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Indonesian Journalist blinded in her right eye by a Police rubber bullet 印尼記者在右眼被警察的橡皮子彈蒙蔽

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

(Please scroll down for Chinese translation 繁体中文请往下滑).

Since the start of mass anti-extradition protests on 9 June 2019 the HK Police have increasingly been targeting the media in their attempts to shut down frontline press reporting. This is unacceptable and illegal action by Police, because unlike China, HK has a free Press.

On Sunday 29 September 2019 Indonesian Journalist Veby Mega Indah was hit by a Police rubber bullet fired at a low angle less than 12 metres away. Indah, an associate editor with Suara Hong Kong News, was live streaming Sunday’s anti-government protest in Wan Chai. She was on a footbridge connecting Wan Chai MTR station with Revenue Tower at the time she was hit in her right eye.

“Ms Veby is lucky to be alive and but for her protective goggles, she would definitely have been blinded. At present, very substantial visual impairment still remains a possibility,” her Lawyer Michael Vidler said. She will also be initiating civil proceedings to seek redress.

He said that responsibility for the incident lies squarely with Police Commissioner Stephen Lo, “who has failed to control the increasingly reckless behaviour of some of his officers, and with the officer who fired at Ms Veby.”

Subsequently on 2 October 2019 RTHK reported that Ms Veby has permanently lost sight in her right eye.

We HK people thank Ms Veby for her contribution to HK protests. We are saddened by her injury and we wish Veby a speedy recovery and the very best always!

In recognition of Miss Veby's contribution and sacrifice to HK one of our contributors will use her initials to author.

Veby M.I.

Update 24 March 2020: Online statement that netizens have identified the Policeman responsible for shooting and blinding Veby. Presumably we must now await legal action from Veby's lawyer. This is a critical case against police use of disproportionate force.

Update 25 November 2019: Confirmed that sadly Veby has permanently lost her eyesight in her right eye. Her lawyer is still trying to obtain the identity of the Policeman who shot the rubber bullet at her. There are rumours the Indonesian Government may pursue her case at the United Nations.

Update 21 January 2020: In Court HK Police are reluctant to name the Police officer who fired the rubber bullet that blinded Veby. The Judge will make a decision in Court on 17 February 2020. (Video interview).

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2019年9月29日星期日,印尼記者Veby Mega Indah被警察橡膠子彈擊中,該子彈以不足12米的低角度發射。 Suara Hong Kong News 的副編輯英達(Indah)在周日在灣仔直播了反政府抗議活動。右眼被打中時,她正在一條連接灣仔地鐵站與稅務大樓的人行橋上。

“Veby女士很幸運,還活著,但是對於她的護目鏡,她肯定是瞎眼的。目前,仍然存在非常嚴重的視覺障礙,”她的律師Michael Vidler說。她還將發起民事訴訟以尋求補救。

他說,這起事件的責任完全在於警務專員Stephen Lo,“該警員未能成功的控制其某些下屬警員以及對Veby女士開槍警員的日益魯莽的行爲。”




Veby M.I.

Interview in English with Indonesian Journalist Ms. Veby Mega Indah (3 December 2019)

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