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Hong Kong seeks viable 'bubble'

Each country has its own response to the current global pandemic. Most nations hope that with reduced transmission (50% of population vaccination) and eventually herd immunity (80%) against the coronavirus, they will be able to create a 'bubble' that will allow humans to get back to a 'new normal life'.

Globally, now that we have high efficacy (upto 95%) and 'safe' SARS-CoV-2 vaccines (e.g. Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, J&J, etc.), the deadly race of SmartVirus versus SketchyVac is on for all humans on Earth to get safely vaccinated ASAP.

Today's tragic worldwide COVID stats: total infected 118,689,924; total deaths 2,633,324.

Wuhan virus Covid-19 is a paradigm shift in consciousness. The 'new normal life' is entirely different from the 'old normal life'! The key is Earth's healthy inter-dependency : to be at ease with Earth and the consciousness we need to be focused on healthy inter-dependency i.e. globally we need to improve governance, democracy and the rule OF law.

The 'enemy' of all humanity is SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. This global pandemic is a deadly race between SmartVirus versus SketchyVac. Under W.H.O. international treaty 'IHR' all countries must unify and cooperate together : this must NOT become a 'race' between countries vying for global dominance!

THREAT: CCP's China is seeking world domination by its jostling for the fastest lane : The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) China is riding the pandemic wave and is now vying for world domination. They remain accused of being the source and spreader of SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19.

Other deadly examples of CCP's crimes against humanity includes Xinjiang genocide, Tibetan and Hong Kong (HK) repression.

Critical thinking: is COVID-19 a laboratory virus? What is the bigger picture?

The core problem for CCP and the world is that CCP's China has not developed a 'safe and high efficacy' vaccine nor does it have an international standard vaccination program. In order to improve its vaccination program, China will need to obtain licenses to manufacture vaccines developed outside China e.g. Fosun Pharmaceutical's license agreement with Germany's BioNTech.

CCP's China remains a global coronavirus threat because CCP is a virus.

To most effectively eradicate SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19 globally, we must have a common 'international standard vaccination program' : instead of cooperating for the good of humanity based on ICCPR 'right to life' some country's leaders have chosen to play a zero-sum game that they want to win at all costs.

CNN's Fareed says that the world's leading economies with the highest percentage of population vaccinated are UK (22%) and USA (18%) : US has vaccinated 85 million or 18% of its population and in 3 months there will be enough vaccines available for all American adults.

Despite having had high death tolls, UK and USA (see graph below) are leading the 'race' amongst leading economies for vaccination rates. However, there is a massive and growing gap between all countries on Earth in their vaccination programs, integrity, science, vaccine safety, % of population vaccinated, vaccines, budget, etc.

Graph source.

China has so far only administed vaccines to roughly 3.57% of its population i.e. 50million of its 1.4billion people : CCP has exported 500million doses of its vaccines. CCP has announced China is lagging in its COVID-19 vaccination rollout 'because it has the disease largely under control' and it will vaccinate 40% of its population by June 2021 : this equates to 6million vaccinations per day for 90 days (USA is currently vaccinating about 3million citizens / day). [Do the maths - all CCP's claims seem unrealistic!].

The efficacy of China made vaccines is about half compared to mRNA vaccines, with many exemptions for health issues (e.g. SinoPharm has 73) and many citizens having adverse reactions. This means that China will most likely be locked outside of the social, economic, etc. 'bubble' of leading countries who have high rates of population vaccination with high efficacy vaccines and relatively low COVID-19 infections.

'Bubbles' of relatively high vaccination and low coronavirus transmission rates will increasingly be created within families - then communities in each country will lead their countries' post COVID-19 'recovery'.

Due to the incredibly high cost to life, health and wealth social, travel, economic and other links will most likely be re-established cautiously between equal status countries : i.e. countries with similar political systems, wealth, vaccination programs, vaccines, quarantine, tracing, testing, etc. will increasingly be able to interact.

This is where the game has now dramatically changed : democracies as a group are more wealthy than hybrids or autocratic countries : democracies, who have their citizens' support, will always be able to respond better as a unit to COVID-19 than autocracies.

Our projection is that three tiers of class of 'bubbles'will emerge:

Bubble 1: Wealthier democratic countries / territories who under ICCPR 'right to life' invested heavily in their citizens' health and have a 'high' % of population vaccinated using mRNA or other international W.H.O. approved vaccines and with 'low' new infection rates. Examples include USA, UK, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Canada, etc.

Bubble 2: Countries / territories who have mixed or hybrid political systems with 'medium' % of population vaccinated using mRNA or other international W.H.O. approved vaccines with 'medium' new infection rates. Examples include Russia.

Bubble 3: Countries / territories who are mostly autocratic and have 'low' % of population vaccinated using mRNA or other international W.H.O. approved vaccines with 'high' new infection rates. Examples includes China, Hong Kong.

Rates of 'high', 'medium' and 'low' will of course change over time and are best thought of as ranges rather than exact numbers.

Clearly it is advisable, because the long term goal of global herd immunity is a long way off, for every nation to do its utmost to achieve a high rate of vaccination and carefully maintain its 'bubble'!

HK has so far been missing the mark! Until it takes effective and appropriate measures to address the pandemic, and begins using an international standard of vaccination program, the city can not be 'open for business' nor compete!

In 2020 HK was #2 in Index of Economic Freedom ranking and this year is #107. HK has no rule OF law. Today HK is just another 'dirty' mainland Chinese city.

HK's ranking will, for everything, now be the same as China's!

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