.

COVID is CCP's greatest weakness and the best opportunity humanity has to focus on the needs of Earth and all onboard her.

The 2019 paradigm shift that created COVID-19 is symbiotic for Earth and all onboard the planet. It's about the health and well being of both people and the environment.

Now is the age of arms for jabs not war. The democratic alliance of nations must operate inside the new paradigm to strengthen democracy, decouple from CCP and engage in what ever way it can with the people of China.

Pepe and Jeremiah B.

Huawei is fools gold!

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