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International Democracy Day

International Day of Democracy is held on September 15 each year. Out of 192 international locations on this planet right now, 123 of them have democracies. In 2021 allow us the opportunity to celebrate and appreciate democratic society. It’s very easy for people who live in a free society to take their freedoms for granted. Yet, when freedom is absent, life includes unimaginable challenges that are often incomprehensible.

At this time, let’s reflect on the history of democracy around the world, thank those who influenced the development of democratic government, and look for opportunities to promote and protect our own nation’s democracy.

The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has resulted in major social, political and legal challenges globally. As states around the world adopt emergency measures to address the crisis, it is critical that they continue to uphold the rule of law, protect and respect international standards and basic principles of legality, and the right to access justice, remedies and due process.

Sadly, in Hong Kong (HK) this day saw seven democratically elected district councillors lose their seats in office, after the SAR government ruled their oaths to bear allegiance to the city and uphold the Basic Law were declared “invalid.” This makes a mockery of the concept of inclusion, denying people their right to actively participate in governance, and removing citizen's right to representation in government.

From left to right: Clarisse Yeung, So Yat-hang, Wei Siu-lik, Pakkin Leung, Anna Lai, Michael Pang, Lancelot Chan. Photos: HKFP, Pakkin Leung, via CC 4.0 and via Facebook.

In the coming week in HK there is going to be an election. Only 1% of the population can vote, 7951 voters will elect 1500 representatives who will dominate, using their power to select lawmakers. Electoral reform in the SAR, coupled with the passing of a controversial National Security Law means that voices of dissent are being silenced. HK's government has capitulated to state authority exerted by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), effectively disenfranchising ordinary HKers.

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WTHPOHK wish to note that there remains a strong bond of support between democracy activists in HK, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar and beyond through the MILK TEA ALLIANCE. Activists joining forces in the so-called “Milk Tea Alliance,” have formed a loose, transnational network of youth who see themselves as engaged in similar fights against authoritarianism and who have mostly come of age amid China’s growing influence in the region. Though their demands may be different, solidarity between the movements continues to build.

Jeremiah B.


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