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Democracies must strengthen, decouple from CCP while engaging peoples of China

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Reflecting on current realities, this blog suggests a practical humanitarian strategy for democracies to first and foremost 'strengthen' themselves by aligning with the 2019 paradigm shift of 'Earth's healthy inter-dependency', and also to decouple from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) whilst engaging the people of China. It appears that the USA, EU and others are already moving in this direction.

Problems :

  • Nationalist Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) is currently the greatest threat to humanity. CCP simply does not uphold the fundamental "right to life" as spelled out under UN conventions. CCP's totalitarian dictatorship is a fact, as are its arbitrary rule BY law, crimes against humanity including genocide and breaches of numerous treaties and norms. CCP's China is the global pandemic source and spreader of 'biological weapon of war' SARS-CoV-2 which causes the disease COVID-19 ;

  • Democracies worldwide by their nature have complex people issues. One key issue in most democracies the conventional 'binary voting method' is outdated and needs to be modernised to produce outcomes that more clearly identifies the will of the people ;

  • Nationalist Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) has for years denied its own people the truth about events within its own border, and presented skewed, partial, and incomplete information about life outside mainland China. This behaviour runs counter to developing international norms about people's right to truth - especially as it relates to such things as violations of human rights, forced disappearances, and torture. Through the party's hegemonic investment in propaganda, maintaining control of the internet and media, CCP has manipulated citizen's understanding, their values and beliefs for the party's own advantage and its ongoing control of the masses.

Solutions :

  • Democracies must decouple from CCP to protect and nurture democracy, the rule OF law and the international rules-based order ;

  • Democracies that are decoupling from CCP AND side-stepping CCP whilst engaging the people of China are directly addressing the problems that CCP poses to humanity and the people of China ;

  • Democracies need to upgrade and strengthen the processes by which they identify the will of the people by using the best available technologies of 'preferential multi-option voting'. Doing so more clearly, efficiently, accurately and fairly is key to making their democracy both responsive and resilient. Post 2019 paradigm shift this could put democracies beyond the capabilities of authoritarian monolithic structures.

In WTPOHK's view, one of the best technologies for 'preferential multi-option voting' is the “Modified Borda Count” (MBC) from 'de Borda Institute' www.deborda.org and debordavote.org from its Director, Peter Emerson. (Please see links below)

Peter Emerson's letter recently published in a Northern Ireland newspaper 4 June 2021.

Dear Editor, June 4th marks the 32nd anniversary of the deaths of hundreds, maybe thousands, of pro-democracy students in Tiān'ānmén Square in Beijing. The decision on military intervention was taken by the Communist Party Politburo Standing Committee, it is said, by majority vote, approved by a margin of just one member. As happens so often in politics, of all hues, the leaders choose the question, a vote is held... and on most occasions, the question is the answer. Thus it was with Napoléon in his three referendums; Hitler had four such plebiscites; David Cameron's third was the Brexit referendum, which failed of course; while Boris Johnson had his 'get Brexit done' majority vote in the Commons. Such top-down politics often has little to do with "the will of the people" or the will of parliament, more with the will of the ruler. It's time we reformed the 2,500-year-old binary vote. After all, when choosing our representatives, we would not want a North Korean type of election, "Candidate X, yes-or-no?" Both in parliaments and in referendums, however, decision-making is binary: "Option X, yes-or-no?" or at best, "Option X or option Y?" But just as multi-candidate elections are possible under a range of voting procedures, so too decisions can be taken in multi-option and even preferential ballots. Pluralism is possible. Yours,

Peter Emerson the 'de Borda Institute' www.deborda.org and debordavote.org

promoting 'preferential multi-option voting' using the “Modified Borda Count” (MBC).

CCP's recent crimes against humanity

1. Xinjiang, China genocide and other crimes against humanity by CCP against an estimated 1.8 million minority Muslim Uyghurs.

2. CCP's breaches of Hong Kong's (HK) Joint Declaration including annexation on 1 July 2020 of HK using its arbitrary rule BY law 'national security law'.

3. The biggest issue currently confronting humanity is the 2019 paradigm shift which 'created' novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 which causes the disease COVID-19 :

+ 2019 paradigm shift key is 'Earth's healthy inter-dependency' - i.e. whatever is aligned with 'Earth's healthy inter-dependency' will most easily and successfully be achieved. 'Earth' includes every 'thing' onboard our amazing spaceship, our Home ;

+ To date SARS-CoV-2 has killed as many as 12million people worldwide, excluding deaths in China, causing high long term economic costs. Economists Summers-Cutler estimated in October 2020 the cost to be more than US$16Trillion.

+ So far during global pandemic COVID-19 the rest of the world has ZERO participation with CCP's China under the UN W.H.O. treaty 'International Health Regulations' in terms of data, source of the virus, statistics of infections and deaths, variants, etc. To ensure this is never repeated, those people responsible must be held accountable, including paying compensation!

+ CCP China in 2019 sourced and initially spread SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 as a 'biological weapon of war' : i.e. CCP is the current greatest threat to humanity on Earth ;

+ UN's W.H.O. commissioned report said COVID-19 global pandemic was preventable ;

+ CCP's China is most likely still infected with COVID-19 and will remain the world's leader in creating and spreading viruses. It is highly unlikely that CCP will ever change their ideology or illegal top-down abusive people-control system; nor with their low efficacy vaccines will China ever be able to reach herd immunity because currently it is only planning to vaccinate 40% of its population! It is reasonable to suggest that most likely CCP's China will remain the world's #1 Public Health Enemy and must therefore be treated as such!

+ In response to COVID-19 human technology created in a very short time, new high efficacy vaccines to achieve 'herd immunity' and ultimately global eradication of COVID-19 for human life to return to 'normal' ;

+ However, for most people on Earth there will be no return to the old 'normal'! To successfully transition use your grief to get over the losses and change your lifestyle to meet the needs of the 'new normal' of the paradigm shift ;

+ Our personal health is a reflection of our environment and the health of all others including Earth. We must also communicate with our body to feel and live our positive feelings of love, empathy, compassion, etc. Most of us need to begin to heal from the 'ill-ness' caused by our 'separation' which stems naturally for our birth into the physical world when we were separated from our home the consciousness, to which we will all return (and some of us never left). We heal ourself by consciously living the life of the Universe in the moment NOW ;

+ Until humanity is able to achieve a high degree of 'Earth's healthy inter-dependency' we will never be fully cured of our underlying human 'ill-ness' of 'separation' that often causes our 'dis-eases'. This step is much more important and difficult to achieve than just a jab from our current COVID-19 vaccination programs ;

+ Democracy is an ideal human social 'environment' for humans to develop participation leading to inter-dependency and unity with each other and with Earth and all onboard her ;

The true people power of democracy is unity through the inter-dependency of its people and Earth

No matter our opinions and 'needs', we the peoples of this world have to find a healthy way to get along together with all others including all on Earth. Especially now that we are sitting on the ticking time bomb of global climate change in the early stages of COVID-19 global pandemic.

The key to 'inter-dependency' requires functioning democracies with pluralistic power structures such as in leading Western democracies - e.g. EU, USA, UK, etc. :

  • The masses of people make all decisions

  • Depends on the goodwill of the masses of people

  • Power is "dispersed" throughout society - in which different groups in different situations will exert their power within the masses of people

  • The masses of people view their power as being "fragile" and "fluid" relying upon the cooperation of a multitude of institutions & individuals

Today the most common power structures are "monolithic" - e.g. CCP's China and Putin's Russia:

  • The ruler & elites make all the decisions and are at the top of command

  • The ruler & elites depend on the obedience and goodwill of the masses of people to remain in power

  • The ruler & elites view their power as being durable, self-perpetuating and not easily destroyed

  • The strategy of monolithic power structures is to weaken the masses of people - making the masses of people easier to "control." They routinely and aggressively command respect, loyalty and subservience. This is a form of "structural violence" in which peoples' UN human rights are violated

  • It is a "consent" based structure of power - if the masses of people do not give their "consent" the ruler & elites cannot rule!

  • If masses of people do not obey then the monolithic structure collapses!

  • Monolithic structures are weaker than pluralistic structures

According to mass media, democratic governments worldwide are supposedly facing growing 'threats to democracy' :

Replace the word 'threat' with 'opportunity' and we soon realize the true people power of democracy is unity through the inter-dependency of its people and Earth:

i.e. COVID-19 will ultimately ensure that humanity receives more democracy and human rights.

CCP is NOT China - the people of China are China !

In 1943 CCP's Chairman Mao Zedong said:


American people are good friends with Chinese people. The goal of our party's endeavor, is to overthrow KMT counter-revolutionary dictatorship, to build an American-style democracy, and to let people nationwide have the privilege to enjoy the happiness brought by democracy. I believe, when Chinese people are striving for democracy, American people will support us.

(Reference: July 4, 1943 Xinhua Daily).

So much for Mao Zedong's empty CCP words of China becoming an 'American-style democracy' : Positively revolting !

China has 1.4billion people : CCP are roughly 100million corrupt members of this criminal organization who treat their fellow citizens, and all other humans, as their slaves to use and abuse - e.g. 1.8 million interned Xinjiang Muslim minority Uyghurs!

CCP is the current greatest threat to humanity on Earth, the worst ever totalitarian regime killing over 77million people in China (excluding those who died from COVID-19). CCP is also the source and spreader of the biological weapon of war SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 which W.H.O. recognizes as a global pandemic.

In response to CCP's decades of policy failures and crimes against humanity many Chinese people in May 1989 in Tiananmen Square, Beijing and across China peacefully expressed their desire for their UN obligations including democracy and human rights : China is a member of the UN and its people have UN human rights including democracy.

On the night of 4 June 1989 the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) sent in tanks and troops to stop peaceful protests. Initially CCP denied anyone had been killed - despite CNN and BBC coverage. It has been estimated that thousands of Chinese protesters across China were killed by their own government. CCP must come clean and publicly answer the peoples of China and the world on what happened in 1989.

The desire by the people of China for UN human rights and democracy still today remains unfulfilled!

The peoples of democratic nations worldwide fully support the peoples of China who seek a peaceful transition of power from CCP's totalitarian regime into a democratic multi-party system that upholds their UN human rights including democracy.

The people of China and the CCP are two distinct groups and it is time for the governments and politicians of democracies to start using different narratives and strategies for each group to ensure humanity's vision is achieved by EVERYONE decoupling from CCP !

Decoupling from CCP ensures that people in their democracies, to a high degree, are insulated from CCP and the viruses they create.

COVID-19 will ultimately ensure that humanity receives more democracy and human rights

Democracies the world over are waking up to the real, imminent and significant threat that CCP's rule BY law poses to the international-rules based order as well as to the realities facing CCP and the people of China. The result is that CCP's fabricated narratives and its actions are increasingly becoming less effective against a growing unified democratic alliance.

Many people in China are only supporting CCP because they are making money - as soon as they stop making money they will no longer support CCP!

CCP will in time collapse, but the people of China will remain and move onwards in their democratic development.

CCP's narrative of 'Marxist-Leninist' communism is their way of defending their sociopathic paranoia for control caused by their illegitimacy as the one-party ruler of China : CCP points to 'Marxist-Leninism' as the strategy that 'strengthens' their grip on everyone in China including foreign firms and Chinese citizens. Their strategy of 'hostage' taking is not supported by the rule OF law - e.g. the two Canadian Michael's now in prison in China!

Democratic governments and their supporting populous understand and reject the oppression and tyranny that the people of China suffer under the CCP including genocide and other crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, Tibet, Mongolia, Hong Kong (HK) and worldwide.

The people of democracies have empathy and compassion for the people of China. Increasingly the values of the citizens of democracies are at odds with those of the CCP : China as a member of the UN has treaty obligations which includes ensuring that UN Universal values, democracy and human rights are provided to all people of China and all other member States : Whether CCP likes this or not is irrelevant because these are China's treaty obligations!

In 1984 HK people accepted and still today uphold the Joint Declaration : After HK protester's pro-democrat candidates won a landslide victory in the 24 November 2019 District Council elections CCP facing defeat in the upcoming Legislative Council elections annexed HK using its arbitrary rule BY law of the 1 July 2020 'national security law'. Democracies have witnessed CCP's words and actions.

Economically China ranks a low 79th in the world for GDP/ capita and has a diverse population of about 1.4billion : 600million people earning Yuan1,000 / month (US$156) or less; 400million people earning Yuan1,000-2,000 / month (US$156-312); 300 million 'middle class'; 100million CCP members mostly wealth from scamming, scheming and stealing. N.B. CCP's 1 child policy, only just amended, will result in China's population being only 800million by the end of this century!

Humanity needs democracies to first and foremost strengthen themselves, and also to decouple from CCP while supporting the people of China in their quest for human rights including democracy!

World's 20th century #1 murderer is CCP!

China’s COVID calamity|Robert Blohm

Apple Daily 8 June 2021

China’s information-control system creates its own virus problems, and its people-control system solves them while enabling the spread of the problems to other countries.

Yet those other countries, practitioners of neither information-control nor people-control, have their own solution that China’s information-control system hasn’t been particularly adept at, namely effective vaccines.

Let’s consider some established facts.

The Communist Party’s information-control system, and the concomitant slowness of information-sucking centralized decision-making, prevented identification of the COVID-19 outbreak and communication among the population at large quickly enough for individuals to take precautions. By cleaning sites and destroying samples, it also eliminated the possibility of forensics.

But China’s people-control system responded, belatedly, and eventually managed to control the spread by physically detaining entire subpopulations in isolation — something it still does. The immediate vehicle of China’s ancient people-control system is the ubiquitous Communist Party system of neighborhood committees available to control all entry and exit from premises. That system complements the ancient architecture of single-entrance buildings, compounds, and courtyards, itself an impact of the biome on Chinese culture over centuries.

China’s traditional use of human manure (versus animal manure in Europe) as fertilizer nourished the biome and may have contributed to making China, historically, an exporter of plagues internally contained via people-control. Ecological parasitologist Kevin Lafferty in Proceedings of the Royal Society in 2006 first illustrated the impact of the biome on human culture. Karl Marx even praised China’s “recycling” of human manure as opposed to its treatment as sewage in Western cities, which Marx criticized as wastage typical of capitalism.

The people-control system removed the urgency in China of developing a vaccine effective enough in immunizing against the virus, as much as it has lent urgency in advanced countries to developing their own effective vaccine(s), precisely because of the absence of the people-control system unique to China.

China’s main motivation in developing a vaccine has been directed abroad for commercial opportunity, face-saving (because of China’s initiation of the pandemic), and the political opportunity of providing free vaccines to poor countries. The motivation abroad in developing a vaccine was desperation: The only way to control the pandemic there is to eliminate it through herd immunity, the best long-term outcome. Rather than vaccine development abroad, China would much prefer that its people-control system be adopted there, but that would serve only to manage and control the pandemic.

Coincidentally, China’s information-control system impairs China’s ability to develop an effective-enough vaccine, while the absence of an information-control system abroad has enabled optimally effective vaccine development there. In particular, because of the effectiveness of its people-control system, China has no critical mass of its own infected people left to do clinical trials on and, therefore, conducts poorly documented, insufficiently transparent clinical trials on infected populations in disparate developing countries.

Most importantly, China’s ideology-first, politics-first information-control system precludes the free flow, peer-review, and publication of information about these trials among clinicians worldwide that is the very essence of empirical science. Poor science and technology generated by China’s information-control system, in turn, enables outright deception by China’s vaccine developers in releasing information.

The Sinovac CoronaVac vaccine was trialed out in Brazil but was shown to be only 50.4% effective. That is, when including all trial subjects eventually infected by the virus, not just the ones with serious symptoms on whom Sinovac admitted, it was basing a previously announced 78% effectiveness statistic.

China is now targeting vaccinating only 40% of its population and with its own less-effective vaccines. Without herd immunity in China, the biggest culture shock of the COVID pandemic may be occurring there: cancellation of Lunar New Year mass migration for the long term.

We thus see how systemic failure in China comes at both ends of the pandemic: failure to nip the outbreak in the bud and lower efficacy of China’s own vaccine(s).

(Robert Blohm is an economist who spent the decade until 2016 in China. He is a frequent contributor to the Nelson Report for East Asia policy and has contributed to The Wall Street Journal editorial page for three decades. He can be reached at rb112@columbia.edu.)

This article was published in Washington Examiner on 2 June 2021. Apple Daily English was given the permission by Robert Blohm to reprint.

In general we agree with the points raised in the two Harvard Business Review articles mentioned below :

1. What the West Gets Wrong About China

Harvard Business Review : Spotlight Series / Understanding China : From the Magazine (May–June 2021) : By Rana Mitter & Elsbeth Johnson

Three fundamental misconceptions:

  1. Economics and Democracy Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

  2. Authoritarian Political Systems Can’t Be Legitimate

  3. The Chinese Live, Work, and Invest Like Westerners


Many people have wrongly assumed that political freedom would follow new economic freedoms in China and that its economic growth would have to be built on the same foundations as in the West. The authors suggest that those assumptions are rooted in three essentially false beliefs about modern China: (1) Economics and democracy are two sides of the same coin; (2) authoritarian political systems can’t be legitimate; and (3) the Chinese live, work, and invest like Westerners. But at every point since 1949 the Chinese Communist Party—central to the institutions, society, and daily experiences that shape all Chinese people—has stressed the importance of Chinese history and of Marxist-Leninist doctrine. Until Western companies and politicians understand this and revise their views, they will continue to get China wrong.

2. Prepare for the U.S. and China to Decouple

Harvard Business Review. Global Strategy By Michael A. Witt

June 26, 2020


The pandemic is likely to accelerate a trend towards a bipolar U.S. vs. China world. In this context, firms present in Hong Kong and China need to prepare for a less friendly environment there. Practical steps include reducing the Hong Kong presence, relocating supply chains to politically friendly countries, re-evaluate relationships with Chinese firms and researchers, and factor geopolitical risk into investment decisions.


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