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ICAC renamed 'I Can Accept Cash'

In Hong Kong (HK) three senior government employees [ plus six unnamed others ] who were found to have accepted 'expensive' [ allegedly HK$3,000 per person ] FREE hotpot meals [ allegedly from a mainland Chinese property developer ] were ticketed and each fined HK$5,000 by police for breaching social distancing regulations in March 2021. Because of their antics we will call them the 'three stooges'.

HKers have renamed ICAC as 'I Can Accept Cash'! Wicked!

In Carrie Lam's 2017 Chief Executive (CE) 'selection' process, one of the key elements of her campaign was to legislate a serious loophole in HK's Bribery Ordinance which is that the CE can not be charged with bribery : This is despite the ICCPR local legislation that acts as HK's Bill of Rights Ordinance (HKBORO) stating that everyone is equal before the law. In December 2020 CLam backtracked on her pledge. Therefore, any reasonable person must conclude that HK has no rule OF law because the CE is above the rule OF law!

Arguably one of the most important of Hong Kong (HK) government's institutions, created during British colonial rule, is the 'Independent Commission Against Corruption' (ICAC) formed in 1974. During British rule the ICAC was independent from the HK government.

All feudal Chinese plutocracies are run by 'triads' (i.e. mafia criminal organizations) and their consorts the police and business people : In HK all three groups worship the same Buddhist deity 'kwan tai'! Feudal Chinese plutocracies include China, Singapore and HK. Taiwan is unique in that it is showing the way forwards for all Chinese societies, including China, to become world class democracies and economies under UN international treaties and the rule OF law.

In HK the corrupt police have always been an 'issue' for HK's evolving democratic civil society : The majority of HKers are seeking democracy by upholding the UN international treaty HK's Joint Declaration and the rule OF law.

Prior to the 2019 anti-extradition protests the previous most serious political crisis for HK was the 1977 HK police armed mutiny when they surrounded and entered the ICAC headquarters : The police demanded pardons for their corruption. The British Governor reluctantly gave them their pardons, significantly increased civil servants salaries and installed the ICAC as a powerful anti-corruption watchdog over HK including the police. In general this policy worked well until the British handover in 1997 and the inevitable watering down that followed, i.e. the adding of 'Chinese characteristics' to the ICAC by all HK Chief Executives. Today there is no stability nor prosperity in HK, no democracy, rule OF law nor functioning ICAC.

Since 1997, HK has fallen under the colonial rule of the corrupt and totalitarian 'Chinese Communist Party' (CCP). Under CCP, the communist HK government is now a monolithic power structure of the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary : HK is faced with growing instances of corruption and the silencing of its people by CCP strangling free Press, human rights and democracy.

Wednesday 22 February 2017, more than 38,000 police union members and their relatives attended a rare rally in support of seven police officers found guilty of assaulting pro-democracy activist Ken Tsang during the Occupy protests in 2014. The crowd demanded “justice” and “dignity.” They also called for the criminalisation of insulting police. These police officers collectively, openly and illegally, expressed their issues against the judiciary : No police officers where charged!

On 13 July 2021 RTHK reported "Chief Executive Carrie Lam on Tuesday insisted no further action should be taken against three senior officials who were treated to a free hotpot meal at a private club in March, saying people shouldn't be "too harsh" on them. Meanwhile she was busy drumming up revenge against HK University Student Union !

Last week, it was revealed that immigration and customs chiefs Au Ka-wang and Hermes Tang, along with undersecretary for security Sonny Au and six others [ we demand names and job titles! ], were each fined HK$5,000 for flouting a cap on public gatherings [ This is RTHK reporting CCP propaganda BS! They accepted a FREE MEAL that allegedly cost HK$3,000 per person! This is at a minimum against the regulations of conduct of a government employee and likely is a crime of accepting a bribe! ]. The breach came to light as police were investigating a separate rape case." [ What, if any, is the link?? ].

RTHK Ex-ICAC Chief investigator Barrister Stephen Char adding that he didn't understand why security officials needed to communicate with a mainland developer [ i.e. CCP is directly involved ]. He suggests a full ICAC investigation is needed.

HK goverment's CE CLam and the Chief Secretary (CS) want to let the three stooges off lightly! NO WAY!

WTPOHK recommends:

+ There must be a full ICAC investigation into the entire incident which is then made public;

+ CLam, CS must immediately resign along with any of the nine people at this dinner who are currently HK government employees;

+ If evidence of wrongdoing is found then charges under HK's Bribery Ordinance should be pressed against the mainland Chinese property developer, their company and anyone else involved including CS, the three stooges and anyone else involved in bribery.

CLam is unfortunately above the law! If the Bribery Ordinance is not used for this incident then this Ordinance becomes arbitrary at best and this incident will only help to trash HK to crash CCP! YIPPEE!


CCP please answer all of the following UN letters sent to you:

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